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Ed Reppert
Ed Reppert
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July 17, 2011
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about me

Retired US Navy Officer. Know a little something about computers (was my secondary job in the Navy). ACBL Club director. Player. Systems: Mostly I play 2/1 these days, but I like Romex and Precision as well. Play mostly in clubs and local tournaments.

United States of America

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Boston Jacoby.
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Everyman a Bridge Master (sorry about the sexist tone of the title, it was 1961)
There's a director here who told me today, for about the hundredth time, that I sleep with the law book under my pillow. She's wrong. Truth to tell, I don't even know where my copy of the law book is. :-)
Fanning the Flames of False Claims
I didn't see any evidence of "refusal". And you can't give a ZT penalty for just not stating one.
Fanning the Flames of False Claims
"Tiny" is an overbid. I can see no reason why the defenders should not "benefit" from declarer's mistake.
Another vote for "screw the rules, they're wrong anyway"?
What to do
I don't know if it's so bad if the TD adjusts the score, assuming you were going to make 5 if you bid it or left it there.
I think the ACBL looks at how clubs are spread all over the continent, and there's a lot of them, and thinks "man, that's just too hard". It's fairly easy (relatively speaking) for someplace like the UK to have a comprehensive club level training program, including follow-ons ...
OK - The “Ask Ed” question - can’t find the reference
Well, if the club is a sole proprietorship, the owner is the TO. And if it has a board of directors (as did the Kodak club when I first started playing here some 20 years ago) the BoD is the TO. Law 80 says that the RA for, in this ...
OK - The “Ask Ed” question - can’t find the reference
As others have said, dummy is responsible for deploying his hand properly and for putting cards in the played position when declarer has played those cards. It is not a "sponsoring organization" decision. Actually, technically there are no sponsoring organizations anymore. The current term is "tournament organizer". Or Regulating Authority ...
He is not dummy until the opening lead is actually faced, but Law 41B prohibits him from asking questions during the Clarification Period anyway.
Well, that falls into the "admittedly fuzzy" ambiguity hole. I have played "Top and Bottom" cues. IIRC, these are specifically mentioned as not requiring an alert. 1-2 has no heart suit. Are you saying I should feel "filthy"?

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