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Eduard Velecky
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March 19, 2012
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about me

In "civilian" life I have devoted to IT technology, nuclear medicine and crisis management.  My hobby is books, mainly history (military, political and cultural) or scifi / fantasy. I like to programming.

In bridge longstanding member of the presidency of the Slovak Bridge Association, chairman of the qualification commission, administrator of the SBA website. Author of many regularly used bridge programs. Multiple champion of the country, member of the winning team in 11 of the last 12 team competitions. Slovak national player (before czechslovak and czech national player).


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Wolff signoff and !D slam try
In my word 1m-1M-2nt-4/4 is self-splinter.
How would you rule?
Majority decide, in this case qualified majority must decide. Not a minority. I dont know practice in other law where one vote from five is enough to decide.
How would you rule?
From Law 16 - AUTHORIZED AND UNAUTHORIZED INFORMATION A logical alternative is an action that a [b] significant proportion[/b] of the class of players in question, using the methods of partnership, would seriously consider, and some might select. Now what is a significant proportion? The laws do not specify, but ...
How would you rule?
I have many years experience playing against a strong pass. Partnerships playing against strong pass system or against brown sticker must have defined defensive methods for handling many not clear situations. This is what everyone knows. But less is known that this is true for the offensive line too. If ...
How would you rule?
Title of the post does not fit my purpose. The more precise name would be How destroy bridge or How we kill our game. But this is provocative, so I chose neutral title How are you vote. And in the discussion I dont hide my opinion.
How would you rule?
In this moment for table result stands.: 47 votes,(36%) and roll back to 4♥ minus 65 votes (50%). In the end, it doesn't matter how I call a pass for a 4-heart. It is much more important that changes results of the table must be unambiguous and undeniable ...
How would you rule?
Some next information. World class player at the other table had also removed 4X to 5. Result is one down after lead A. I remember this: bidding at other table is really similar, but meaning is maybe different. If result stay, nobodies win 12 IMPs. If result ...
How would you rule?
Nobody? Are you sure? For example: " If it's possible for North to pull, what that means is that this is an extremely tempo-sensitive situation. [b]Don't think 45 seconds to a minute in an extremely tempo-sensitive situation. Don't. Just don't.[/b] Or, if you do, don ...
How would you rule?
Deal is from old European team championship. NS is "nobody", EW are world class players. East called the director (btw: with is name :)) when the tray came back with x over 4♠. My comment: typical presumption of guilt. Director ruled that there had been a break in tempo. He asked ...
How would you rule?
Some words about South BIT. Many situations average player do not solve automatically as a world class player. He look for solution at the table, sometimes at the cost of losing their time. Sometimes he make bad decisions. Therefore, he is non-professional player, he is not world class. However, this ...

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