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Why don't DBL?
What did 3S mean in the east/west methods? Clearly it's soliciting west's opinion on the 3N/4H question, but what does it suggest west should do with 9xxx?
Plan your play 18.
Ruff with the 9. If west follows to the second spade trick, AH and then finesse the heart jack. If west discards instead of overruffing, spend a while thinking about which heart holdings including the queen this particular west would not overruff with, and play the hearts accordingly. If we ...
Lecture--"Balancing"--Tips Requested
"Don't hang your partner for balancing" - when partner balances, the better your hand is, the worse his hand probably is.
Negative double distribution
Interpret a negative double as "values to compete, interest in the unbid suits" and 5-5 in a very weak hand is possible. There's nothing wrong with playing it as exactly 4-4, but in exchange for that accuracy you're giving up some chances to compete with weak shapely hands.
Eric Hamilton's bidding problem: AJT Q54 54 AQT92
Quite agree about the interpretation of 1N and 2S. Did this well-played 3-3 matchpoint well? Did declarer make happy faces at partner while playing it well? :)
Eric Hamilton's bidding problem: A543 J9 T7 AQ962
That could turn out OK, but partner will expect more when an unpassed hand makes a double over a forcing bid, so might well overcompete. We don't particularly want to be in this auction except to prevent the opponents from playing a red-suit partial in peace. Passing and balancing ...
Eric Hamilton's bidding problem: AJT Q54 54 AQT92
Me too, so I find the plurality vote for "pass" also a bit surprising.
Dollars, Chance, and Skill
An interesting and possibly relevant factoid: The 16 teams in the Spingold round of 16 this year are exactly the 16 top seeds. [Edit: Oh ick - never mind - I misread the way the list was organized]
Dollars, Chance, and Skill
> If you ran the Spingold with 7200 teams, it's not at all unlikely that a non-"name" team would win. That may be an artefact of the knockout format. When a strong team suffers an early upset, their positive expectation in the subsequent rounds is irrelevant because they've ...
ATB on missed laydown 7NT
Three losers, eight and a half tricks opposite a bust, and a solid twice-biddable suit sounds like a 2C opener in these methods.... This 21 HCP meets the equivalent play strength criterion in "22+ or equivalent play strength". Consider that South would have bid the same way with Kx,AQxx ...
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