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Eric Hamilton
Eric Hamilton
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Jan. 19, 2017
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4 hours ago
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Bridge Player
United States of America

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Favorite Bridge Memory
Once introduced two of my regular partners to one another. Two of the three participants in this interaction believe that it turned out well.
Bridge Accomplishments
“I think there cannot be said too little on the subject" - Jane Austen
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Eric's generic 2/1 card
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Eric Hamilton's lead problem: J8 K73 A42 JT875
Yes, and if I had chosen the winning one I mght not have posted the problem :) But I am curious - what thought process swayed you to the diamond ace?
How well do you understand restricted choice?
I may not have been clear. The way the show was run, the host did not open a door randomly, he randomly chose whether to open a door that did not conceal the prize or to open no door. Under those conditions, switching when he does choose to open a ...
How well do you understand restricted choice?
> My recollection is reading that Monty Hall himself said that he either chose to reveal a door or not according to his feeling (perhaps he endeavored to get the better of the contestant thought that is not clear), and that in fact sometimes he did not offer the switch chance ...
How well do you understand restricted choice?
PB and ML have it right - thanks.
How well do you understand restricted choice?
50% and 33% are right for the first two (assuming that the information was obtained as described by Eric Kerr above) However, 33% is not right for the third and fourth problems. The seemingly irrelevant information actually makes a big difference. You can prove this using Bayes Theorem, but there ...
How Hard Will You Strain to Raise
also specifiy the scoring (matchpoints or IMPs), if only for the sake of definiteness.
How Hard Will You Strain to Raise
Once in a non-serious game when I passed in this situation (no, I did not have three-card support) my partner alerted. Perplexed, we turned to her, and with tongue firmly in cheek she said "denies three-card support". With tongue just as firmly in cheek, my LHO responded "No, no, that ...
Natural interference over 2!c strong opening. What is double?
In the immediate overcall case, are we talking about responder’s double or opener’s double after responder’s and RHO’s pass?
We blocked them at MPs
A worthy doubleton is one that hasn’t been led
but partner, I only had 2 points, and one of them was worthless!
Only a walrus would think "only two points", but there's something to be said for thinking "nine losers.... count them again... yes, that's NINE". Bidding game is basically rolling the dice on the amount of diamond wastage. Vulnerable at IMPs we don't need 50% and I'd ...

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