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Dec. 12, 2010
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Beauty is in the eye of the beholder
Sorry, I have not. Perhaps my response was naive :).
Beauty is in the eye of the beholder
Don't the EBU regulations prohibit this sort of thing?
Mindful revoke
Fancy enlightening me then :)?
Mindful revoke
Surely if you've made a legitimate claim, the common sense thing is to allow you to keep the score here? Are you even 'allowed' to continue playing having claimed? I wouldn't enforce this as a defender, and I would be fairly peeved if I was expected to enter ...
Ruling fron Eastbourne
At what point does not making an alternative agreement constitute an agreement? E.g. in the auction given, I would say 2 is natural if I have not agreed otherwise. And by implication that is an agreement in itself. The 2 bidder misbid, having thought that they had ...
Thank you Zia!
Well done Alex Hydes!
People told me that the extra boards could only be taken in the final. Think there was a change in the CoC to previous.
Well done Alex Hydes!
The Spring Fours was actually the final leg of the Triple Crown after Alex won the Pula Spring Teams last week. A thumping win in the last match saw him home.
Finishing on the Sunday at NABC in Vegas
Perfect, thanks Paul :). I actually emailed one of the names associated with this a few months back and they said 730 but they didn't sound very sure, so I thought I'd check here! I'm not advocating leaving early. In fact I disapprove when people do it normally ...
The Club's Coffee-Housing
I can't really be bothered to read the whole thread but: 1. If your opponents are decent enough to recognize the situation, how can you possibly read anything into it. They wouldn't actually be thinking of playing the Queen... 2. If you have a 100% read that with ...
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