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Elianna Meyerson
Elianna Meyerson
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June 16, 2012
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18 hours ago
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about me

I taught Math at Downtown College Prep, a school devoted to helping historically underachieving students who would be first generation college students get to and through college.


I'm now living in Switzerland


Bridge Information

Favorite Bridge Memory
Playing the Diamond team in the second round of the Spingolds
Bridge Accomplishments
Beating Adam's team to get to the afore-mentioned second round
Regular Bridge Partners
Adam Meyerson, Michael Bodell, Yudit Hasin, Maria Pendergast
Member of Bridge Club(s)
Bridge Center, Bridge Corner
Favorite Tournaments
Favorite Conventions
Elidrury, Gazilli
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Silver Life Master
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Convention Cards in NABC+ events
In the Swiss League (teams, screens), the director went around the first round, checking that every pair had two convention cards, and had placed them so the opponent could access them. (That's my good example.) Playing in the mixed teams cup (also teams, with screens, but individual matches arranged ...
The Evils of E-W and Sitouts
At the club I used to direct at, there were always more people requesting NS than the number I could accomodate (i.e. more than half the field). So it made sense that whenever there needed to be a sitout, the sitout was NS. If I had complaints (never twice ...
Should This NLM Stay in his Lane?
I know that you took away from the conversation that her claim was about having more MPs than you made her automatically a better player, but I wonder if her talk about MPs was code for experience, and what she was offended by was that someone who is much younger ...
NABC Appeal
I would think that the question of how to play the hand would be something easily polled by a director of a comparable peer group, given the auction with a 4D bid and proper explanations, no?
Brink-Drijver become Swiss
I replied to you on a different thread, but why do you think that a B permit is the only way to prove residency in Switzerland? There's also an L permit, which many have to get before a B permit. This permit also allows work and residency. (There's ...
Some words from Monaco
In Switzerland, it tends to be fairly easy for EU citizens to get B permits, but they still have restrictions on B permits for EU citizens from the newer EU countries, and those people might end up with L permits, which still authorize living and working in Switzerland, but must ...
Measuring Deductive Reasoning
Speaking as an American (former) math educator, I would include some argument from Common Core. Two of the Common Core Math standards are related to deductive reasoning: The main one would be the 8th: "CCSS.MATH.PRACTICE.MP8 Look for and express regularity in repeated reasoning. Mathematically proficient students notice ...
Measuring Deductive Reasoning
They replaced the logic section with a writing section in either 2002 or 2003 (I can't remember when I took it, but it was the last time to take the logic instead of writing). According to what I see on the website, they haven't changed it back.
Director call in Honolulu
Before moving to Switzerland, I would have found this hard to believe, too. But if the French bid like the Swiss, they seem to not like to overcall right away, and when the opportunity to double later arises (since 3H is artificial, it would be be "safe" to double), they ...
Top Bridge Pros' Tax Woes Continue
It does feel a bit gossipy, doesn't it?

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