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Eleanor Parker
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May 1, 2011
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July 12, 2016
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United States of America

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winning Flight D the first sectional i palyed in
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in progress
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Reisinger Vugraph Post Mortem
Denver was the first time I "got" the excitement of the Reisinger BAM. Before, it was just like watching any Pairs event, hard to figure out what meaning a given hand had in the overall scheme of things. With the tables linked, there was suddenly a Wow factor where the ...
The Polish aftermath of Kit's B-Z analysis
Thank you, Mr. Puczynski, for your extraordinary post below. You are an most honorable man, a much higher distinction in my view than bronze medal winner.
The Polish aftermath of Kit's B-Z analysis
"2. Mariusz Puczynski, who was a member of Polish national team on European Championship in 2004 (Malmoe), has declared that he's renouncing the bronze medal - because it was won with a team including B-Z." The evidence is clear that B-Z cheated in the 2014 EBTC. But there has been ...
ACBL Task Force Takes on Cheating
Kit Woolsey has been actively involved in the efforts to expose cheaters, and his expertise will be of great value to the committee.
Germany to Withdraw from Bermuda Bowl
The videos would match the methods they disclose in their confessions. That's not the issue. If they have three cheating methods, and they think only the first two methods would ever be detected independently of their confession, they can simply confess to the first two methods, and never mention ...
Germany to Withdraw from Bermuda Bowl
Tom Hanlon: ... 2) Full and frank disclosure of their methods etc. ... How will anyone, even world class experts, know if they have revealed ALL their cheating methods?
The Videos Speak: Fantoni-Nunes
My understanding is that Boye is pronounced with two syllables, boy-uh, and thus would not scan. Plus, I like the idea that Bridge Man could be any one of the people who have worked on this project. select Norwegian in the language list
The Videos Speak: Fantoni-Nunes
The time has come, the Bridge Man said, To talk of many things. Of coughs, and trays, and tugging shirts, Of singletons and kings. And when the cheats will be expelled, And the reckoning it brings.
Statistically, the best declarer is ...
What an entertaining article! Thank you. Please consider running your stats based on hands where declarer is NOT playing against defenders strongly suspected of cheating. The best players will have played more hands against the suspected cheaters, and that will clearly affect the results of your analysis.
Dealing Effectively With Cheating Allegations
Chris, While the case is in progress, can the arbitrators ask for additional evidence beyond what was originally presented? Can evidence presented in one case be reused in a subsequent case against the same pair? And lastly, but assuredly not least, who's going to pay for this process? Hundreds ...

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