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Eamon Galligan
Eamon Galligan
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Basic Information

Member Since
Jan. 6, 2011
Last Seen
15 hours ago
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Bridge Player

Bridge Information

Favorite Bridge Memory
Attending US Nationals in November 2007 (Thanks Matt Haag)
Bridge Accomplishments
Won a few Irish kickabouts
Regular Bridge Partners
BJ OBrien against the GIB robots
Member of Bridge Club(s)
Favorite Tournaments
The Wbridge5 daily tournament
Favorite Conventions
Lots of Lebensohl
BBO Username
ACBL Ranking
Sorry, this user has no cards yet.
The Best Bridge Writer
Krystoff Martens and his suite of books from is the current day equivalent of all the great names mentioned above albeit as mentioned by Corfield post expert … Terence Reece Frank Stewart Hugh Kelsey Mike Lawrence Kit Woolsey come to mind from the English speaking world. The Rodwell ...
Bowling Along 6 - Trampoline Thursday
3 tough games for Australia on Shootout Saturday. First into the gun sights are Germany. Germany have been shot down 4 times already for 2.0 or less so a handy start is forecast. Next up for the shootout kings is Indonesia and as USA2 and France have already shot ...
Wrong boards in Toronto Swiss
I think they need Ferghal O'Boyle and few boxes of bridgemates and a little input from Jeff Smith. Then all they have to do is remember their names and check the bridgemate also remembers. Diarmuid Reddan and no bridgemates would be a 2nd option.
Jim Munday Wins Another BBO Individual Practice Session!
The original 1999 GIB robot command prompt commercial version was stronger than the eventual BBO GIB versions. The BBO versions were crippled as in some of the functionality was removed. Well various switches from the original version do not work in the BBO command prompt version. I also think the ...
Come on ... context .. if you are required to pass ..its barred .. but I wont' say anymore ..
Like "Bridge experts" there are many different levels of directors. Nobody is ever barred from an auction except for bids/passes out of turn and that is almost gone now. However having opened 2D you are normally finished unless partner forces.
Jeannie Fitzgerald's bidding problem: A32 2 QJ98765 32
I double to say they stole my bid but I only score 5% for my great methods... hardly fair
The Forrester chops down another Irish tree
I have been told by a few folk who were present at the event that the K was placed on the table FACE DOWN and the player indicated he was thinking about the rest of the hand but playing that card. I presume declarer took the view it was a ...
What do you expect?
Are you sure its a "HIS BID" ..might it be an intelligent woman who was not looking at her hand after 1C opening. Maybe he does not play natural 1D overcall. Mind you in Lawrence 1D overcall were heavy hands as they did not eat any bidding space. Maybe its ...
Late Start in USA - Spain Match
Good evening to all my future partners and future opponents and especially GIB robots. If we are non-vul and the bidding is 2 passes to me I will be opening the bidding. Over the last 10 years that has been a 4 card weak 2 Heart bid once and a ...

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