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Ed Judy
Ed Judy
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Aug. 21, 2011
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about me

Favorite Bridge Winners profile:

"Love wife, bridge, sports, a great food and a good wine, not specifically in that order."

(Paul Weinstock)


Favorite Bridge Winners article:

"Real Rewards" (Peg Kaplan)


Favorite self-quote: "My knowledge of the game exceeds my ability to perform at the table."


Favorite accomplishment: An open regional Win with a "B" partner


Goals:(1) A Mini-Spingold Final (2) A regional top-bracket KO Win

Bridge Information

ACBL Ranking
Sapphire Life Master
Ed Judy and Gary Donner
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LC Standard
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Copy of Ed Judy and Bob Simkins
[b]2/1 game forcing[/b]
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RHO open 1NT, you have 2524 and 15 points
Playing M-L/Woolsey, Pass. Hand not good enough to double and bid 2NT after advancer's probable bid of 2C or 2S. (Advancer may be able to balance with a shapely hand.)
ACBL BOD Minutes, Phila 2018...
Thanks, Steve!
What Would You Do - What SHOULD You Do?
It seems to me that you are still a kibitzer even though you have been engaged as a surrogate dummy. If that is true, not one word. I don't think, per others, that the laws allow otherwise. Could this situation possibly occur at the closing stages of a national ...
Gatlinburg 2018
And be sure your Executor (or Executrix?) knows your membership number so he can get a rebate on your pre-paid dues.
A Deal of Interest
Donald and Richard above: for possible clarification, an immediate 3C bid (even though alert required as weak on acbl CC) would be taken as weak in my area; regret any confusion.
A Deal of Interest
Perhaps so and the auction would probably begin 1C-1S-3C. Michal commented above -- "How useful to have 3♣ signoff available on this bidding!" Indeed. My "tip of the hat" notion alludes to the point that perhaps North should be credited with a fine "tactical" bid, in that clubs (partner's initial ...
Official Version of New Convention Charts
I'm bewitched, bothered and bewildered in a number of respects. For me, best to put all on hold until details/clarifications begin with the July issue of Bulletin. I sense frustration levels and conversations will equal that of the recent series of trying to find a Bridge Winners Standard ...
A Deal of Interest
Thoughtful, as always. So, in an expert game (after 1C-3C) is the final contract 3NT or 4C?
A Deal of Interest
And, as the cards are, 10 tricks are likely in clubs unless West leads a spade.
A Deal of Interest
FWIW, I would think that in an all-expert game that the auction might begin: 1C-(Pass)-Pass-(2H)-Dbl. If given that, then 3H or 4C may be the final contracts.

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