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Ed Davis
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Feb. 4, 2012
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about me

I am a retired software developer. I grew up, went to school and worked in Southern California. I live in Seal Beach, CA with my wife (Jamie), son (Michael), daughter (Sara) and our one year-old terrier (Gryffin [pictured]).

When I was introduced to bridge in my middle teens, I was fortunate that video games were not yet around to be a competing interest. My life as a teenager, like that of most of my friends, revolved around girls and sports. Little did I know then that the game of bridge would subsequently have a huge impact on my life (spouse, friends, vacations, free time spent playing, reading and thinking about bridge).

The reward from playing bridge for me is the sense of accomplishment that comes from doing something well. Bridge is, to me, constantly challenging and never boring. I also find bridge theory intriguing – in particular trying to think of more effective ways of bidding.

United States of America

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Jill Meyers, Sid Brownstein, Mitch Dunitz, John Swanson
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Spiral Raises
“Spiral” usually refers to responder’s artificial 2NT bid over the auction 1m 1M 2M where the 2NT bid asks if opener has three or four trumps and whether opener is minimum or maximum. Spiral works okay (any reasonable method does) when opener has four trumps. However, when opener has ...
Roman Keycard Asking Bid
There may be some differences of opinion regarding the use of the specific king-ask. The ‘Specific King Ask’ is poorly-named (blame Eddie Kantar). No doubt that was to clearly distinguish it from asking for the number of kings though he might have been named it the ‘Cheapest King-Ask’ since it ...
YBTJ-wrong contract
West has a strong hand and a good unbid 5-card suit. He could double again but that would be more useful with a 3=4=4=2 pattern. And it might instead be interpreted as something like Ax AKxx AJx KTxx in which case East should pass. West's 3 ...
Roman Keycard Asking Bid
Specific kings can be shown whether or not a queen-ask is used. If a queen-ask response denies the queen, Asker can then ask for specific kings if he wishes (cheapest non-signoff bid); if the queen-ask response shows the queen, it should additionally show the cheapest specific king. If the keycard ...
Easier Than Eleven
Good point. There is an additional risk in taking the heart finesse first (6-0 hearts or the diamond overruffed by West with the K when declarer tries to get to his hand for the club finesse after the heart finesse has won). Taking the club finesse before the heart finesse ...
Easier Than Eleven
Regarding the play, once West doesn't open the bidding in 3rd seat and then shows up with the KQ and the J, it must be right to take the heart finesse before the club finesse. If the heart finesse loses, declarer will know that East has the K and ...
Who should sleep on the couch?
Although Annie should have bid 2NT over the 2 bid with 5 HCP more than her minimum, it is still David's fault for setting eight HCP as the minimum for the redouble. The advantage of redoubling with some values and a doubleton in partner's suit is so ...
Complicated 3NT
I am not a fan of the 3NT bid over 1 (too easy to miss a good 6 contract or be playing 3NT from the wrong side) but it seems to have worked out well. I would continue with a small spade at T2. If RHO wins the ...
Who should sleep on the couch?
The couch is likely more comfortable for David as it should by now be like a Sleep Number 360 Smart bed for him - maybe even with a little nook for his ponytail to rest.
Forcing or Not Forcing
Amy, I think the hand you cite with the T9 combinations in both majors makes the hand strong enough to bid game (in hearts if partner has three of them else in NT). Without the good spot cards, after partner opened 1 I would transfer (or relay) over 2NT ...

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