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Emily Middleton
Emily Middleton
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Sept. 8, 2015
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13 hours ago
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about me

Ex-junior (how long can I call myself that..?) I now play mostly in and around Oxford, occasionally national events. I've got a little boy so took a break but am starting to play more again.

I'm a software engineer, recently moved out of finance to focus on search/ai/machine learning.

United Kingdom

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Oxford, Abingdon
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Azores under 30 (though now hoping they'll increase the age limit)
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tea lady
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Mastering the Robots
The future of bridge bots probably isn't in "cosmetic fixes" and tweaking algorithms. Instead, coding no logic at all beyond the rules of the game, and using neural networks to figure out the "right" moves. It's worked excellently for GO. If only I could afford to give up ...
Selection Problems
Perhaps I do not understand yours. Your statement "Not to make a highly controversial decision to pick a worse team." led me to believe you thought a 'worse' team had indeed been selected. Yet we have Sally/Fiona and Heather/Nevena, with a (good) third pair. So what's the ...
Selection Problems
As David so eloquently put it, you have your teams mixed up. We were always going to have one player who had never played a (senior) Europeans (for England) before.
Selection Problems
John, the team that has been selected is, in my opinion, one of the two or three line-ups we were most likely to end up with before trials began. (No disrespect to the other teams that trialled, but I expected one of the teams made up of the 'old guard ...
Mastering the Robots
I've just started playing the EBU tournaments on FunBridge. Are these the same bots do you know? I've not been playing long enough to attempt much bot-manipulation, just trying to play my normal game. But I have noticed that you can occasionally notice a slight hesitation, and can ...
Claiming with a trump out
This was in 5 spades, claiming 6. The line to make required taking some ruffs in dummy before drawing trumps (which declarer was allowed to do).
Claiming with a trump out
I was once accused of not allowing declarer to state their line of play before calling the director. But the claim came before I'd chosen a lead or anyone had seen dummy!
Claiming with a trump out
I have had the same situation, though with about 4 cards in each hand. The director was called with the statement "she's forgotten I have a trump". Even after the director ruled in my favour and walked away she was telling me I'm "not allowed to claim with ...
Selection Problems
Paul, I agree with a lot of your points. But I don't see why a pairs trial would mean pros would play with clients. Yes, that happens at the lady Milne, but the euros is taken more seriously and there were no such issues with the open trials.
Selection Problems
I was guilty of kicking off that thread rather indignantly (I am friends with those affected) without knowing all the facts involved. Having now heard rather more about the situation, I'll just say this: The team with the sub went away from the event thinking they had won, and ...

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