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Eric Kehr
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Sept. 15, 2015
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Sept. 24
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about me

Club player in the UK. My good results at the local clubs say a lot more about the standards locally than they do about my own modest skills.

United Kingdom

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What is a comparable bid...
A bigger issue if responder makes a 2/1 after making a pass out of turn is opener not making a marginal slam try.
Quick question about alerts.
It's ridiculous, in a game which claims to be one of full disclosure, that the onus is on the opposing pair to find out what a bid means (whether they are alerted or not). The onus should always be on the pair making the bids to ensure that their ...
You know its not your night when...
There are also other squeeze possibilities (eg East with singleton honour + West with length; East with QJT8xx + length). And you still keep those squeeze chances (for 12 rather than 13 tricks) if you play on first and they don't break.
What is a comparable bid...
I think for most pairs it clearly isn't a comparable call. If a player overcalls 1 you will place them with, say, 8-17 HCP and 5+. If they open 1 yhou will assume they have, say, 11-19 HCP and 5+. Hence the knowledge that they ...
responding to 1NT overcall
Coke is surprisingly popular but very bad for you. So I can understand why something with similar attributes would be described as coke-ish.
responding to 1NT overcall
But what if that is not your system over a 1NT opening?
The problems of over-alerting
There are procedures for dealing with MI and UI. And it seems fairer to have the users of a complex system have to deal with any UI and MI they generate than have their opponents not know what is happening in the auction. And if you would give a certain ...
The problems of over-alerting
As I've mentioned before,I'd prefer a situation where nothing is alerted, and everything is announced. That way you never need to ask what opponents' bids mean, and you never need to stop and think whether partner's bid is alertable - you just automatically tell opponents what it ...
Percentage of Blame
I can't say North is wrong for choosing 4 - partner might have a small singleton for instance. Indeed, slam is playable opposite T9xxx KQx x Kxxx when 3NT might go down. But then from South's point of view, there are plenty of hands where there's ...
Revoke Prevention Responsibility
Putting any blame on the partner of the revoker looks like victim-blaming to me. The only time I feel like asking "having none, partner?" is when partner doesn't lead or return my suit.
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