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Eric Leong
Eric Leong
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Jan. 26, 2011
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Eric Leong
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Eric Leong/Steve Kennedy
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Stefan Olausson's bidding problem: --- Q8 AKJT743 Q642
Of course, I blast to six clubs. It may be cold or the opponents misguess the wrong lead. Bidding four diamonds is making it only more likely to find a heart lead in a club contract.
Rohit Gupta's bidding problem: 6 T82 AQT9 96532
Here is one example if you don't double partner will probably lead a heart and declarer will take nine tricks. Dummy: S xx H xxx D KJxxx C AJx Partner: S Kxxxx H KJ9x D xx C xx You: S x H 10xx D AQ109 C xxxxx Declarer: S ...
Selena Pepić's bidding problem: 96 QJT83 863 AK8
With take out doubles instead of penalty double these days one would think if you are not going to be an eagle you might be at least a beagle instead of a chicken.
Robert Schachter's bidding problem: Q73 6 K7643 QJ94
Well there is always bidding four diamonds. Let the opponents guess at the four level.
Rohit Gupta's bidding problem: 6 T82 AQT9 96532
I give you my personal assurance partner, who is South, is not going to lead out of turn unless the rules changed.
Craig Biddle's bidding problem: Q96 KT9765 93 K5
I would have bid four spades with the same hand missing the heart king since I can cover three losers with the spade queen, the club king, and a minor suit ruff on dummy. Holding the heart king is a bonus. Who knows the heart king may be on sides?
Wolfhart Umlauft's lead problem: K2 Q942 KJ973 A2
A diamond lead might set up two diamond tricks if partner has queen doubleton and there are three diamonds in dummy and declarer's hand. If that doesn't work you have in reserve a club ruff playing partner for the club king after declarer takes a losing trump finesse ...
Rohit Gupta's bidding problem: K32 KQ752 J8764 ---
In pairs, on high level auctions you have to guess right. I would gamble that we are more likely to go plus in six clubs rather than six spades makes for most of the match points. After all, unless LHO is a complete idiot, why would LHO push us into ...
Selena Pepić's bidding problem: 96 QJT83 863 AK8
Give partner something like: S Q10xx H Kxx D xx C QJxx Don't the opponents make one notrump while our side can make two hearts for a five imp loss?
Rohit Gupta's bidding problem: 6 T82 AQT9 96532
Double gets a good lead and stops a bad lead which increases the partnership chances of setting 3NT which otherwise might make. Since partner has spade length and probable strength sitting over the spade bidder and I have diamond strength sitting over the diamond bidder speculating that 3NTx will go ...

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