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Ed Davis
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Feb. 4, 2012
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Oct. 23
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Bridge Player
United States of America

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Jill Meyers, Sid Brownstein, Mitch Dunitz, John Swanson
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Too good to sign off?
I play that a new suit is not forcing opposite an overcall so partner's cue bid can be made on a hand that is too good for a single raise in my suit or on a hand that is too good for a non-forcing new suit bid. I don ...
Oren Kriegel's bidding problem: A65 --- AT9765 AJ95
I arrived late to this party having just seen this problem (some half a year after the previous last comment). It is surprising to me that so many are assuming that we have found our trump suit and are cue bidding for slam. All we have done for sure is ...
BW MSC Rebid
Just to set the record straight, the Bridge World MSC problem (problem D in the May 2017 issue) is Txx J Axx AKQJxx instead of the posted Jxx x Axx AKQJxx. But the problem is a good problem regardless of the location of the major suit jack and even if ...
BW MSC Rebid
I think this is a clear 3C bid as I have six quick winners in clubs even if partner has a singleton and I have an outside ace. The seven fast tricks in NT make the hand too strong for a 2C rebid. Over 3H, I bid 3NT because it ...
Meaning of 1M (2M) 4m?
If you play splinter bids, you usually have an adequate description of your hand available if you have a singleton and the right strength. However, if you play fit bids you may be left with no good descriptive bid because you need the right kind of a suit for a ...
A "TYP" Bid
Assuming that 5C shows slam interest without a spade control (which is certainly my assumption), my 5D bid has nothing to do with any greater diamond control than I have already shown and says only that I have a spade control without enough strength to bid a slam. It is ...
How do you play this 2NT bid?
I think it is important to enter the auction with more hand patterns after (1S) P (2S) than some others do. These hand patterns include hands with 3 spades and 5-4 in two other suits as well as hands with two good four-card suits [even when holding 4 spades]. I ...
Who gets to sleep on the couch?
Dave, condolences on another trip to the couch. I imagine that Anne cannot be mollified by something as simple as groveling. As far as the bridge methods, each of natural (xx KJx Qxxx Qxxx), scrambling (x xxxx Jxxx Jxxx) and lebensohl (Jxxxxx or AQJxxx) will be right some of the ...
Showing 5-5 in the Majors Over 2NT
The following method uses regular Stayman, Smolen and transfers to handle 5-5 in the majors and differentiate among hands that are game-only, slam-invitational or slam-forcing. It also handles 6-4 (either way) in the majors with hands that are game-only or slam-forcing. With 5-5 and game-only interest or slam-forcing, bid 3C ...
What do you make of this double?
This might appeal to you if you really want to teach the 2C doubler a lesson. When you have a club stopper but no interest in playing in 2CXX, just make your normal response over the double. If you have a decent four-card club suit (such as KT8x to AJ9x ...

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