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Ed Reppert
Ed Reppert
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July 17, 2011
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about me

Retired US Navy Officer. Know a little something about computers (was my secondary job in the Navy). ACBL Club director. Player. Systems: Mostly I play 2/1 these days, but I like Romex and Precision as well. Play mostly in clubs and local tournaments.

United States of America

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Boston Jacoby.
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Susan McCartney and Ed Reppert
2 over 1
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The books have got to go.... Part II
Well done, Andrew!
Jacoby 2NT?
If you play both Drury and fit-jumps, then bidding 2 denies a hand that would have made a fit-jump.
dump bidding boxes - all in favour ?
It has always boggled my mind that I ask "please explain your auction" and people give me a verbal review, even with the bidding cards still on the table.
The books have got to go.... Part II
At my club NOBODY plays multi, and NOBODY has a defense against it. I daresay most have never contemplated a defense, and some have never heard of the convention. As far as this convention goes, I 'd rather play in your club — but the commute would be a bitch.
dump bidding boxes - all in favour ?
Since I first heard of ZT, I've been of the opinion that it's a bad idea. Instead, we should have ensured that our directors enforced the existing rules. They didn't, so ZT. They don't enforce that either. I've read of many bad applications of ZT ...
Jacoby 2NT?
there's that. In my methods it would have to be a 3 fit jump, and the hand's a bit strong for that, IMO.
The books have got to go.... Part II
Players using the method must provide two copies of the ACBL approved defense(s). Their opponents can use whatever defense they like. There is nothing in the regs that says you can't offer your own defense to your mid-chart method, but you still have to provide the ACBL approved ...
The books have got to go.... Part II
In practice the C&C committee seems to use the absence of an "approved" defense to disallow supposedly allowed conventions. At least, they have done so in the past, IIRC.
The GNT's, a modest proposal
I like it too. ISTR a move to allow more strata. Five, I think, instead of three. Was that passed by the BoD? Is it likely to be? How would Michael revise his recommendation for five strata?
Is that alertable?
Except that it's not. In the ACBL, anyway.

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