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Ed Freeman
Ed Freeman
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Basic Information

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Sept. 30, 2011
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Nov. 22
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Bridge Pro
United States of America

Bridge Information

Favorite Bridge Memory
8643 86542 542 9. A hand I played in 1986 at a Regional. The defense was "creative" Perhaps the most tricks ever given away by a defense that got in a number of times. Plus, a fun story with a great punchline.
Bridge Accomplishments
Won 2015 Goldman Pairs; 2007 Bronze Mini-McKenney
Regular Bridge Partners
Had the honor of playing with Craig Huston for a few years before he passed away. Currently searching for my next National caliber partner.
Favorite Tournaments
ABA tournaments are generally a lot more fun. The ACBL should take notes.
Favorite Conventions
Ones I have adapted or invented: Trump Cues; Fracoby; FrActionAl, Qualitative Key Card.
BBO Username
ACBL Ranking
Sapphire Life Master
Andrei Prodan's bidding problem: AQJT9 2 QT854 K5
and 6 or 7 are better contracts than 6N. We need partner's opinion on this hand and there are many constructs that make 6N poor and a diamond slam excellent: K QJTxx AKJ AQxx or -- AKJxx AKJ QJxxx or x Axxxx AKJ AQJx or K AJTxx KJx ...
Yuan Shen's bidding problem: T43 --- AQJT9642 98
This hand is a poster child for Invitational Jump Shifts. 3 -- invitational with a good suit and no fit seems about perfect.
Chris Derrick's bidding problem: JT3 A8 AT63 KQJ2
Double allows for two contracts that 2N doesn't: 2 and 2 doubled. I am pretty happy if partner choses either of those.
Andrei Prodan's bidding problem: AQJT9 2 QT854 K5
Partner is likely 1-5-3-4 and 6 or 7 diamonds is your best contract. Unless partner has KS, not clear where your 12 tricks are coming from in 6NT. I like to play 4D as "qualitative Key Card" on this auction, so partner's response will tell you whether he has ...
John Portwood's bidding problem: --- KQJ95 AKQT76 T5
Even more, I am happily competing to the 5 level. So under the worst case if it comes to me after something like: 1 2 P 4; I am bidding 4N and then correctiig clubs to diamonds to show a big diamond / heart two suiter. A primary ...
Itzik Ezra's bidding problem: --- J874 KT432 KJT6
We need to prepare partner to make a decision over 4 and 5. Starting with a diamond call helps partner with that decision. This is assuming an expert partner who understands that as a passed hand I am not introducing a new suit at the three level without ...
How do you bid Qx Jx AKTxx AKQx
Apologies if I deeply offended anyone by putting a bidding poll in the wrong section. I looked at bidding polls first and it didn't appear to provide the format I desired. This is my first poll posted, so I was likely wrong. Meanwhile, I neither posted a relevant solution ...
How do you bid Qx Jx AKTxx AKQx
I never said what partner or I actually DID bid...
How do you bid Qx Jx AKTxx AKQx
Because, as stated, this solution is only relevant in "serious partnerships," so completely irrelevant in the situation portrayed.
A Curious two card ending at MP pairs
Years ago our team mates figured out that declarer had badly mis-claimed after we had already turned in our results for that round of a Swiss. Declarer had claimed Down Three, but after much discussion our team mates realized that given the lie of their cards, there was no reasonable ...
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