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Ed Barnes
Ed Barnes
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June 28, 2010
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April 25
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Bridge Teacher

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Favorite Bridge Memory
scoring +900 against opp's game contract to lose 1 imp
Bridge Accomplishments
underruffed more than most
Regular Bridge Partners
Nothing regular about 'em
Member of Bridge Club(s)
From time to time
Favorite Tournaments
NZ nationals, by a long way
Favorite Conventions
Bacon Torpedo, Kosher Bacon Torpedo (that's the legal version) and Rainbow Gerber
ACBL Ranking
Sorry, this user has no cards yet.
That 4D-5C hand again
I'm surprised some are raising 1H to 2H. Given how little is needed from partner to make 4H, what's the attraction of this simple raise?
Yuan Shen's bidding problem: A95 KJ94 --- Q98542
I have a bid that shows 12 of my cards in a contested auction? AND steals the opponents' chance to find their potentially massive fit? AND they're not vul? I'll take that one thanks. Not ashamed to put this dummy down in a spade contract, neither. I'm ...
The Fallacy of Restricted Choice
Ahem, that'd be "Bayes's", even if mathematicians plump for "Bayes'" more often. Proud to be a jerk :)
True North American Championships Coming
What's the date today?
Never Ending
Great writing, satch. You're picking the $hit apart like a seamstress. The skill of evaluating opponents' possible handshapes at trick one is common. But incorporating the different shape-scenarios into successful squeeze positions is rare. You laid that process bare in this article. Bravo!
The Quick and the Dead
Delicious. Thanks for a GREAT article.
Totally Antelope
Gotta cut down on the stuyvies, Bruce. They're keeping you up.
When your partner doubles strong 1NT opening for penalty (imp)
(pass) Balanced? notrumps best. Shapely? play in a suit contract. The added spice here is the fact that 1NT is doubled. If the difference between -90 and -180 or -380 is too much for you to bear, you'll have to forgo some descriptive power when you do decide to ...
A Gem from Today's Cayne Match
I'm with Sue Sachs (as mentioned above by Ken Rhodes). Play some cards. Keep some threats and entries if you can. See if anyone squirms. Then decide. On this hand, for example, it might be East who's alone with the heart guard (0571). You don't have draw ...
Psychic Partner (but not in the usual sense of the word)
"The point is that if I call the TD and say that my partner has misdescribed..." "My partner has misdescribed." Would be getting it all wrong. "My partner has misdescribed our system" would be getting it all right. In the latter case, you make no suggestion that you have hearts ...

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