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Eric Leong
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Jan. 26, 2011
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Eric Leong
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Daniel Lyder's bidding problem: AKJ Q9xx J AKQxx
With a five loser hand and good heart fillers, many would consider 3 an underbid especially in Australia. Surely, why is partner with something like: S xxx H Kxxxx D xxx C xx going to raise to four hearts?
Does a hand for this bid exist?
S Kxx H x D J109xxxx C Qx
Precision 1D!-(1M)-2D-(P)-2N
I don't play Precision but since bidding 3NT would take up unnecessary room I would save the bid to show something very specific.
Adam Janas's bidding problem: KJ9 AT4 KQJ76 85
I would bid 2 to make it harder for the opponents to find their best part score when LHO has about 6-8 hcp. For example, the opponents might have a 4-4 spade fit and a 4-3 heart fit but LHO might have a weak hand with four spades and ...
Precision 1D!-(1M)-2D-(P)-2N
If you play 2NT as not forcing, play 2H as showing either good diamonds or a balanced hand. Partner bids 2S to find out.
Ron Smith's bidding problem: J98642 AJT43 A K
I would think at pairs bidding 3H would be more automatic.
Yet Another What's This Double
There are two issues involved here. Suppose this bidding situation came up and your partnership had not got around to discussing it. What should you play him for? The other issue is if you do have an agreement the double is for takeout should you play it that way? Considering ...
Ron Smith's bidding problem: J98642 AJT43 A K
Pass gambles that both 3 and 3 is too high and the opponents won't take the push. Also, the pass gambles that in a similar situation at the other table the opponents would not bid 3. If I bid on I probably will have some company.
Eric Leong's bidding problem: A74 AJ64 A3 AKT3
Partner's hand is: xx -- QJxx QJxxxxx Seven Clubs is on a diamond finesse which is off.
Peg Kaplan's bidding problem: AK Q862 9854 763
Being -140 in 3 passed or being in 3x for -530 is not going to be that different of a matchpoint score when the field is not going to reach 3. However, being +100 in 3 passed when 3x is going for +300 is going ...

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