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Ed Davis
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Feb. 4, 2012
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about me

I am a retired software developer. I grew up, went to school and worked in Southern California. I live in Seal Beach, CA with my wife (Jamie), son (Michael), daughter (Sara) and our one year-old terrier (Gryffin [pictured]).

When I was introduced to bridge in my middle teens, I was fortunate that video games were not yet around to be a competing interest. My life as a teenager, like that of most of my friends, revolved around girls and sports. Little did I know then that the game of bridge would subsequently have a huge impact on my life (spouse, friends, vacations, free time spent playing, reading and thinking about bridge).

The reward from playing bridge for me is the sense of accomplishment that comes from doing something well. Bridge is, to me, constantly challenging and never boring. I also find bridge theory intriguing – in particular trying to think of more effective ways of bidding.

United States of America

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handling interference over our 1NT opening
Craig, I play the methods you described for responder's bids at the top of the post (although I do not restrict the negative double to being less than a GF hand). Regarding responder’s initial action, it is losing bridge to let them play in 2 when we ...
Steve Weinstein's bidding problem: T8xx x K9xx KQxx
3. My hand is worth inviting game in spades. Bidding at the three-level (instead of bidding 2) should show four trumps and bidding clubs should imply values in clubs rather than hearts.
1NT - 3M
I play 3M opposite partner’s 15-17 HCP 1NT opening shows 3-1 in the majors and 5-4 (either way) in the minors. Although I play that responder jumps in his three-card major, I think there are reasonable arguments for him to instead jump in his short major so I don ...
1NT overcall with a small singleton? Legal or Not in ACBL??
While I would not open 1NT with this hand, I think a 1NT overcall after 1 by my RHO is a much better description of the nature and value of this hand than a 2 bid. I would not overall 1NT if my shortness was in hearts but ...
How would you have bid this better?
Some commenters above have said or implied that a 1NT (or 2NT) opening bid must be within the HCP range stated on the convention card. I suppose that is one way you can play but I think that is a restriction more appropriate for robots than people. If my range ...
How would you have bid this better?
Given the weakness of the club suit and the secondary high cards in the short majors, you could bid this hand as if it was 2=2=4=5 with interest in slam and thus make one try. However, I think your approach of showing a long club suit will ...
2/1 vs. Precision
I have never played Precision or any strong club system so I can’t speak from the experience of playing it. However, I can certainly speak from the experience of playing against it. I think that Precision’s greatest advantage over non-strong-club-based systems is that the opening bid of 1 ...
I didn't have a good answer
Andy, A few people including yourself have said that the primary cause of missing game was South's failure to bid 2 over 1. If South took any of the actions you like, they would have been successful on this hand because of partner's 5-5 with all ...
I didn't have a good answer
David, This is a system problem, not a player problem and it is not a function of the range of your opening major-suit bids since, regardless of opener’s minimum, you will adjust the range for responder such that invitational bids will have a minimum of 23—24 combined HCP ...
12 IMPs penalty against the opps - what would you do ?
I agree with JoAnn. Players should not be allowed to waive penalties or grant exceptions to the rules. If the rules (or conditions of contest) are flawed, then they should be changed but that is something that must take place before an event begins. All players should play according to ...

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