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Elke Weber
Elke Weber
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June 22, 2015
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Nov. 28
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Bridge Teacher
about me

 I have started playing bridge t the age of 15. Today I am teaching juniors. Smile


Bridge Information

Favorite Bridge Memory
I can't tell my favorite bridge memory, but I love to make friends everywhere in the world and among my best memories are bridge club tournaments I played in Accra (Ghana), Cape Town (S.A.) and Taupo (N.Z.).
Bridge Accomplishments
2 Vice European ladies championships, 5 German titles.
Regular Bridge Partners
sukri, friedlich
Member of Bridge Club(s)
Germany: Darmstadt Alert, Mannheim, UNI Mannheim, Ketsch Sweden: Filbyter Linköping
Favorite Tournaments
German Bridge Trophy in Berlin, Swedish Festival in Örebro and many others
Favorite Conventions
conditional RKCB
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Sorry, this user has no cards yet.
Hool - A Prelude to Bridge
Thank you, Michael, for explaining the rules to those who have not been in Orlando. I am a great admirer of the kida app by Amaresh so I was longing to hear more about Hool. I don't think I will replace my Minibridge lessons by teaching Hool. It might ...
Elke Weber's bidding problem: KT754 532 9 AJ86
Well, it was teams and I bid 4 making an overtrick when a ruff came in. At the other table a junior passed 3NT, my team mates ran to 4 and the juniors bid 6 making on a finesse. Some good player commented that he ...
Elke Weber's bidding problem: KQ987 KJT72 JT5 ---
Thanks for your comments, both Yordan and Marshall. Marshall is right, raises with 3 cards are more or less forbidden. According to what has been discussed by now I should not have supposed 10-16 but 10-14, partner would act differently with a max. So I guess my double was just ...
Elke Weber's bidding problem: K2 T3 Q2 A976543
It was a final with only 10 tables. And I guess it is always a good idea to verify what others think, when something I consider(ed) to be the right move has proven unsuccessful. This is the way I have learned this game. :) It may well be that the ...
Elke Weber's bidding problem: K2 T3 Q2 A976543
Those were exactly my thoughts at the table, but when we entered the score we saw that several players had reached 3 making 5. Two hearts was the final contract and made, dummy had 4450 and one hcp. This didn't feel good and I asked myself (and you ...
Elke Weber's bidding problem: KQ987 KJT72 JT5 ---
Well, we had no agreements and I was on the other side at the table with s Axx, h xxxxx, d xx, c Kxx, meaning my double as "convertible", having no idea that this not at all standard. I have learned from this hand. Next time I would bid 3c ...
Ulf Nilsson's bidding problem: 9 A9653 A9854 64
Having aggreed on ELC I would double.
Elke Weber's bidding problem: 3 J72 A7542 KT65
2 did not promise inv values and the system did not have a 3154 tool. The priciple to investigate with gf hands was an extended stayman (2+3) where O can show all regular distributions. At our table this hand was not bid as GF but 2 ...
Elke Weber's bidding problem: T K9 AQJT82 Q742
This was - of course - a hesitation case, it had taken about 2 minutes until 4 p p had come back from the other side of the screen. South had thhought with KQJ10x, xx, Kxxxx, x and North had bid 5. The question was if there are logical alternatives ...
Elke Weber's bidding problem: T K9 AQJT82 Q742
Would you have bid 4 last round?

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