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Edward Rasmussen
Edward Rasmussen
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Jan. 29, 2018
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Feb. 13
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Bridge Director
about me

I live in Lumberton TX, originally from Plymouth MA. I direct at the Beaumont Bridge Studio (a Common Game club) and the Orange Community Bridge League (not a Common Game Club).

When not playing or directing bridge, I work part-time at Walmart in Lumberton and play clarinet and bassoon with the Community Band of Southeast Texas.

United States of America

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Bridge Accomplishments
Won Open Swiss Teams in Cromwell CT in 2006
Member of Bridge Club(s)
Beaumont Bridge Studio, Orange Community Bridge League
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Gold Life Master
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Board 32 from the 02/12/2020 Common Game
I was East. The auction was P-P-1-1N; P-2N-(all P). I was unlucky that I could not get a bid in so pard could have led the suit. The vulnerability scared me away from bidding any more. Pard led the J. I could see what was going to ...
Board 24 from the 02/07/2020 Common Game
Only one pair in my game got to 6. How does one get there? 1. If West opens 1, it's very difficult as West's only wastage is the Q. East must take a leap of faith just to get to 6 2. If West opens ...
Board 7 from the 02/03/2020 Common Game
I was West. The auction at my table was P-P-1-2N; P-3-(all P). The defense slipped a trick, but I was down 1. After the play was over I requested to pard that he be at least 5-5 in the minors in order to use the Unusual NT.
Board 15 from the 01/11/2020 Common Game
The North hand holds 16 HCP, which is outside my Flannery range. As I do not fudge with this convention, I am sticking with what I said in my original post.
Double Dummy Deal Where the Side That Can Make Slam Doesn't Bid at All
Yes. If E opens 2, and you end up in some number of . When E shows up with the K, it's unlikely that he holds the Q as well. On the other hand, if East opens a thin 1, it's anyone's guess as to ...
Board 15 from the 01/11/2020 Common Game
It's very difficult for NS to get to 6. If S opens 1 (or 1 short) in first seat, NS is booked to arrive at a 4 contract. On the other hand, if S passes (my choice), N will open 1. If Reverse Drury ...
Board 1 from the 12/30/2019 Common Game
I was South. The auction was 2-2-4-P; P-5-P-P; 5-X-P-P; P. Down 2; -300, below average for NS. Pard noted after I tabled the dummy that I should have passed over 2. Who knows what West would have done over that. My rule of thumb ...
Board 27 from the 12/21/2019 Common Game
1NT. With a balanced 16 HCP this bid describes this hand. The rest of the auction: 2 (Dbl by N?); 2-3; 4-P. East should have no trouble winning 10 tricks.
That Moment When you realise the ACBL has no idea
My club uses electronic scoring. I put the travelers in just as a reference for the players to determine their Instant MPs. The players at my club are, for the most part, quick. Any discussion of the deals during the session is short.
That Moment When you realise the ACBL has no idea
I know of two LMs in Unit 201 (Sabine Neches) who are resuming the chase for Gold points. I may resume that chase as well if I were to play in a Regional or NABC.
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