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Eric Leong
Eric Leong
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Jan. 26, 2011
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Eric Leong
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Gabriel Fractman's bidding problem: x ATxx Qxx KT9xx
At these colors, a third hand preempt by especially aggressive opponents are often made with very weak suits so I would bend over backwards to defend.
Gabriel Fractman's bidding problem: Ax K9xxx A QJT8x
Given the unfavorable vulnerability I would be even more confident moving towards slam especially against aggressive opponents. If partner had bid four hearts he would have had a lesser hand in the opening range as he is less likely to be making a preemptive raise. Also, hearts are less likely ...
Ray Yuenger's bidding problem: Q54 T64 A7 AKQJ5
Are we supposed to hang our passed hand partner when he bid two hearts with something like: S xxxx H QJ98xx D xxx C -- after your natural two club bid?
David Boxley's bidding problem: AQ J63 AKJ7 A862
S AQ H Jxx D AKJx C xxxx
Frances Hinden's bidding problem: 53 53 Q9 Q976542
If I have to guess I go for the biggest gain. Further, if 3NT does get doubled I can run to four clubs which is not unreasonable.
Zach Grossack's bidding problem: Txxxx AKQ8 Axx x
Let's say it is towards the end of the event and you have say a 65% game. Each board is worth about 4%. Would a 69% game improve your chances of winning the event more than losing the event with a 61% game?
David Liu's bidding problem: 983 J82 KQT8 K82
A diamond lead holding the over tricks when the rest of the field is declaring at pairs is worth a lot.
Gordon Rainsford's bidding problem: QJ54 85 KT74 J63
How else can partner say he misread some of his diamonds for hearts?
Brian Callaghan's bidding problem: 96 A98 T652 AK54
The main principal is if partner of the solid spade suit bidder would not think of bidding in the same way then there is no chance of getting to game.
Impolite to Roudi?
Barry, you did not consider going to dummy and leading low to your hand. As a practical matter, against most players you will gain against LHO having K9, K6, K3 who would not duck smoothly. Also, you will gain with LHO having stiff K, J, or 9. You would pay ...

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