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Eric Kehr
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Sept. 15, 2015
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about me

Club player in the UK. My good results at the local clubs say a lot more about the standards locally than they do about my own modest skills.

United Kingdom

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Mastering the Robots
My feeling is that the bots don't randomize their play from equals (or what they view as equals on a double dummy basis), but rather they always, or nearly always, play the highest card they think they can afford. But I may be suffering from a selective memory here.
BW 2/1 SHAPE and STRENGTH System Summaries
"Crazy" and "Sensible"? ;) But seriously, I think the names are fine, and do get across what you are intending. My point is more that while "Shape first" is a good principle, there is no need to apply it in every situation. And indeed even the most ardent shape-first advocates will ...
BW 2/1 SHAPE and STRENGTH System Summaries
I think the division is not as clear cut as people pretend. eg Partner opens 1. Even people who claim to prefer "shape first" bid 1NT on a whole host of hands just to show their strength. Similarly for a 1 response to a Precision . Or even ...
Indignor quandoque
I am surprised that the Romans needed a phrase for that!
What is double?
Unless pass is forcing (and why should it be?), this has to be penalties. Even if you didn’t want this as a penalty double, it can’t be a take out double, can it? Partner probably has 9+ cards in the reds, and won’t be able to pass ...
The Best Bridge Writer
I'm not arguing *for* double dummy analysis so much as arguing against the argument that we should dismiss double dummy analysis simply because it is double dummy analysis. My feeling (and I readily admit it is just that) is that over a large enough number of hands, the double ...
The Best Bridge Writer
True. But still this can work both ways: On the one hand the double dummy analysis assumes the correct switch is made once the defence gets in again, which probably favours the passive lead. But on the other hand it assumes declarer gets every guess right, which probably works against ...
The Best Bridge Writer
The bots certainly lead very passively. And that often allows impossible contracts to make. But it also often defeats contracts that would make on a more aggressive lead, as simply not blowing a trick, or not solving a guess is all that is required. And of course, often it makes ...
The Best Bridge Writer
Do the Bird/Antheas leads work less well in practise because partners *can’t*, in principle, read them, or because partners just aren’t used to them yet? If you think “partner is likely to be leading from strength but might be going passive” then you are bound to get ...
A game of pigs.
One for the Hideous Hog, no doubt. I wonder if Kit Woolsey’s Back-Gammon skills are transferable?
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