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Feb. 4, 2012
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Smolen over 2NT
On the example Smolen auction, 3 shows three spades. Opener would bid 3 with something like KQ AQJ AKJxx xxx expecting 4 to be better than 3NT but responder will assume a 5-3 spade fit and bid accordingly. Opener’s initial role is to select the right ...
Simple Forcing Pass Situation?
No matter what your other rules are for forcing passes, one rule should be that pass is forcing when the opponents are willing to let you play it if you stop in a partscore but not willing to let you play it if you bid a game. They are telling ...
Minor suit bidding over notrump
It is not a matter of having an "undo" bid. Game-forcing should be defined such that you are not forced beyond 4m when neither hand is willing to play 4M on a 4-3 or 5-2 fit, neither hand has a stopper or a singleton in the critical suit and neither ...
Minor suit bidding over notrump
There are certainly good players that play an initial game-forcing bid means just that - the auction can't stop below game. For example, an auction that begins with a GF 2/1 response must continue until a game contract is reached. I don't agree with that view either at ...
Minor suit bidding over notrump
Stefan, Sorry if it wasn't clear - responder's 3M bid is forcing. Opener bids what he thinks he can make opposite a 5-4-3-1 9 HCP hand (except that he bids the short suit with a max and a fit). Responder bids on over opener's four of a minor ...
Missed game - who was more responsible
I play double of 2S as a support double showing three hearts and extra values or an invitational hand with four hearts. Partner assumes three hearts (e.g., xx AQx xx AKQxxx) until I then volunteer 3H over partner's next bid (good/bad 2NT would apply). If this method ...
Minor suit bidding over notrump
I use 1NT (P) 3M to show 5-4-3-1 or 5-5-3-0 with shortness in oM when I think I may have a reasonable play for game, e.g., Qxx x Kxxx AT9xx opposite a 15-17 1NT bid. However, I don't play it as forcing to game. The opening bidder cue ...
What's this double?
With Kxxx Kxxx xx xxx, it is more efficient to bid 1 so that you can bid hearts later if necessary. With Kxx KJxx xx xxxx, you have enough strength to bid 1 and then compete to 2 if the opponents bid 2D. With xx Kxxx QJTx ...
ATB --270-ish degrees slam
Mmmm... Bosco and a big glass of milk - so good! (I think Walmart still carries it.)
ATB --270-ish degrees slam
Jim, I'm not sure what you mean by PFA but if it is a designation for fast arrival, this hand shows one of a few different reasons why that is a poor method. Opener's rebid of 2S is clear as anything else is a misdescription of opener's ...

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