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Aug. 5, 2012
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Law on Bidding after Pause
agree , and ten seconds is normal tempo for values/takeout ;) .
Emily , a lot of useful sugggestions above to improve situation while working or playing card game. As a yoga teacher/trainer I can tell you there are specific exercises that you can do to remedy or prevent the problems you have , at least partially. Special stretching exercises for fingers , flex ...
Perhaps there is a moral
If I were sitting east , I can / will restore 'equity' by playing the king the second time , I know declarer then has all of his rights restored and normal play will follow. Ethically I consider that a normal action.
Who is wrong?
I would as south first double 1 , then bid 3 , this hand is strong enough for me to do that.
Would you have opened and if so, what now?
I would not open , but then west will not bid 2 , so do not know what is coming back to me. If partner overcalls 1 , I have easy bid.
They outsmart you
Not agree , in case of a club continuation west obviously does not have the stiff queen , which is a different problem , even then the club continuation could work out well. But any other continuation is certainly favourable So I believe your comment is not relevant to this situation.
They outsmart you
Not exactly what you are asking for , but I would duck the first trick. What will be the continuation from west ?
Falling Apart
Rich , if you have a stamina problem after a few hours , that means that you are wasting energy and thus not making good use of it. Some useful suggestions you certainly find above. As a yoga teacher , I can recommend some simple exercises that will boost your energy for 4 ...
Play 6NT
Gonzalo , I don't know to what extent your comment applies here because we have not seen all hands. This is anyway the line I would play at the table.
Play 6NT
I would take A in hand and run the clubs , discarding two diamonds in hand. Discards by opponentys may tell you where is the K. If you believe the opening lead to be honest from sequence QJ10 , then you can choose to end play N or S in hearts or ...
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