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Eric Dong
Eric Dong
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Sept. 28, 2016
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about me

Grew up and learned bridge in Hong Kong during 12th grade (2008) because only school bridge club members are allowed to bring playing cards to school. Brieftly after that I'm off from bridge for 5 years and on for bridge for another 5 years. 

Love bidding theories, strategies and systems. However, I was convinced that I should gitgud in bridge before thinking about creating a system/convention. So currently I am still trying to gitgud.


Bridge Information

Favorite Bridge Memory
When I first learned bridge when I was in high school, me and 3 other newbies joined the interschool bridge tournament, along with another team from our school which was much more experienced. The tournament consisted of a swiss round, then the top teams from swiss round go into double elimination. During the swiss round my partner bid 4S instead of 4D because somehow he thinks his diamonds are spades. We did not get doubled, contract goes down 3, we got a positive IMP. And at the end we barely get through the swiss round because of that game. Somehow the experienced team did not even get through, this gave me great confidence. "Maybe I am talented in this game." I thought. Then we proceeded to lose 2 games in a row in the double elimination round. Game Over.
Bridge Accomplishments
2018 CNTC-C Winner
Regular Bridge Partners
Johnson Zhu
Member of Bridge Club(s)
McGill Bridge Club, Le Mirage Club de Bridge
Favorite Tournaments
2018 CNTC
Favorite Conventions
Transfer, Inversions, Void splinter
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A "What's this double?" from the world junior online championship
ask partner to bid 3 or pass 3x. aka i have some and some and some values. Could have and long too. Could even have a 3NT rebid after.
"You got it wrong."
Making a straight flush in the middle scores better than making a flush in middle + trips on top. so SF,SF,pair is better than SF,Flush,777
Lame Claims
#1 Very reasonable for declarer to get the rest. #2, S have perfect information that s/he can claim the rest. Claiming finesse like that deserves to get 1 less trick.
Delayed action after the opponent's preempt
yes something like AKQxxx with any shape I would bid 4 over 3
Delayed action after the opponent's preempt
One note for 1. is that N is likely to be not very long in , usually 5-bad6(4 if feeling lucky) because with good 6+ it is probably automatic 4 over 3. So with a 5-5 hand, if my hand was not good to bid 4 ...
Delayed action after the opponent's preempt
probably 4 over 3 to show 5-5? If hand is too weak I guess your options are limited.
Delayed action after the opponent's preempt
1. Sacrifice 2. Penalty
Jacob Freeman's bidding problem: xxxx x J9xxx Txx
Solely based on partnership agreement on this particular set of vulnerability. I assume most people don't like the idea of jumping 3 with super weak hands at vulnerable, hence the poll result. But I don't think agreeing on jumping 3 with this hand is insane.
Difference of Opinion
I know. My point is that the current law is not optimal. Also, a record like what I mentioned is not necessarily a punishment. Under current laws I fully agree with the ruling. I just don’t like the implication of this case. Think the analogy as, Running red light ...
Difference of Opinion
Perfect ruling... In the world of bridge. It's fascinating how S gets no consequence when it is clearly (or 99% likely) that s/he forgot s/he's playing 5-card stayman, all because that EW are deemed not damaged because a lead is almost impossible. Well, a ...

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