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Feb. 4, 2012
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Jill Meyers, Sid Brownstein, Mitch Dunitz, John Swanson
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Over 3C interference, I like double as takeout, 3D and 3H as transfers and 3S asking for a club stopper with diamond length. Over 3D or 3H interference, I play as Kit does - three-level bids other than 3S (including double) are transfers and 3S is a negative double. Over 3S ...
Takeout or Penalty
This should not be too difficult to figure out. I am entering over 2S so I have enough strength to have entered over 1S. I can't have 4+ hearts (I would make a negative double over 1S), I can't have 4 or more diamonds (I would raise diamonds ...
how do you bid this hand?
The auction of 1 1 2 shows 11 to 18 HCP. This is an uncomfortably wide range of HCP and it can lead to an awkward auction where responder has to bid 3C with a GF hand to get more information. Depending on partnership agreements, responder may ...
Mixed BAM - ATB
North should realize that there are good reasons to stay out of this auction - a balanced hand with a poor six HCP, the worst vulnerability for bidding, no fit with partner, the fact that partner will hold a balanced 11 or 12 HCP much more often than a balanced 14 ...
Super-accepting after 1NT opener
If playing 2C as Stayman (my preference is Puppet Stayman), I play Garbage Stayman (some call it Crawling Stayman) where less than invitational hands with both majors are handled by bidding 2C and then bidding 2H over 2D (different versions of this exist). If you don't play that and ...
Super-accepting after 1NT opener
Super-accepts that are designed to have opener describe his hand and then have responder make the game or slam decisions suffer because the responder is in a poorer position to evaluate the quality of the fit than the opener and also because this reveals information about the declarer’s hand ...
Best Percentage Line
Lead a club to the K at T2. If all follow, ruff a diamond, pull trumps ending in dummy and take a diamond ruffing finesse. If South wins a diamond honor, win the major suit return, go to dummy (if not already there) and take another ruffing finesse to set ...
1NT or 1S??
Danny, I play 1M 1NT 2NT is just short of an opening 2NT bid (about 19). Responder can pass or get out in 3M but obviously game is usually reached. With 17 or 18 I rebid a new lower-ranking suit at the two-level just as I would with 14 but ...
1NT or 1S??
Hand 1 is clearly stronger than its 17 HCP because of the strong five-card suit, multiple honors together in two other suits and the tens together with the higher honors. I think it is equivalent in strength to most 19 HCP hands. Hand 2 is worth slightly less than its ...
Is this Good Bad 2N or something else?
There is significant value in playing good-bad 2NT on the given auction and maybe even greater value when your LHO jumps to 2M and it is passed back to you. Playing good-bad 2NT, if you bid 2NT partner will bid 3C with longer clubs than diamonds else bid 3D (achieving ...

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