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Ed Judy
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Aug. 21, 2011
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about me

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"Love wife, bridge, sports, a great food and a good wine, not specifically in that order."

(Paul Weinstock)


Favorite Bridge Winners article:

"Real Rewards" (Peg Kaplan)


Favorite self-quote: "My knowledge of the game exceeds my ability to perform at the table."


Favorite accomplishment: An open regional Win with a "B" partner


Goals:(1) A Mini-Spingold Final (2) A regional top-bracket KO Win

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Sapphire Life Master
Ed Judy and Barry Margolin
2 over 1 with Walsh Diamond and NMF
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Copy of Devere - Judy
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Copy of Ed Judy & Vern King
2/1 with Walsh Diamond & 2-Way Checkback
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Ed Judy and Gary Donner
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LC Standard
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Copy of Ed Judy and Bob Simkins
[b]2/1 game forcing[/b]
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After a Strong 2C opener: BWS
Yes, I recall two references (Robinson being one) who play a jump to 2M as descriptive of a weak two, probably with specs as to holding an A or a K in the bid suit).
Bidding a Grand
Yes, Henry -- despite the fuzziness, the 4D bid by South was meant to identify either the ace or king (or possibly both) in the diamond suit (and, by inference, nothing in clubs)in his implicit agreement and support for opener's spade suit (his 3S bid). And, yes -- the 4H ...
Bidding a Grand
And, John, I follow you!
Bidding a Grand
I only want to add that the context here (control showing after a strong 2C ask) puts a different spin on our usual way of thinking of bidding (or q-bidding) controls. I sense that some highly accomplished players have made comments on this post who are not experienced in the ...
Bidding a Grand
Richard, Perhaps but I believe in this case, it wasn't. I believe the partners were both blind to the possibility that spades wasn't the agreed suit.
Bidding a Grand
Jim, I don't disagree with you and many others that ordinarily 6H asks for a 3rd round control. But all of this bidding is in context of control showing after a strong 2C opener. In that light, isn't it intuitively logical to think that 5NT should ask for ...
Bidding a Grand
There appears to be some confusion created by not specifically clarifying "control bids" and "control showing responses." As noted, my partnership's thinking was half-baked on the usage of control showing responses to strong 2C openings as opposed to typical so-called Italian style control showing bids which some still refer ...
Bidding a Grand
Yes, your view helps. But South did not try to sign off with 4S. What are South's options at this point (assuming you don't want to denigrate the auction up to 4H)? To be sure, 6H is a beautiful bid in this particular auction (since 5NT asking for ...
Bidding a Grand
PS: At the OT, a grand was bid (without science) after the opening bid of 1S.
Bidding a Grand
Kieran: South (me) didn't break discipline -- he was unsure of the 6H bid (never discussed) and didn't want to risk a disaster; South also bid "only" 4S to return captaincy to North -- the bid of only 4S was not meant to be a sign-off and was not so ...

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