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Eric Leong
Eric Leong
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Jan. 26, 2011
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Eric Leong
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Eric Leong/Steve Kennedy
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Avon Wilsmore's bidding problem: J4 J74 KJT962 T5
S A109x H KQxx D x C AQxx
Waltraud Gruening's bidding problem: K543 93 J98 KJ72
Passing would be a lousy match point score if our side would end up declaring one notrump and scoring +50 instead of +90 or +100 instead of +120. To avoid this, I need to fight now for the part score because I may not get another chance.
David Boxley's bidding problem: AQT7 43 A3 AKT86
Double for penalties. If playing support doubles I pass. If partner doesn't reopen with a double and passes we are going to be +200 against a part score. If partner reopens with a double I leave it in.
Trying it on ?
Of course, knowing this on your side of the pond, I can just make a free psyche on anything when a penalty double is not in your vocabulary. I accept.
Trying it on ?
Just what is four clubs supposed to be?
Trying it on ?
The auctions sounds like the opponents had a misunderstanding.
Bob Okker's bidding problem: KQ K4 AT9 KQ8763
If six clubs is a possible contact I want to be in bidding 2NT is less likely to get us there.
David Caprera's bidding problem: K965 K43 AK J965
Not passing here for penalties is pitiful. Declarer is essentially going to have to play one spade doubled out of his hand with no entries to dummy. If one looks at the last three bidding posts from David and pieces the hands together one finds our side will collect nine ...
Michał Kaleta's bidding problem: --- 9 AK9532 AQJT95
If the opponents have a big major suit fit let them find it first at the five level.
Steve Stewart's bidding problem: QJ87643 AK2 6 KT
Any minus is going to be a horrible board since I don't expect the field to climb out to three clubs. So three clubs doubled or three clubs doubled making is not going to be that much different of a match point score. However, if I pass and our ...

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