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Sept. 15, 2015
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Club player in the UK. My good results at the local clubs say a lot more about the standards locally than they do about my own modest skills.

United Kingdom

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Another question on a director call
I've certainly seen correct claims on similar hands along the lines of "The Heart, the Spade, and all my Clubs are good". And so I believe any order of the suits is logical if declarer believes they are good. A slightly trickier issue is whether declarer can be forced ...
Opening 1NT with 4-5 touching suits and an unstopped doubleton
I think it's just as bad in a weak NT system. Whichever I'm playing, if the hand looks like NT (and if you squint hard enough, most of them do), I open 1NT.
When Computers Deal Like We Used To
*If* I were to overcall with the South hand, I would choose 1NT rather than 2. I'm not sure why East didn't just continue . Presumably the 3 is suit preference asking for the lower major.
Claim Ruling
I don't think, in order to determine the result of a claim, people should be expected to use *complex* interpretations of simple sentences. To expand a little, there's generally one simple interpretation of a simple sentence, but any number of complex ones - each of which might lead to ...
What should this bid mean?
When one hand has shown their exact distribution, and also limited their strength to some degree, I'm not sure that their partner's bids are best used to *show* anything, but are better off as asking bids of some sort. Precisely what's best, I'm not sure, but ...
Another Comparable(?) Call
I assume that to show 1 keycard, the clarifying bid is 1? This leads to obvious problems if you want to play something similar with as the agreed suit. Probably best for a casual partnership not to use this.
Claim Ruling
But it should be simple though, shouldn't it? When making a claim just state how many tricks you are claiming, what they are, and what order you intend to take them. If you do that, what can go wrong? If you don't do that, who else do you ...
Claim Ruling
Maybe you should look at it this way: You should have gone for -500, but instead, not only did you get out for -200, but you got a valuable free lesson in the importance of making a clear claim statement.
Another Comparable(?) Call
Probably one of them eventually leapt to 2, and that show of strength was all the impetus partner needed.
Claim Ruling
John, all I can say is that I see these two situations completely the opposite way. Ask me how I would play that suit and I could immediately tell you without a moments thought. And however tired I was I would never get that wrong. But it is not immediately ...
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