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Elliott Gordon
Elliott Gordon
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about me

Junior playing BBO regularly and tournaments irregularly 


"As the unfortunate declarer on this hand - albeit in the fine 6C contract which had no play when clubs broke 4-1 offside - I very much enjoyed this discussion of the problem I posed when I discoverd that the 6S bidders generally succeeded. Steve Bloom posed it as a "fictional story", but the true story is that my nephew, 16-year-old Elliott Gordon, played an amazing session, leading us to a 67% game in a 42 table sectional Open Pairs. Alas, we finished second overall, a mere .36% out of first ... thanks, in part, to this sad story."  -- source = Scott Nason on

United States of America

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Jan ABQ Regional (1st Open Pairs Flight C, 1st Teams Bracket 5 )
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The deal played itself
Good reason to choose one of the low answers
Fascinating Drop vs Finesse decision from Wuhan
"The failure to ruff ♦ with the trump 9 puts that card in East." I agree, unless West holds Q92 or Q962 and didn't think it was correct to shorten his/her trump. Still I believe "trust the bidding and finesse."
Help Newer Players Reach Slam
I agree. It also looks like a good teaching point for the meaning of a 3 rebid by East after a first round double. I was to blame for missing a slam at a recent sectional after partner passed my jump to game on a similar auction.
Help Newer Players Reach Slam
In the context of newer players, S will probably never bid with 0-2 HCP opposite partner's weak bid.
2-way NMF treatment, please?
Larry Cohen too
Plan for partner's confidence
Ruff the J to hand, run the T, and hope it loses to the A (or wins)?
ATB: Languishing in no man's land
I see East as a decent hand to choose a strong 1NT opening. After that, suppose it goes 1NT - 2 ( and minor) - 2NT (leb) - P 3 - X - 3NT ?
2019 Michael Seamon Junior US Bridge Championships
This is a *junior* event
Completing the transfer after interference
I think you only bid 3 with 3 card support or better. Depending on your points, shape, and spade holding, PASS, DBL, 2NT, and 3/ are all valid bids and largely deny a fit. Edit/disclaimer: partnership agreements may vary
2019 Michael Seamon Junior US Bridge Championships
Does not appear to be scheduled yet.
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