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Emily Middleton
Emily Middleton
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Sept. 8, 2015
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May 28
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Bridge Player
about me

Ex-junior (how long can I call myself that..?) I now play mostly in and around Oxford, occasionally national events. I've got a little boy so took a break but am starting to play more again.

I'm a former software engineer, now a product manager.

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

Bridge Information

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Oxford, Abingdon
Favorite Tournaments
Azores under 30 (though now hoping they'll increase the age limit)
BBO Username
tea lady
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Sorry, this user has no cards yet.
Emily Middleton's bidding problem: 9742 63 AKQ AKJT
See for partner's hand. We were the only pair in the room to pass out 2 with a combined 28 points, but at least BW agree with us!
Emily Middleton's bidding problem: J9832 --- Q972 AK83
Richard, it posted twice for some reason, I contacted BW and they have removed the duplicate. It may be a "non-problem" but on the actual hand you belonged in spades (if you can't be defending 3X), I was interested to see if anyone was bidding them.
The Wonder of Bridge Down Under
I had a great time playing bridge in Oz when I went out there for work. Once lho opened (natural) 1 and partner over called 3. We hadn't discussed this, so I was thankful for the 'no alerting cue bids' rule. Rho doubled, again allowing me to ...
Is there a dominant style?
Someone (David Gold?) once taught me that one should only overcall if one of three criteria is met: - the bid takes up space - you have opening values - you want the suit led Obviously no rule is hard and fast but this has served me pretty well (though this was advice ...
KO: Waving the white flag not allowed? (ACBL)
A long time ago I played in the spring fours as part of a junior team. We did better than expected, being the last non-seeded team to survive, but in our last round we were about 100 imps down with 8 to play. Since we were playing for free to ...
Emily Middleton's bidding problem: --- xx KQT98xxx KQx
On this hand, partner had AJxxxx and xx, both 6 and 6 make on a spade lead but are off an a lead. 6 could also suffer a club ruff (clubs 3-1, diamonds 2-1 with singleton ace).
Emily Middleton's bidding problem: --- xx KQT98xxx KQx
Partner bids 5 over 4 - what now?
Swinging at the club
They definitely played a heart to the T and J at some point though so not sure... as I said it had been a long week...
Swinging at the club
Oh I think it was, I think I was a diamond trick behind with my comment about ruffing with the ace and exiting. I'll correct
High Level Reverses
I don't play acol with many partners, mostly SAYC or 2-1. That's what my partner expected as well (I was 3541 19 count and we ended up in a hopeless 5)

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