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Eric Leong
Eric Leong
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Jan. 26, 2011
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Eric Leong
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Eric Leong/Steve Kennedy
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Mason Barge's bidding problem: 75 JT98743 7 T85
So Martin, when you pass you deny a seven card or longer suit?
2C-2D-2S-3NT (opponents silent)
Delete "not"
2C-2D-2S-3NT (opponents silent)
I made a typo.
John Miller's bidding problem: AK76 AQ7 8 AKJ94
If you have to think here after getting the expected minimum response your previous bid must have been a mistake. I would have bid two hearts the previous round and jumped to four spades.
Mason Barge's bidding problem: 75 JT98743 7 T85
Volunteering minus 800-1100 on a bad day against a possible not vulnerable game or slam seems a little generous. Further, there is the issue if partner is the strong hand at the table. He might bid an inferior slam not thinking you have more losers than expected. Still, opening three ...
Can Berktaş's bidding problem: Q76532 AT875 --- 75
Passing two hearts with a six loser hand is a very gloomy assessment of the partnership potential. It seems I have to do something more than pass. I would rather bid four hearts than pass two hearts.
2C-2D-2S-3NT (opponents silent)
Timo, it is not a question of style but of bidding judgement. The one auction one wants to avoid is responding two notrump because the auction is a whole lot easier when opener rebids some number of notrump. Not only that but you right side the hand to the stronger ...
Eric Hamilton's bidding problem: T4 98 J84 QJT972
It seems pretty clear the opponents belong in at least six spades. Bidding just six clubs gives the opponents extra room to find a grand. I bid seven clubs to let the opponent's guess at the seven level.
2C-2D-2S-3NT (opponents silent)
Two diamonds was assumed to be waiting so responder is not limited. If you bid 2NT followed by 3NT opener would have no idea you could be stronger than 5-7. Last, bidding 2NT would be questionable with spades unstopped. The most likely rebid by opener after two diamonds is two ...
2C-2D-2S-3NT (opponents silent)
Frances, how about a hand that would have bid an invitation 4NT is you had bid 2NT instead of 2S? Also, the bid would show you don't have three card spade support.

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