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Ed Davis
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Feb. 4, 2012
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about me

I am a retired software developer. I grew up, went to school and worked in Southern California. I live in Seal Beach, CA with my wife (Jamie), son (Michael), daughter (Sara) and our one year-old terrier (Gryffin [pictured]).

When I was introduced to bridge in my middle teens, I was fortunate that video games were not yet around to be a competing interest. My life as a teenager, like that of most of my friends, revolved around girls and sports. Little did I know then that the game of bridge would subsequently have a huge impact on my life (spouse, friends, vacations, free time spent playing, reading and thinking about bridge).

The reward from playing bridge for me is the sense of accomplishment that comes from doing something well. Bridge is, to me, constantly challenging and never boring. I also find bridge theory intriguing – in particular trying to think of more effective ways of bidding.

United States of America

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Jill Meyers, Sid Brownstein, Mitch Dunitz, John Swanson
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2/1: Fast Arrival in NT?
Ray, If your question about the rebid with a 5=3=2=3 12-14 HCP is addressed to me (I guess even if it is not addressed to me), I would rebid 2 with 12-14 HCP but I would rebid 2NT instead if my hand was in the same ...
What does this bid mean?
Self-splinter with slam interest. (I'm still waiting for my first 5=6 with slam interest.) If I had 5=6 with little slam interest, I would just bid 4 over 1NT with hearts that do not need a ruff to set up (AQJTxx, KQJTxxx or QJTxxx). Otherwise, I ...
2/1: Fast Arrival in NT?
I play 3NT shows 16-17 very likely with two small diamonds since the hand was not opened with a 15-17 1NT. With the same hand but with 15 HCP, I would rebid 2NT since my lack of anything in partner's long suit is a negative (the 2 bid ...
XYZ players - what meaning do you give for those sequences
John, I do play inverted minors but I would not raise 1 to 2 on any of the example hands that I gave if I didn't play inverted minors and I doubt you would either. The example hands illustrate some of the problems with responder being unable ...
XYZ players - what meaning do you give for those sequences
Craig, Yes. My comments were in the context of not playing XYZ over 1 1 1. Playing XYZ over this sequence does give you numerous bids in exchange for not being able to show a minimum range hand with clubs or a preference for clubs. However, not ...
XYZ players - what meaning do you give for those sequences
1 1 1 2 is best played as artificial and forcing. It creates a GF auction that allows opener to further describe his hand. In most partnerships, 2 is the only bid that responder can make over 1 that doesn't in some way ...
XYZ players - what meaning do you give for those sequences
Bill, If your partnership rebids 1NT after 1 1 on all in-range balanced hands even with two four-card majors (not everybody's style but it is popular), I suggest that you not play XYZ after 1 1 1. Two reasons - 1. You will often want ...
After a troublesome negative double
1 (2) and 1 (2) cause problems because responder's bid of a suit, unless playing negative free bids (which have their own problems), shows 10+ HCP and a five-card or longer suit. This plus the fact that responder has to start the bidding at the ...
Extras or Not?
The 2NT rebid should have the same meaning as the 2NT rebid would have if there was no interference (i.e., stronger than a 1NT opener). Since opener is contracting for eight tricks in notrump opposite responder’s minimum of five HCP (less HCP for some), he needs 18 or ...
best line to make 6H
The plan is to draw trumps, eliminate spades from LHO’s hand, ruff the T in dummy and lead a club (probably the ten) and duck it if it is not covered (or play the Q if RHO plays the J or win the A if RHO plays the K ...

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