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Eric Leong
Eric Leong
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Jan. 26, 2011
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Eric Leong
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Eric Leong/Steve Kennedy
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Leonard Helfgott's bidding problem: AKQ x 97xx KJxxx
Bidding two clubs risks playing in an undesirable spot if partner passes with club shortness. Bidding one notrump risks partner bid two hearts when he bids two hearts with a five card suit. Bidding one spade risks partner raising spades which is less likely but less horrible with three top ...
Nicholas France's bidding problem: J9653 Q T9 KQ843
Bidding two spades gives a problem if LHO bids three hearts or three diamonds. If I bid three clubs I can follow up with three spades.
Patrick Gaudart's bidding problem: 64 AK3 Q985 Q753
East's delayed two heart raise suggests he has something in spades otherwise he would have bid two hearts immediately.
Christina Syrakopoulou's bidding problem: Axxxx --- KQx AKJTx
Why not open one club instead of one spade?
Craig Biddle's bidding problem: K AQT9 AK6542 A8
Since opener didn't bid five hearts to show the heart king and the spade queen I would think opener is trying to show something extra but without the king of clubs. The only answer I can think of is he has extra length in spades something along the lines ...
Liam Milne's bidding problem: KJ8652 --- 64 A9643
Why not bid two spades the first time? From the had isn't it clear the opponents are going to get busy in hearts?
David Corn's bidding problem: 9 T8652 87 AK764
Over 3S I would bid 3NT. Partner has an unbalanced hand he might just bid 4H.
Andrzej Matuszewski's bidding problem: 9754 AT94 AQ K74
The bidding suggests with my hcp in the minors that LHO is 6-6 in the minors. Give LHO: S x H - D KJ10xxx C AQJxxx Give RHO S Jxx H xxxxx D xxx C xx Four diamonds is a lucky make. Four spades also makes.
Tien-Chun Yang's bidding problem: 7 AQ2 KJT986 Q93
Two hearts could easily be the best part score spot. Bidding anything else is much more speculative than passing two hearts.
Marten La Haye's bidding problem: JT3 AQJ54 T98 T2
Partner jump raised to four hearts with weak trumps. He should have distribution and excellent clubs to compensate. His shape suggests he is 1=4=2=6. LHO's four spade bid suggest he thinks he has at least a cheap sacrifice so it seems he has diamonds also as ...

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