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Elke Weber
Elke Weber
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Basic Information

Member Since
June 22, 2015
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19 hours ago
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Bridge Teacher
about me

 I have started playing bridge t the age of 15. Today I am teaching juniors. Smile


Bridge Information

Favorite Bridge Memory
I can't tell my favorite bridge memory, but I love to make friends everywhere in the world and among my best memories are bridge club tournaments I played in Accra (Ghana), Cape Town (S.A.) and Taupo (N.Z.).
Bridge Accomplishments
2 Vice European ladies championships, 4 German titles.
Regular Bridge Partners
anneca, friedlich, martellxo
Member of Bridge Club(s)
Germany: Darmstadt Alert, Mannheim, UNI Mannheim, Ketsch Sweden: Filbyter Linköping
Favorite Tournaments
German Bridge Trophy in Berlin, Swedish Festival in Örebro and many others
Favorite Conventions
conditional RKCB
BBO Username
ACBL Ranking
Sorry, this user has no cards yet.
Ulf Nilsson's bidding problem: QT42 752 K QJ743
I am surprised to read X=extras. With 15+ known HCP wouldn't it be more interesting to know if O has an offensive or defensive hand? But if X really shows extras this means for me it shows interest, so I bid. Partner must know, that I have some ...
Paul Grünke's bidding problem: AQ AKJ982 AJ732 ---
If they were not vul I would bid, here I smell money
Nikolas Bausback's bidding problem: 8 AKQJ7 9753 KQ6
Is X from me or pd defined? If defined as T./o. I will double, without Definition or with differen Agreements I guess I should pass.
Paul Grünke's lead problem: K9 KT53 854 QJ42
Close between Q and a small , I Chose the Q because I can't be sure when I will get a 2nd Chance to lead it.
Roland Voigt's bidding problem: J K75432 K3 T765
Of course I considered pass, but I also thought about 3 knowing they have only 3-4 together and partner is short in . However in this vulnerability the suit is just too bad.
Roland Voigt's bidding problem: T82 AJ8643 T6 94
Shouldn't at least a passed hand be able to bid 2 with this hand even if your style is as solid as it is?
Martin Wuest's bidding problem: A94 KQ92 J85 QT5
I am on lead and I can lead a trump.
Waltraud Gruening's bidding problem: A975 AQJ85 74 Q2
Miscllick, I bid 3NT, 3 should be nat and I don't have much extra.
Paul Grünke's bidding problem: K6 AT9852 K KT72
It depends more on my pd, if it is someone, who doesn't dare a t.-o. double over 3, I bid.
Yordan Boychev's bidding problem: 65 AK74 AK QT932
Partner has made a free bid, I won't pass and I see no other option for bidding.

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