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Artificial intelligence is no match for natural stupidity.


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Brilliant bid by Polish youngster
I can think of at least three ways to interpret opener's way of bidding: (1) showing concentration in diamonds (as already mentioned in comments above); (2) showing diamond ace, heart ace, and club king (not possible given our holding); (3) top spade honor, heart ace, diamond king, club queen ...
Defensive problem (mid-game)
A diamond looks correct. (1) It seems essential not to give a trick declarer cannot make otherwise; (2) A spade may either endplay partner, or he may not see the correct defense from his side; (3) A diamond back suggests we have an original doubleton in spades (so partner should ...
High level methods
With respect to 4 and 4 (in this context), it is usually much better to play: 4 = hearts, either to play or slam try+, 4 = hearts, mild slam try.
King from Ace-King when suit is supported?
Ace from A-K, Ambiguous King (K from A-K or K-Q) and Rusinow have advantages and disadvantages. When the suit led is from known length, Rusinow is best: (1) It cannot mislead partner (it cannot be the case that the leader is leading an unsupported honor to arrange a ruff); (2 ...
After 1 - 1//3 - 3 the only thing that the partnership knows is that the final contract will be either in hearts or in spades, perhaps 99% of the time. Thus, bids by opener: 4 = slam try in hearts; 4 = slam try in spades ...
Analysis and Visualization - 54th EBTC
I am informed that President Jan Kamras has authorized the IT Systems Manager to publish the database of the 2018 European Team Championship. I guess it shall soon be on the official championship website.
Extreme Bridge #10: Bridge Bidding Puzzle
My explanation would be Nemo the Fish bidding his hand. First he misbid, then he forgot what he bid, then he forgot what he forgot.
What is the point of this?
@Richard: Such answers make me so sick that in real life I do not allow such a person to ask me another bridge problem.
Gazzilli advice?
When a convention collapses on a relatively mundane hand like this, to the point that you want to excuse yourself from the table, it is time to recollect and reconsider.
BBO: Find the source of a deal
Barry, thanks for the offer. The problem is that I have too many such deals and I am trying to figure out a long term solution.
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