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World Champion and author of the book The Rodwell Files.

United States of America

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Multiple World and National Champion
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Breaking the Code
I want to give congratulations to my friend Alan Graves for what he/they have done here (to the other 3 as well of course). I agree that IMMEDIATE action is called for by the WBF, EBL, and IBL is called for to deal with this properly before Chennai.
Breaking the Code
Another Spingold hand that caught my eye. I'm at a Regional in Atlanta so please forgive my laziness in looking up which board it was. 4S (both white)-P-P-?? x AK10xx KQ9xx xx I believe was his hand. Most either Pass or bid 4N (the latter being more normal ...
Breaking the Code
I agree that the cautious approach with the hand opposite the weak 2 caught my attention also. I have only seen a couple of Red/Red Fantunes 3rd seat two bids so I don't know enough about the range that can be expected. xx K10xxx xx K10xx? If it ...
Breaking the Code
Kit, your point about how cheaters can get a hand wrong brings back to mind a hand we played in the 1988 World Championship Finals against Austria. Dealer had, white versus red, an 11-count with xxx/????/ ?????/K, i.e. stiff K of Clubs and 3 small Spades. I'm too ...
Boye Shows the Jack of Spades
Michael: I might or might not bid. There is a lot less going for it if you don't need to enter the bidding in order to know what to lead or how to defend subsequently.
Boye Shows the Jack of Spades
Next Boye discusses the bogus claim and there is contention that it was done twice more in this match. We are looking primarily for evidence of illicit partnership communication, but this does not speak well for Mr. Fisher's character. He certainly might not have known how many tricks were ...
Boye Shows the Jack of Spades
Nothing I read in the Anthias-Bird book suggested that is was percentage to lead a non-Heart from this hand. What I understood was with a holding like 43 doubleton in Spades when they bid 1N-3N with a scattered 2443 type hand, DOUBLE DUMMY, that a S was (maybe by only ...
Boye Shows the Jack of Spades
Oui Benoit! He doesn't know his partner has 6 Hearts. Similar to the case vs 6D with Axxx of Spades and Kxxx of Hearts, it wouldn't be clear, if one were to want to indicate the lead, which lead to ask for if you could only send one ...
Boye Shows the Jack of Spades
Geoff: Check out board 20 of the 3rd Quarter of the Spingold finals re 6-2 in the minors correcting.
Boye Shows the Jack of Spades
In response to Andy: I asked a very high ranking Director (who I won't name here) if the Director speaking before the committee said forcing passes were alertable and he did not repeat the exact wording of what was said, but he did say that what the Director said ...
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