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Eric Kehr
Eric Kehr
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Sept. 15, 2015
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about me

Club player in the UK. My good results at the local clubs say a lot more about the standards locally than they do about my own modest skills.

United Kingdom

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Sasha Cooper's bidding problem: 97 T53 J943 J642
Maybe partner should just rebid 3NT with that hand.
Michael Crawford's bidding problem: A2 KQT8754 2 987
Every time I talk myself out of pre-empting for some reason or other I end up regretting it.
How often do you play bridge?
I play at a local club once a week. I go through phases of playing a lot on BBO. I also play a lot against the computer (mainly Jack, occasionally Wbridge)
Tournaments using computers
I think this argument is rather ridiculous. These things are part of bridge by accident. The inventors of bridge didn't deliberately add these to the game to increase the skill level. And they are only in the rules because the rules need to cover what happens when they occur ...
Deep Finesse says I can make it
At this stage, you can ruff a with a high trump. Whether or not South over-ruffs, 3 rounds of clubs throws him in, and he only makes one trump trick, not two.
Tournaments using computers
Another great benefit of an electronic environment is that people can, in principle, change the graphics of how they see the cards to suit their own personal prefereances. Want bigger cards? Easy Want different colours for each suit? Easy Want the cards displayed separately rather than overlapping, to prevent misclicks ...
Is there a standard treatment here?
They’re also getting hammered with my type of hand, and I know partner’s not taking it out, even with a balanced Yarborough.
Tournaments using computers
I’ve played online and face to face. Both feel exactly the same to me. Playing online doesn’t feel like playing a computer game to me.
Is there a standard treatment here?
Yes, but the auction (assuming sane participants) changes the odds as to whether we are likely to have a fit. After 1 (1) P (3) we are almost guaranteed a fit if we are 4414; if 4th hand bids 1NT, I’m far less confident.
Is there a standard treatment here?
Did the bidding really start 1 (1) P (1NT) on that hand, with a big diamond fit and no stop?
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