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Jan. 19, 2017
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Bridge logic - what does this auction suggest?
Without the interference, over 2S: 3H other major would have have agreed spades and forced to game, stronger than a direct 4S; 4C over 2S would have been RKCB for spades; 4D undiscussed
Bridge logic - what does this auction suggest?
2S showed 4 (or 5) spades, same as if west had passed. Double by north would have been penalty.
Eric Hamilton's bidding problem: AT AQ87 --- KQ98542
I suppose that I should also ask that if you disagree with double or with 3C you say what you would do instead....
Insufficient Qbid: Is a Sufficient Qbid Comparable?
3S is not a subset of 2S if there exists a hand that would bid 3S over 2S but would also bid 3S (splinter?) when 2S would have been sufficient. But although I may be on solid ground in terms of set theory here, practically speaking I think that the ...
What is 4!S?
The FH example hand may be enough of an outlier that it justifies seizing the captaincy over a 4S that was intended to end the auction. But it's an outlier, doesn't change the basic logic of the auction as Woolsey describes it.
Eric Hamilton's bidding problem: A86 AKQT9 93 KQJ
For 4H to be right, not only does it have to make but also partner must hold a hand that might not raise your 3H to 4H. That's a very small target: the weakest hands that make 4H are a doubleton king of spades and four hearts, a perfecto ...
Eric Hamilton's bidding problem: 73 KQ8 Q654 K542
> Partner's 3D bid is nothing like help suit... Except that is. Maybe it shouldn't be, but then we would have a different bidding question (for which 3H is clear). Maybe I should have said something about loathing the methods as well as the 3C bid? :)
Best defense against Big Club?
I started playing precision in the local club many many years ago (so many years ago that half the field was still playing Gorenesque strong twos). Sat down for the third round and the club director (the sort of colorful guy who only exists in our memories of the good ...
With which of these hands would you invite?
> I think the assumption is that we'd invite by showing our suit, and play in 3m if the invitation is rejected. It's not clear from the original post whether the invite is an advance to 2NT that opener will raise to three with a maximum, or some way ...
With which of these hands would you invite?
A simulation showing that blasting 3NT with AKxxxx is only 36% invites a followon question: What are the odds on inviting with that hand? We gain over passing when the invite fetches a raise to a making 3N, lose when it fetches a raise to 3N down, and lose when ...

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