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Eric Leong
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Eric Leong
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Eric Leong/Steve Kennedy
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If a hesitation can be unethical can a quick bid also?
How quick is "quick"?
Craig Biddle's bidding problem: --- 87 AKQJT753 632
The problem with five diamonds is partner would raise to six diamonds gambling I have a second round control if he has the tops in the black suits. Bidding four diamonds will slow him down though. Change my clubs to KQx and I would bid five diamonds despite being two ...
Peter Hasenson's bidding problem: Q765 7652 KQ J72
The key decision of this hand is whether or not to bid on to three spades. I would pass for know to get an idea of the opponent's distribution. For example, if LHO shows four hearts by bidding two hearts I would be more confident in competing to three ...
John McAllister's bidding problem: AJT Axxx KJxx Kx
Too good to bid just 3NT. Not quite good enough to go to six diamonds on my own. Bidding just four diamonds means I don't like 3NT. I am not entirely confident partner will bid on. Partner may pass with something like: S x H KQx D Qxxx C ...
Waltraud Gruening's bidding problem: AKJ63 87 K6 AQJ5
Is it that difficult to infer partner must be nearly broke?
Obscure suit combination
This line works if diamonds are 3-3. If not then spades have to be 3-3. If spades are 4-2 and diamonds are 4-2 we have to hope for a defensive mistake. So when RHO follows with a diamond on the third diamond I would ruff with the spade six rather ...
What is does this 2NT show?
What do you call a 4-3-3-3 shape? How do you show it?
What is does this 2NT show?
Does the hand I showed says I want to play 2NT without a spade stopper?
Bob Okker's bidding problem: AKQJ4 --- KQJT654 Q
With both opponents bidding aggressively with around half the hcp I would think the opponents have shortness and a good fit in hearts and clubs. That would mean I don't expect spades to break. I would be concerned about losing control in 5S after being forced with a heart ...
Martin Lindfors's bidding problem: Q8 KJ7652 AKJT4 ---
Just guessing. The real issue is if partner has a little heart support. I would have only rebid two diamonds to see is partner can take a preference for hearts by bidding two hearts.

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