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Emily Middleton
Emily Middleton
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Sept. 8, 2015
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16 hours ago
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Bridge Player
about me

Ex-junior (how long can I call myself that..?) I now play mostly in and around Oxford, occasionally national events. I've got a little boy so took a break but am starting to play more again.

I'm a software engineer, recently moved out of finance to focus on search/ai/machine learning.

United Kingdom

Bridge Information

Member of Bridge Club(s)
Oxford, Abingdon
Favorite Tournaments
Azores under 30 (though now hoping they'll increase the age limit)
BBO Username
tea lady
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Sorry, this user has no cards yet.
2018 European Championships Results
Congrats Sam!
Does multi go for more numbers?
Though the more interesting bids also come with the risk of a going for a number ;-) (I recently went for 1400 playing 2 as spades and a minor. Opponents bid to 5, my 5-card suit, and partner reasoned I must have clubs and sacrificed...)
Emily Middleton's bidding problem: AT53 Q843 AJ63 7
At teams (or probably in a different field) I would be bidding 4 without much thought. My consideration here was that I thought most people wouldn't have found their heart fit after a 1NT opening, and 4-1 was likely to be a complete bottom. What I failed ...
Martin Hoffman 1929-2018
I've heard bits of his story before but that still made me bawl like a baby. RIP Martin.
Emily Middleton's bidding problem: QJ83 A87 A975 62
Partner had: A4 KT KQJ83 T854
Emily Middleton's bidding problem: QJ83 A87 A975 62
On this particularly deal the 'cockamamie' agreement got the better of us, and we missed a 3NT. Partner suggested I was put off bidding by west's slow pass, and we could have a claim. He wasn't too convinced when I told them I wasn't bidding anyway! FTR ...
Selection Problems
A gender recognition certificate is not easy to get (some think it's too difficult). It takes several years and a medical diagnosis. In my opinion there's not much risk of someone putting themselves through such an arduous process just because they fancy winning a few mixed/ ladies events ...
Selection Problems
I've recently moved from a small company (~50) to a large company (~30,000). I've had to get used to fewer F2F and more conference calls, though *considerably* less email. Most of my useful collaboration gets done on slack (online instant messaging).
Mastering the Robots
The future of bridge bots probably isn't in "cosmetic fixes" and tweaking algorithms. Instead, coding no logic at all beyond the rules of the game, and using neural networks to figure out the "right" moves. It's worked excellently for GO. If only I could afford to give up ...
Selection Problems
Perhaps I do not understand yours. Your statement "Not to make a highly controversial decision to pick a worse team." led me to believe you thought a 'worse' team had indeed been selected. Yet we have Sally/Fiona and Heather/Nevena, with a (good) third pair. So what's the ...

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