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Eric Dong
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Sept. 28, 2016
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When I first learned bridge when I was in high school, me and 3 other newbies joined the interschool bridge tournament, along with another team from our school which was much more experienced. The tournament consisted of a swiss round, then the top teams from swiss round go into double elimination. During the swiss round my partner bid 4S instead of 4D because somehow he thinks his diamonds are spades. We did not get doubled, contract goes down 3, we got a positive IMP. And at the end we barely get through the swiss round because of that game. Somehow the experienced team did not even get through, this gave me great confidence. "Maybe I am talented in this game." I thought. Then we proceeded to lose 2 games in a row in the double elimination round. Game Over.
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Thibault Wolf's bidding problem: 7654 T9 QJ K9753
X is a matchpoint bid
Revoke Prevention Responsibility
Honestly I never understand why is it even allowed to ask the question, "no (suit) partner?" I run a bridge group in college and I teach and play with beginners who are college students very often. The case where a person (even for beginners) to discard/ruff while still holding ...
Yordan Boychev's bidding problem: AQT9432 A AQ9 J7
5 is my bid and I think pass over 5 should be forcing but I am not sure. Can experts explain the common agreements in this position?
Simon Weinberger's bidding problem: 7 Q4 732 AQ87543
If 3 is a two suiter, what's your agreement on 2?
Announcement Required?
Which bid should be alerted, the double or the 2 bid? Let's say the auction goes (1) - X - P - 2, then opponents might not know that it is possible for doubler to have shortage if X was not alerted.
Sathya Bettadapura's bidding problem: A72 T7 98763 A72
What would 2 mean in this sequence?
Eric Leong's bidding problem: AT643 A53 763 AK
If you play any sort of help suit game tries I think this is the spot to use them.
Eric Leong's bidding problem: KT9853 86 Q8 AKJ
some plays 4 here as natural slam try. So maybe the 4 bid was to confirm as trumps? In that sense, opener's 4 does not refuse slam try and hence could still have a prime hand for slam, and the 6NT bid would make ...
Eric Leong's bidding problem: KT9853 86 Q8 AKJ
I think the meaning of 6NT is pretty clear here, unless agreed otherwise, 6NT shows 2 side Ks + Q. Therefore bid 7 or 7NT. I choose 7 because if p has AQ doubleton you might still beat 4-1 break through a trump coup. 4 ...
Playing in Tempo
Easy to say this when his partner breaks the tempo every time while defending and have to think for a good minute to decide to put up his Ace or not.

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