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Emmanuel Corynen
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Aug. 5, 2012
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You are not giving the full story. Does this mean that they never have an argument with opponents , or never even dispute a lead , convention ,or other , from opponents? If that is the case , they may just be there to socialise with other people , there is nothing wrong with that.
GAWRYS Wins Spingold
"I don't see any other untainted win for Zimmerman and Multon." So what will you write next time when they win a major event , "I see only one untainted win ..." ? I want to congratulate the Gawrys team and all its players on this great victory , the commentary from Alan ...
ATB for a doubled 3S
I would answer 'other' , but that option is not there. West has a perfect rebid of 1NT with this hand , which describes well his hand : max 2 hearts (did not double for support), at least 7 cards in the minors because did not open 1 . What is agreement on ...
Best play in 6!C
In that case west can ruff high once , I can take club finesse on east , and will then need the spade finesse to make.
Best play in 6!C
A first , then AK and ruff , this will slightly increase the odds for the line that ruffs a diamond , although i could not calculate the %(perhaps someone else can , thank you for that :) )
ATB: Mist Game
Absolutely clear to me that west should raise to 3. Otoh I do not understand east's pass on 2 , I would certainly double (for take out to show 3-card ) , and revert to 3 if I get 3 from west. Given west's first pass ...
Where did East-West go so far wrong on this hand?
fully agree , for me the choice is between two and four spades , depending on style. I wouls not hesitate to open 4 spades.
Carding Question
I voted other , you should specify what are lead agreements , is it UDCA , this information is needed for partner before giving signal. But aside from that , if I am sitting east in a case like this I will never give a signal because it will help declarer more than partner ...
Where did East-West go wrong on this hand?
I would open the west hand , it is nearly impossible to describe my playing strength to partner otherwise. But having passed , I will double 2 for take out. If partner decides to convert into penalty they will certainly go for a number ! If not , I do not think we ...
Putting pressure on opponents quickly versus taking the most chances
Thank you , a quick count reveals following : 3NT was bid 7 times , always made 4 was bid 25 times , down 20 times
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