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Sept. 15, 2015
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about me

Club player in the UK. My good results at the local clubs say a lot more about the standards locally than they do about my own modest skills.

United Kingdom

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What does partner's double of GF 2!c opener indicate?
Undiscussed, I’d assume it showed . Not necessarily suggesting a sacrifice, perhaps just a cheap way of helping the later defence. What should it be? No idea. And it probably doesn’t matter much, as how often does this auction crop up?!
Unusual number of overtricks :)
I made 5 redoubled overtricks a few weeks back at the club. As you can likely guess, opps had a disagreement about what the pass of (1M) X (XX) P means.
Complicated 3NT
He said it was complicated.
Meaning of responder's double after RHO overcalls opening preempt?
It is very unlikely I have enough strength and distribution in the other two suits to be happy playing at the 3 or 4 level opposite a weak single-suited hand. It is not all that unlikely that I have a strongish misfitting hand and the opponents have made an error ...
Missed slam - who was more responsible
But it’s totally safe to make a slam try over 3 as North is a passed hand, and so there is very little danger of getting too high.
Is Puppet Stayman on over 2C-2D-2NT?
By going out of his way not to bid NT, responder is going to be forced to bid a crappy 4 card suit on almost all balanced rubbish hands. And unless that suit is , opener will be forced to bid 3NT even if the combined strength of the hands ...
Is Puppet Stayman on over 2C-2D-2NT?
The problem with bidding a 5 card major on a balanced hand is there’s a huge chance of wrong siding the subsequent 3NT contract.
Bridge Bots
Spot on, John. It’s amazing how human-like they’ve got GIB to be.
Which cue bid to use?
FWIW, in Partnership Bidding at Bridge, Robson and Segal say the lower cue bid is a sound 3 card raise to the 2 level or better, and the higher cue bid is 3 card raise to the 3 level but also promises the 4th suit (in either case, 4 card ...
Ethics and legality
Debbie, if the law were clarified so that you were allowed, for instance, to think with 32 doubleton, then in what sense would declarer ever be deceived or mislead? Declarers would simply stop taking that particular inference. One might argue that declarer being able to reliably use tells but defenders ...
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