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Nov. 21, 2013
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Which contract is better? 1NT or 2 of Major.
Thank you for your comment. I agree that you allow responder to have more that 2 Spades the result will be different. But than you have some ways to describe this hands with immediate support. I strongly believe in "support with support, but this is another subject of discussions.
Which contract is better? 1NT or 2 of Major.
Based on my simulation of 1000 hands 1NT is better than 2S in 387 instances . 2S is better than 1NT in 248 instances. This includes any positive result, not only 1NT or 2S. It is more complicated to make a conclusion when both 1NT and 2S failed.
What is wrong wih 1 NT range 14-16 ?
Thank you Kit, I understand why 17 HCP is problem after 2NT rebid. If the rebid of 2NT (When you play 15-17 HCP) is 18-19 HCP the responder has the same problem with 6 HCP. Should he/she bids 3NT or Pass. 18-6 HCP makes 3NT 36%. 19-6 HCP makes ...
What is wrong wih 1 NT range 14-16 ?
I believe that with 8 HCP you should pass 1 NT. With 9 HCP you should try for game. In this case the opener knows you are inviting with 9 HCP and this facilitates his/her decision. Some people like to play 3NT with 16-8 HCP non fit. I think ...

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