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Eduard Velecky
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March 19, 2012
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Slovak national player (before czechslovak and czech national player), Slovak NPC.


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David Birds Inappropriate Comment
@Thomas Agree, 3H is propably trial bid. But analysis says: hearth support is no problem. The key problem is spade support. With 4 cards spades you play a good game, but with 3 cards spades game is bad. This mean: trial hearth bid is not properly used with these cards ...
David Birds Inappropriate Comment
Statistical results with Deal 3.1 program. 500 deals generated. If opener have 11-13 points, balanced hand with 4-5 diamonds, with exactly 3 spades and without 4hearts, then (double dummy) chance for spade game is 21% (4hearts 15.3%). If opener have 11-13 points, balanced hand with 4-5 diamonds, with ...
Eduard Velecky's bidding problem: Q765 2 AQJ973 A5
Maybe, but I did not want to test the logical alternative. Richard, I would be glad, if you answer the following questions: 1. Is agreed hesitation after 5 hearts unauthorised information? 2. If yes, what this UI suggests? 3. If N bid 6 spades, which is your decision? Thx :)...
Eduard Velecky's lead problem: J4 A7653 K2 T972
Thank you, it's really interesting.
Eduard Velecky's lead problem: J4 A7653 K2 T972
Richard, you are a commentator for the EBU Appeals Booklets. I assume you know the definition of a serious error and rule 12c1(e), which say about extremely serious errors. In your opinion, is the club (10) lead in this deal a (extremely) serious error?
Lyon Finals, Day 1
Will there be obligation (as the fight contra "sexist" and "discrimination") kibitz (for example on BBO) all championships equally?
EBL/WBF: hands diagrams and Butler ranking
I agree. I add that my question ("Someone may help me with finding a relevant reason etc..") was a rethorical question. I have been a programmer a lifetime. I am convinced that these shortcomings on EBL/WBF web sites are the result of a monopolistic approach typical for central institutions ...
EBL/WBF: hands diagrams and Butler ranking
Human psychology is unchangeable. People want to know the value of their individual contribution. It motivates them to better individual performances. Yes, in some cases, this can be the opposite. However, it is not the task of the organizers to make such a situation completely suppressed. Leave it on the ...
EBL/WBF: hands diagrams and Butler ranking is results of the yesterday junior tournament: - all information in one web page - an overview of the position during the competition - GIB (with bbo handviewer help) - private score sheet, ranking for all rounds, etc Comment: this is not an ad, our product is not for sale.
EBL/WBF: hands diagrams and Butler ranking
Tx for specification. I was only once there. That was when two printers worked. Next time I was only in the drinks/foods and toilets queues (bitter experience for full life), I skipped the results. I'm a player, right :)? PS. In our local tournaments, after the end of the ...

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