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Feb. 4, 2012
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May 26
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Jill Meyers, Sid Brownstein, Mitch Dunitz, John Swanson
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Interesting 6NT Play Problem( messed up article)
John, That pause you are mention is the two-second hesitation that guarantees that they don't have it. That is not done by good players. However, it is often seen in club games by players that have been doing it for many years and who don't ever realize that ...
Interesting 6NT Play Problem( messed up article)
Hi Finn, Even if you had opened 1S and rebid 2NT over 2C, Emma might have put you in 6NT knowing how well you play the dummy! Ricard's line is certainly reasonable. Another line worth considering is to overtake the heart return with the ace, cash the J ...
Delicate work
I like playing the queen of spades at T2. If they win it, declarer has two entries for diamond finesses and will make when diamonds are 4-2 or 3-3 and trumps are 3-2 and also when trumps are 4-1 when the diamond king is on. If they duck the spade ...
2NT scrambling or as "prefer diamonds." When game is very unlikely
In the auction where they are bidding spades, the method below can be used both in a live auction and when balancing. It allows you to compete successfully on more hand types and to also invite game in hearts (even when balancing). (Please excuse the dots; indention using spaces does ...
How would your auction go?
Playing 2C 2D 3M to show a four-card major and long diamonds (usually six) is a very good treatment. Over 3M, responder needs to be able to express interest or lack of interest in game or slam and playing that 4C is an artificial negative showing a trick or less ...
JTx, AQ, Ax, KQT8xx
This hand will often be worth two more tricks than a 4-4-3-2 hand with the same HCP. I would usually take ten tricks in notrump opposite as little as Axxx xx Kxxx xxx. As far as the rebid after opening 1C and partner responding 1S, 2NT stands out since 3NT ...
The standard meaning of this bid
Steve, after opener rebids 3C or 3D, responder knows opener would have bid 2NT or 3NT with a balanced hand and a full stopper (unless opener wants to investigate slam). With a GF hand responder can rebid three of the overcalled major to show a full stopper and play it ...
The standard meaning of this bid
Hi Yu, It can be very important to get opener to be declarer in notrump so that the overcaller is on lead. It is also useful to be able to show a splinter in overcaller's suit although that is not quite as important. However, you can do both. With ...
Support Doubles: How High
With your example hand, I think double, 4C and 4D are all possible bids over 3H. I'd prefer to have five clubs to bid 4C. I would prefer double and then over 3S by partner to bid 4m with very strong 3=1=6=3 or 3=1=5 ...
Support Doubles: How High
I prefer to play support doubles through 3S. The support double above two of responder's suit shows an ace or more above a minimum opening bid. Since it shows 16+ HCP it often has shortness in RHO's suit, at least when playing 15-17 HCP opening 1NT bids. A ...

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