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Aug. 5, 2012
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Bridge is a sport. What else? by José Damiani
I think it is a mind game , and only a sport when played on roller skates ;) , so basically agree with both Richard and Alan.
Wasn't sure what this double was...
neither N nor S have bid a suit in first round , so N cannot know if N/S should play in defense or in attack , therefore it is bi-valent for me : lead directing , but if passed to partner he should bid 2 if 5+ or give me his best ...
A mildly interesting deal (NY winter regional)
if I am not mistaken , east still has a good chance to make 1D if he goes up with the king of spades trick 2. If south continues spades three times east has a losihg discard on the fourth spade when north ruffs. So south , after the ace of spades ...
Plan the Play
If defenders return spade at T2 , much will depend on what E played at T1 to gain the trick. If not the 9 but K or Q or J , return of spade to knock out the A will certainly give squeeze opportunities to develop against either opponent. Did not work ...
Plan the Play
duck spade lead , take return hearts (most likely)in dummy : A , J . If hearts 3-2 ,easy continuation : ruff a club (K as entry to hand , A , ruff spade high . If hearts 1 - 4 (W - E ) , same line but can ruff spade low if E does not ruff . If hearts 4 ...
1NT on pass out position
I definitely prefer the stopper to be on the other side behind opener , so xxx is ok for me. BTW , is that alertable if you have no stopper ?
Law on Bidding after Pause
agree , and ten seconds is normal tempo for values/takeout ;) .
Emily , a lot of useful sugggestions above to improve situation while working or playing card game. As a yoga teacher/trainer I can tell you there are specific exercises that you can do to remedy or prevent the problems you have , at least partially. Special stretching exercises for fingers , flex ...
Perhaps there is a moral
If I were sitting east , I can / will restore 'equity' by playing the king the second time , I know declarer then has all of his rights restored and normal play will follow. Ethically I consider that a normal action.
Who is wrong?
I would as south first double 1 , then bid 3 , this hand is strong enough for me to do that.
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