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Eric Leong
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Jan. 26, 2011
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Eric Leong
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Ulf Nilsson's bidding problem: --- K987 754 JT7542
All pass is not an impossibility with the hcp split between the opponents. Further, letting the opponents in cheaply made it much easier for them to make the final correct decision.
Ulf Nilsson's bidding problem: --- K987 754 JT7542
A support double is not mandatory on a minimum hand. For example, give partner: S KQxx H Qxx D xxx C A9x and five clubs doubled is down 500-800 when four spades can't be made.
Eric Leong's bidding problem: ATx Q8 QJT87 Q62
Yes, that is what ran through my mind. East had: QJxx xx -- AKJ109xx West had: Kxx AKJ109x x xxx In practice, six hearts can be made. However, six hearts can be defeated if we find the god like defense of a spade ...
Levin and Weinstein Win Platinum Pairs
Well done. Much better than second. :)
Eric Leong's bidding problem: AT643 A53 763 AK
If you don't allow yourself to get lucky you can't get lucky.
Martin Lindfors's bidding problem: J985 J98 QJ7 A65
I have a ten loser hand. Let's be generous and give him a five loser hand. By Klinger in his LTC book, 24-10-5 = 9 tricks.
Jenish Shah's bidding problem: AJT987652 K5 7 A
One would think if one wants to get partner excited about slam holding just two key cards and not much spade support one might help partner out by bidding two clubs.
Travelling to Philly Nationals 12 or 13th March from Manhattan
Try the Megabus. It is about a two hour bus ride. Depending upon the day and time it can be as cheap as $5.00 ...
Ian Grant's bidding problem: AKQ53 J9753 A T5
Do you have partners who offer -1100 on their opening preempt?
Neal Smith's bidding problem: 2 QT854 KT72 J98
Your partner might have redoubled instead of bidding two spades.

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