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Elke Weber
Elke Weber
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June 22, 2015
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Nov. 11
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Bridge Teacher
about me

 I have started playing bridge t the age of 15. Today I am teaching juniors. Smile


Bridge Information

Favorite Bridge Memory
I can't tell my favorite bridge memory, but I love to make friends everywhere in the world and among my best memories are bridge club tournaments I played in Accra (Ghana), Cape Town (S.A.) and Taupo (N.Z.).
Bridge Accomplishments
2 Vice European ladies championships, 4 German titles.
Regular Bridge Partners
anneca, friedlich, martellxo
Member of Bridge Club(s)
Germany: Darmstadt Alert, Mannheim, UNI Mannheim, Ketsch Sweden: Filbyter Linköping
Favorite Tournaments
German Bridge Trophy in Berlin, Swedish Festival in Örebro and many others
Favorite Conventions
conditional RKCB
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Sorry, this user has no cards yet.
Barry Rigal's bidding problem: AQJ4 86 75 AK642
2,5, depending on agreements/partner I bid 3
Elke Weber's bidding problem: --- --- AQJ743 AQJT654
The Double by South was penalty, however it came after some hesitation...
Andreas Babsch's bidding problem: KQJ 32 AJ4 AQJT7
Yordan, did you realize that it is partner, who bid 2 here?
Niko Roemer's bidding problem: A2 KJ5 A8653 AQ5
Sabine and Roy (and some others) even open 1C with 5M332, but this is not common. Otherwise it contains all balanced hands, sometimes a semi-balanced, just those, you would open 1NT. With short partner usually doesn't pass, but he should pass with 0 hcp. (If O has 11-13 ...
Yuan Shen's bidding problem: K9 K643 AKQ65 A5
If the choice is between 3 and 4, I bid 4. So if things go wrong, I bid 4 next round. But for every time when I get the chance to bid 3 next I am better off than those who bid 4 directly.
Niko Roemer's bidding problem: A2 KJ5 A8653 AQ5
They would open 3352 with 1. And no, it is not a forcing club, it is just rarely passed. The 1 contains all remaining NT hands, so that 1 is always unbalanced. This has some advantages and is quite far spread here in Europe.
Yuan Shen's bidding problem: K9 K643 AKQ65 A5
3 is an underbid, but do I have to decide alone? X followed by 3 should show this strenght
Niko Roemer's bidding problem: A2 KJ5 A8653 AQ5
With 2NT Leb pd doesn't promise stopper and may well have long . I want to play game if he has either, so I ask with 3
Elke Weber's bidding problem: AQJ2 K743 8 AQ83
At the table I decided to downgrade this hand to 13-15 and X. Pls see my next bidding problem for the continuation.
Elke Weber's bidding problem: 7 987543 --- AJ8654
Thanks everyone. I agree that 3 immediately is of course better bidding, in this hand the inferior line turned out successful: This hand did bid 5 now, this was doubled and when dummy put down a giant (AJxx, x, xxxx, KQ10x) a heart lead led to an overtrick.

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