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Eli Jolley
Eli Jolley
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Jan. 22, 2012
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July 8
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2008 Youth NABC
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Delayed Vugraph Wednesday & Friday
I'm a huge fan of watching this kind of bridge with commentary, and am excited to watch more. One gripe, there were far too many commentators yesterday. It was nearly unwatchable having 4 people trying to discuss a hand. 3 at most seems right, and each person can have ...
Eli Jolley's bidding problem: --- ATxxxxx Axx Qxx
Unfortunately, my partner had no wastage in spades, 3 small heaarts, KQ of diamonds, KJ of clubs lol. They had a 10 card spade fit but can't make anything.... We are cold for 5H and I passed lol.
Episode 18: Anam Tebha
It's funny...I am also a Joll(e)y I am originally from the south, and I am a bridge addict BUT we are not related. I would've have assumed the same. He is also a Jolly and I'm a Jolley.
Eli Jolley's bidding problem: QJx AKxx KJ QTxx
That would have been my understanding without discussion. They had AKxx x Q10xx AKJx.
Episode 18: Anam Tebha
Really enjoyed this one. The casual vibe was nice. It really felt like two friends talking on the phone. :)
Eli Jolley's bidding problem: QJx AKxx KJ QTxx
Yeah, it was an infrequent partnership trying to navigate a tough hand. I think treating 3nt as 15-17 would solve this problem for the most part. I was interested in what others played.
Eli Jolley's bidding problem: AKxx x QTxx AKJx
Yeah, part of why I posted my last 2 problems is to hear how people hand these auctions. Or...what is most "standard".
Eli Jolley's bidding problem: QJx AKxx KJ QTxx
Like most of you I bid 3nt. We missed 6nt..
Pay Attention, Padawan!
Very enjoyable. And I concur, "softness of voice" is not one of your attributes! LOL
Eli Jolley's bidding problem: AKJT82 AT987 T J
Same here. Like Peg, I just thought we'd miss game too often if I didn't go there myself.

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