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Eduard Velecky
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March 19, 2012
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June 2
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about me

In "civilian" life I have devoted to IT technology, nuclear medicine and crisis management.  My hobby is books, mainly history (military, political and cultural) or scifi / fantasy. I like to programming.

In bridge longstanding member of the presidency of the Slovak Bridge Association, chairman of the qualification commission, administrator of the SBA website. Author of many regularly used bridge programs. Multiple champion of the country, member of the winning team in 11 of the last 12 team competitions. Slovak national player (before czechslovak and czech national player).


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USBF & Coronavirus
"but comparing it to World War II--come on!" Maybe it is exaggerated. But italian premier Conti today used W. Churchill words from WWII when he said this is the darkest hour for Italy.
USBF & Coronavirus
This is war. I dont think, it's a crazy analogy to compare this to World War II... this is the most frightening disease I've ever encountered in my career... say CEO of the Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations, Dr. Richard Hatchett:
ATB missed slam
1. 4 call not guarantees 4 cards support 2. Splinter 4 is allowed, but with minimum is seem as (little?) overbid 3. Without 2 interference is 3 stronger than 4 4. After 2 interference is 2 only f1, not gf. Is 3 ...
How do you play this?
In my world 2N-4 is Gerber, but 1/1-1/1-2N-4 no.
How do you play this?
Example from Tips on bidding from M. Lawrence. West open 1, East 1, West 1. What now with A1032 AK73 Q984 6? Bid 4. You can splinter in a suit already bid by your side. This one requires you to have good understandings. If partner misreads ...
Opening 1!D with 5clubs and 4diamonds
Bridge World Standard: " with either four-four in the minors or four diamonds, five clubs and a minimum-range hand, use judgment to decide which minor to open".
Opening 1!D with 5clubs and 4diamonds
That's just a note: part I (pdf version), page 38-40.
Opening 1!D with 5clubs and 4diamonds
"We are not talking about raising on three with an outside doubleton, but with an outside singleton. I noticed. I just add more information on this topic from another (but similar) point of view, see Weinstein's article.
Opening 1!D with 5clubs and 4diamonds
Some remarks about 2/1 style and "Robson style": Max Hardy in Two Over One Game Force When opener has a minimum opening bid values and four cards in responders suit, he will raise the major to the two level. Some partnership also raise whne they hold three cards to ...
Opening 1!D with 5clubs and 4diamonds
Some word about "Martens style": If we open 1 with 11-15, then a/ opener 1 - responder 1 - opener 2 mean cca 11-15PC, 5clubs+4diamonds b/ opener 1 - responder 1 - opener 3 mean cca 16-20PC, 5clubs+4diamonds Disadvantage: range 16-20 PC is too big ...

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