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Eamon Galligan
Eamon Galligan
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Member Since
Jan. 6, 2011
Last Seen
May 30
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Bridge Player

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Favorite Bridge Memory
Attending US Nationals in November 2007 (Thanks Matt Haag)
Bridge Accomplishments
Won a few Irish kickabouts
Regular Bridge Partners
BJ OBrien against the GIB robots
Member of Bridge Club(s)
Favorite Tournaments
The Wbridge5 daily tournament
Favorite Conventions
Lots of Lebensohl
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ACBL Ranking
Sorry, this user has no cards yet.
Eamon Galligan's lead problem: K52 KJT974 K52 6
Richard..sadly as my world class TD associate failed to mention the double of 3D the whole thing is flawed .. should I repost ??
Eamon Galligan's lead problem: K52 KJT974 K52 6
My world class tournament director forgot to mention the double of 3D but I don't think I can edit it. Should I repost ??
Complete your profile or else suffer the wrath of Khan
I clicked on my profile seems to be filled out pretty indicates I am a capable player. I have made 1S redoubled against the same opponent pair 2 days in a row.
Max Bavin 1954-2019
I cannot say I knew or know either Roz or Max but I smoked the odd cigarette in Max's presence. Last time was at Dublin Euros 2012. I have come across Roz a few times at bridge congresses or Lady Milne.I just recall his name on any law ...
Geoffrey S Jade Barrett's bidding problem: A9543 83 QT532 A
I am not sure about my 2 bid that I made earlier. I don't know my system but in nearly all the systems I know 2 would not be forcing and I have a kind of game force opposite a double. Anyway I will bid something over ...
Eamon Galligan's bidding problem: AQT85 Q2 J53 AK7
The above situation occurred in an intermediate event where a player was dealt void AKJT864 KQ764 3 and chose to open 2 strong but nobody indicated that it could be opened on lower points and large distribution.
RIP George Rosenkranz
I bought a reddish colored book with lots of Red text in it about 1990 in Galway Ireland and read it several times. I think it was called "Bridge The Bidders Game" ..However nobody in Ireland would play 19-21 1NT opening.. Many years later I learned that George Rosenkrantz was ...
Bernard Goldenfield RIP
Well it was 1996 or so and Reverse Smith Peter was a fine signal if partner led the wrong suit. I tried replacing "came across" and then "pilgrimage" to no avail.
JDR Collings
At a Camrose match in Drogheda Ireland probably early 2000s the 3 knowledgeable vugraph commentators sagely nodded their heads and agreed 5D was doomed for down 1. John Collings entered the vugraph room just then and 17 words later 5D was cold with the vugraph commnentators still trying to catch ...
Bernard Goldenfield RIP
I came across Bernard and Rhona several times in Ireland but mostly over 20 years ago. Killarney Drogheda and one time down South maybe in Tramore. I just looked a few minutes ago for the results of one of Bernard's favorite annual pilgrimages The Killarney Congress. http://www.bridgewebs ...

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