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Ellis Feigenbaum
Ellis Feigenbaum
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Feb. 21, 2011
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5 hours ago
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Bridge Player
United States of America

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Favorite Bridge Memory
If I dont say meetimg my wife, it might have to change.
Member of Bridge Club(s)
Laguna Woods , Barrington, and quite a few others.
Favorite Tournaments
Bermuda, Eilat all Nationals
Favorite Conventions
4cl keycard over weak 2 openers. ( Comes twice a month but its always spectacular)
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Diamond Life Master
Sorry, this user has no cards yet.
ACBL (poor) response on conflicting alert rules
I asked for a ruling, I don't like it and when this sequence comes up again in about 5 years time and if the alert charts have not changed, I hope I remember to alert it.
ACBL (poor) response on conflicting alert rules
I got the same email, my problem with whole thing is that the powers that be seem to have randomly decided that in this instance a negative inference is alertable. I cant think of any other negative inference that would be. I can think of many reasons that support doubles ...
TD decision
I must be looking at this hand backwards(what`s new for me) West has made a slight bit over 2, I know you don't have to call at the time, but the director is going to get a lot better sense of it was just the 10 ...
A bidding poll with a twist
Even though I cant see anything against the rules here it doesn't really pass the smell test. I might open 1h, especially if I was playing some type of losing trick count system.
When can 1m-1M-2M be based on 3 card support?
I will take that over raising spades on this hand. Not every hand type fits every system, sometimes you need to tweak a little to get your hand in the right systemic box, but 2 here seems like its moved out of the box and into the stratosphere.
When can 1m-1M-2M be based on 3 card support?
I would have opened 1 and rebid 2 or 1nt depending. More likely to bid 1nt with Qx in . Cant see myself raising spades on this hand, possibly QXX or JXX, but we are not going anywhere fast unless partner has something worth talking about.
Is 3NT an Alert?
I don't have a problem with my points being shot down, In the main I am not trying to win a debate, but get to a place where I understand better what my responsibilities are. For the sake of the rules, its best to know what they are, for ...
Is 3NT an Alert?
@Michael Kopera, Behind screens the 3NT bidder would be alerting the screen mate. What happens when the final contract is not 3N but 6cl? and you happen to hold 4315 are you now supposed to tell them you might not have a 4 card major without it seeming self serving ...
Is 3NT an Alert?
I'm more worried about the times full disclosure is going to be seen as self serving. If there is a reason behind the thinking that 3NT is not an alert, if indeed it is not? It might be the powers that be were thinking about those situations. I think ...
Is 3NT an Alert?
Michael, I agree with you on the concept of full disclosure. The question at hand I think (it always pays to ask the right question)Is when does the Alert procedure end and where does the active ethics of full disclosure begin? There is a big difference between a post ...

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