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Oct. 16, 2010
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Artificial intelligence is no match for natural stupidity.


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Henry Bethe's bidding problem: QJx x QJ98xxxx x
Well, you should perhaps open with two diamonds. 2D—(P)—P—(X)//P—(P)—P will make you even happier.
Who will win the BB, VC and D'orsi?
Does anyoney have all the convention cards as one zip file?
2nd round dbl by advancer
There is sense in playing either way. But I guess there is more sense in playing it as takeout (maximum one-level response, etc.) It is possible that both players had hairline decisions and game may still be on. Without an agreement this would be an even more difficult decision at ...
Ougust in August
The title made me wonder whether we'll have "Transfer in September," "Gerber in November," and "Lightner in December".
Set Methods or Own Methods
Is there a source for Moldavian Club?
Assign the Blame/Credit
@Oren, would you make this post if South had the heart ace? I'd guess not; which suggests that anyone who claims that a raise to five diamonds is clear, is either a victim of having-seen-the-whole-deal syndrome, or kidding himself. Had the contract be going down, the some percentage of ...
Which is the most descriptive sequence?
For this hand, like several others, the choice is dictated by the system. (E.g., playing 15-17 notrump opening, I do not know one top expert who would not open one notrump with AKxx Qxx xx AKxx, even though starting with one club intending to follow with one spade is ...
Which is the most descriptive sequence?
If Roth was alive I would not make the above assertion.
The Worst Convention Ever
Fishbein is so horrible that it doesn't even deserve to be in the above list with other nominees. It reminds me of Wolfgang Pauli's remark when he was asked to comment on a physics paper: ""It's not right; it is not even wrong!"
The Best Convention Ever
The idea of “transfer”.
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