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Eric Kehr
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Sept. 15, 2015
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about me

Club player in the UK. My good results at the local clubs say a lot more about the standards locally than they do about my own modest skills.

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

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Upgrades or not?
The first two yes; the third one no. The third one would be better if the J was with one of the queens, as it is possibly wasted in the long suit, But even then I'd probably want some good intermediates in the other Q high suit to think ...
"I always ask"
This is another reason I hate the alert system and would just prefer that the meanings of all bids are announced. Or at least all the bids early in the auction. Then both opponents immediately know what all your bids mean without either of them having to risk giving UI ...
And then CHO bid 2!D
Assuming (1) 2 is the majors, then this should certainly be the majors. It seems to me that you are more likely to have the majors on this sequence, as fourth hand doesn't have either of them. Equally true if partner is not a passed hand..
Experimenting with weak NT
Whatever constructive methods you use opposite a 15-17 NT should work opposite a 12-14 NT. One big difference in auctions which begin with 1NT is that you are more likely to be outgunned by the opposition - sometimes heavily. You need to have firm agreements as to how to try to ...
Article about AI vs. Humans
Imagine a very simplified version of bridge: Dealer always has a 15-17 1NT opener, responder always has 10+ HCP. So each hand is effectively a choice of game or slam decision, and we have some hope of giving the computer a complete description of the humans' methods (and vice versa ...
Competitive bidding with flat hands
Looks like a double to me. I'll not bid again unless partner forces.
Unlucky, or should it be bid differently?
I wouldn't say I object to the 2 opening, but I probably wouldn't have chosen it myself. It's not easy to bid these hands, but it is generally the case that if both hands have long suits, it is better to have the weaker hand's ...
Trick 12 Decision
On page 2, where it says "Best looks to be to take the invitational route with 2♣.", should that read 1NT?
Ugly Call
In fact shouldn't the range of all non-1 openers be narrowed because any maximum opener (which has at least one Ace!) could have an Ace less and still be opened.
The bidder has 5 good , 4 card support, and a hand not good enough to overcall on the first round. Not much else justifies suddenly sticking your neck out at the 3 level.
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