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Ed Herstein
Ed Herstein
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Aug. 13, 2010
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July 10
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about me
I've been addicted to bridge since I was first introduced to it in high school. Over the years, I've come up with a number of bidding ideas, some of which have been published in The Bridge World.
United States of America

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Attending the Canadian Nationals
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3800 MPs
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Jonathan Fleischmann, Yi Ouyang, Mike Graham, Gargi French
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Ann Arbor Bridge Club
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Canadian Nationals, Motor City Regional
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Fit jump shifts
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Gold Life Master
Herstein - Hirschman
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A New Approach to 1NT - 2!C ; 2M - 3m Sequences
I also agree. One guideline I use is to show a short, weak suit only if I believe there's a good chance that we'll wind up in a superior contract.
A New Approach to 1NT - 2!C ; 2M - 3m Sequences
No less an authority than Michael Rosenberg asserted that queen-third should be considered a stopper in this auction.
Showing both majors over 1NT - 2!C
Yup, that's right.
Showing Stiffs Over Partner's 1NT
It's a problem if responder needs to have more than a high honor in the minor to bid slam. In that case, the best he can do is to bid 4MT as Last Train and expect opener will often go on with better trump support. (I prefer not use ...
Showing Stiffs Over Partner's 1NT
The latter.
Showing Stiffs Over Partner's 1NT
Well, 2, 2, 2NT, 3, and 3 are all often followed by stiff-showing bids, and 3 and 3 show one. Given how often they come up, it seemed reasonable to describe the entire structure. And yes, over 1NT - 2 ; 2M - 3oM, opener must ...
Showing Stiffs Over Partner's 1NT
Openers actions (3NT or 4) over 1NT- 2♣ ; 2x - 3m are now clarified above. Re (41)(53) hands, responder doesn't need to worry about his short major in 3NT if opener has bid it over Stayman. He might, however, bid 3!m with length there for reasons described ...
Showing Stiffs Over Partner's 1NT
You're right -- late at night is a poor time to edit carefully (though I did try!). 1) Sequences after 3oM in Stayman auctions have been clarified. 2) Over 1NT - 3M ; 4M is a cuebid with slam interest in the longer major (corrected above). I like your idea of reversing ...
Showing Stiffs Over Partner's 1NT
It should be there -- corrected.
Trash Twos
It's worth noting that the primary purpose of Trash Twos is to make life hards on the opps, not necessarily to reach the optimum low-level contract. A simulation of 100,000 hands showed that without three-card or better support, responder has an invitational or better hand only about 15 ...

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