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Forcing or Not?
Steve: As long as what you state is a partnership agreement, it is okay. But if the discussion is whether it is more logical or not, I'd say: 1. Your proposed style puts too much emphasis on game contracts (considering that both opponents are bidding). 2. How would you ...
Forcing or Not?
Though one spade limits South's hand, it does not [b]strictly[/b] limit it.
Forcing or Not?
Naturally, it all depends on the absolute minimum North can have in this sequence (that South volunteered a bid). South's bidding is consistent with, say, Kxxx (x)x Kxxxx xx(x). And North can have, say, 3=3=5=2 | 3=4=5=1 | 3=4=4=2 ...
“Suggesting, but not guaranteeing, four hearts” part makes it slightly problematic. If it guaranteed four-plus hearts, then “extra values/game try” would be logical. Now, it is reasonable to play it as penalty. Does the initial double at least promise three hearts? If not, then playing the second double as ...
Foolish or Brilliant?
(1) I'd never judge partner for a swindle like that. He had limited time to sort things out, and there was the added pressure of playing in the trials. Plus, one should be respected for at least putting his plan into practice despite the obvious risk that he could ...
Why was this easy slam missed?
Perhaps, Zia's comment—just bid four clubs—is the worst. If he thinks three spades cannot be natural after the three-diamond jump response, and had to be showing spade control (spade ace?), then he should have suggested his partner to jump to [b]six[/b] hearts, trusting Zia to ...
Tough bidding challenge for BOTH partners
(1) A two-club opening is premature, so much that had this been given to BW panel, I bet there would be at least one panelist who would advocate rebidding [i]two clubs[/i] over one spade response. (2) Without specialized methods, it is not easy to bid the slam confidently ...
public letter to Sr. Giannarigo Rona
Well said, Mike. The problem is that when dealing with shameless person(s), words have zero force. G.R. has proved that no matter who thinks what of him, he feels zero shame. Bridge federations along with world class players must either force WBF to resign, or establish an alternative ...
Question about Bridge World Standard control bidding
Yes, but irrelevant. After major suit agreement following a two-over-one response, many pairs treat three notrump as some form of S3NT. So, it may the case that responder has values in hearts and/or in spades but lack the required strength to bid three notrump. The point is, in the ...
Question about Bridge World Standard control bidding
Who says four diamonds cannot be Last Train? What if responder has a useful hand with values in hearts and spades? Or, say 4-4-3-2 with A-K-Q-x in hearts.
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