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Eduard Velecky
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March 19, 2012
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Nov. 17
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Slovak national player (before czechslovak and czech national player), Slovak NPC.


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Avon Wilsmore and Eugenio Chiaradia
Avon: "Facchini and Zucchelli. No mention of foot-tapping or cheating in the relevant issue of Bridge d'Italia (Nov 1995). Free to play in Italy, barred from entering WBF events." This is true. Why did it happen? FZ have won the title of World Champion. And then they were disqualified ...
Avon Wilsmore and Eugenio Chiaradia
Richard, I dont know what appears in relation to the 1963 British selection. But I do not think it is questioning what I want to say: The Italians (certainly in last years) publics his problems with undisciplined players and cheaters.
Avon Wilsmore and Eugenio Chiaradia
Avon, you live in your antiitalian world. Why? EBL notifies each European NBO without any delay about player suspension it receives from other national federations including the original letter with the ground on which the player was found guilty and for what term is the suspension valid. The dominant NBO ...
Avon Wilsmore and Eugenio Chiaradia
Lars Andersson: That explains a lot. Yes, but not all. 1963. Saint Vincent. The Italian crisis. In 1962 Chiaradia went in Brazil to teach bridge, and this had to break up his partnership. D’Alelio, his natural partner, moved to Rome and started to play Roman Club with Belladonna and ...
Avon Wilsmore and Eugenio Chiaradia
Avon:" Furthermore, it's fact that the Chiaradia was booted off the Blue Team mid-tournament, for dummy-play that was nothing of irrational." Your remark is not correct. Why did Charada not play after 1963? We do not know the exact answer, but something is suggested by the Pietro Forquet (interview ...
The Talk That Never Was: The Blue Team Rule
Nedju, no problem, just submit your proposal EBL / WBF. Otherwise it's just sighs :). PS. My comment above has been hidden because it violates the site's rules. According to my opinion, contained only general facts, for example reference to wikipedia. I respect this is a private site. I would ...
The Talk That Never Was: The Blue Team Rule
There is nothing special about it. If we think with national head, then the attacks on FN is a part of the attacks on the success of the Italian bridge. FN innocence is also BT innocence and vice versa. This is standard national thinking, not only italian thinking. I remember ...
The Talk That Never Was: The Blue Team Rule
Louis, Phelps's girlfriend can know the truth. But propably this is revenge. Rejected woman is like rejected player (some say this is Burgay case). I dont have cause. I just do not like that the suspicion (in my eye Blue Team cheating) is equall as the proven and admitted ...
The Talk That Never Was: The Blue Team Rule
Nedju: I clearly wrote “public opinion, in this case...” Those who make up the “public opinion” are (mainly) those against whom you and I play bridge. What is public opinion in the bridge about possible BT cheating? In Italy, the status of BT is similar to that of the gods ...
The Talk That Never Was: The Blue Team Rule
Bob Sebesfi: Just one miniscule difference : Michael Phelps' fantastic record has never been tainted by any suspicion of cheating. Pls, use google and search for Phelps cheating or use this You get over one milion results.

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