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Ed Davis
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Feb. 4, 2012
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Dec. 12
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Bridge Player
United States of America

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Jill Meyers, Sid Brownstein, Mitch Dunitz, John Swanson
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Missed (Grand) Slam
If the 2 bid showed AKxxx or better in , then east just failed to count his tricks. He should expect four (partner bid the suit), five (probably requiring a ruff to set up the fifth opposite AKxxx when playing in ) and four black ...
A variety of Morton’s Fork
Finn, This is a nice hand. It reminds me of one of my favorite hands. Years ago John Mohan and I reached 6NT on a 1NT – 6NT auction with AKJT T9x QTx AKx in dummy opposite Qxx KQJx AJ9x Qx in John’s hand. You might look at this hand ...
common game deal best line for 6NT
Kerry, the 69.44% is for three or more diamond tricks. That percentage includes the two occurrences of QJ doubleton (total of 3.23%) which produce four diamond tricks. But it does mean the 67% estimation of producing exactly three diamond tricks is really 66.21%.
common game deal best line for 6NT
As stated above, playing AKx of diamonds produces 3 diamond winners 67% of the time and a 3-3 spade split or a black suit squeeze will produce the 12th trick about 47% of the time. However, there are also two occurrences of QJ doubleton of diamonds (slightly over 3% total ...
Major Disagreement with NT Interference
I think there will be too many poor results if the major-suit bids over 1NT can be either four or five cards in length. The obvious disadvantage is that playing a 4-2 fit will invariably produce a bad score but also partner is poorly placed to judge whether to bid ...
Takeout or Penalty
I don't agree that there is no right answer. Do you want two bids for takeout or one for takeout and one for penalty? Clearly 2NT is for takeout. If you play double is also takeout, you can use 2NT for a weak distributional takeout (x Jxxxx xx QTxxx ...
Over 3C interference, I like double as takeout, 3D and 3H as transfers and 3S asking for a club stopper with diamond length. Over 3D or 3H interference, I play as Kit does - three-level bids other than 3S (including double) are transfers and 3S is a negative double. Over 3S ...
Takeout or Penalty
This should not be too difficult to figure out. I am entering over 2S so I have enough strength to have entered over 1S. I can't have 4+ hearts (I would make a negative double over 1S), I can't have 4 or more diamonds (I would raise diamonds ...
how do you bid this hand?
The auction of 1 1 2 shows 11 to 18 HCP. This is an uncomfortably wide range of HCP and it can lead to an awkward auction where responder has to bid 3C with a GF hand to get more information. Depending on partnership agreements, responder may ...
Mixed BAM - ATB
North should realize that there are good reasons to stay out of this auction - a balanced hand with a poor six HCP, the worst vulnerability for bidding, no fit with partner, the fact that partner will hold a balanced 11 or 12 HCP much more often than a balanced 14 ...

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