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A curious question about a choice of lead
"The bidding is .....I think we can all agree that the ♥J seems the most likely lead. Partner leads .... out of turn. You lead " Given the condition that "we can all agree" I cannot think of any way of filling in the ellipses (except a barred heart lead, not applicable ...
Ruling help - the whole story
> Should every explanation behind screens come with a disclaimer: "what I am telling you is accurate to the best of my knowledge and accurately describes my hand, but my partner may have different ideas about what my bid means"? The bit about "accurately describes my hand" seems wrong. A proper ...
How to play trumps ?
Is this IMPs or pairs? West's pass over 5D suggests that bidding on could be right but he's not sure. East's double says that he's not thrilled with the idea of bidding on if his partner is ambivalent. At IMPs at these colors a singleton would ...
Cheating in Sports
We don't punish or discipline (in sports or criminal law) on the basis of what's "in the mind of one [person]". Inadvertent violations merit procedural penalties, both as a warning and to restore equity. These penalties may be severe for professionals who are supposed to know better and ...
Does East's pass of 6S show interest in a grand slam?
East's raise to 6H feels weird... It means that the hand can be played in 4H or 6H but never in 5H. I can just barely imagine a hand that looked like two trump losers before west's raise (hence the initial 4H call) but looks odds-on for zero ...
Club Ruling
> North-South are not regular partners and had not discussed bids after 1NT overcalls. So there's no particular reason to think that any infraction was committed by NS. (Although one does have to wonder what south was thinking....) > East and West would not play 2H as a transfer after an ...
A Diversion
> If you have a bad result due to the preempt, your cost will probably be about 5 IMPs, but if the opponents have a bad result your gain will probably be around 10 IMPs. That is the deciding factor. That deciding factor only applies at IMPs. What are the considerations ...
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