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Elianna Meyerson
Elianna Meyerson
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June 16, 2012
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Aug. 21
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about me

I taught Math at Downtown College Prep, a school devoted to helping historically underachieving students who would be first generation college students get to and through college.


I'm now living in Switzerland


Bridge Information

Favorite Bridge Memory
Playing the Diamond team in the second round of the Spingolds
Bridge Accomplishments
Beating Adam's team to get to the afore-mentioned second round
Regular Bridge Partners
Adam Meyerson, Michael Bodell, Yudit Hasin, Maria Pendergast
Favorite Tournaments
Favorite Conventions
Elidrury, Gazilli
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Silver Life Master
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If you ever taught 5th Graders (or higher level grades) I want to hear your opinion on how to teach Bridge in schools.
I am a HS Math teacher, and a Math curriculum lead in my organization. I also have taught bridge at SiVY summer camp to complete beginners. I definitely have ideas on how to structure a curriculum and would be interested in working with someone on it (after July) if anyone ...
"Yet we do not in other fields, such as mathematics, engineering, physics" This may be true in the U.S., but it's not true across all other countries.
What would you do about illegal note taking?
Giles has it. The "b" is for the base units. SI = International Standard units. Adding the "b" helps with the correct spacing to easily convert 5km to cm.
What would you do about illegal note taking?
Looking at the bid cards for an extra 5s at the end of the auction also helps me remember it, should that be banned? There are people that are audio learners: Hearing the auction repeated when it's their turn to lead helps them remember it. Should that be banned ...
Who has the lowest Bacon/Erdos number?
If my husband and I were one person, we'd have a Bacon/Erdos number of 6. (I have a Bacon number of 3 having been an extra on My So Called Life so it went Me-Jared Leto - Brad Pitt-Kevin Bacon.) I was a collaborator on one paper while an ...
Open Orlando Discussion <span>Thread</span>
I managed to promptly lose my book, but I seem to remember seeing what looked fairly lowcost at Disney Springs, and Swan and Dolphin run a free shuttle bus there. I'm not a 100% sure, though, but perhaps someone else with the book could look at that. I tried ...
Open Orlando Discussion <span>Thread</span>
I don't know if this helps reconcile Alan to the chosen site or not, but even though it's called "Disney's Swan and Dolphin", it's not actually owned by Disney. The hotel is owned and run by Starwood. They had a deal with Disney about the name ...
Late Start in USA - Spain Match
This is another example of a regulation that is not enforced.
Starting Times and Playing Schedules
I'm sad that I no longer count as your friend. :( (I am not a morning person. I wake up at 5:30 so that I can be fully awake and ready to do my job at 7am. Even with waking up that early, I struggle to fall asleep before ...
ACBL Suspends Piekarek and Smirnov
@Geoff: Who's watching the watchers?

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