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Eric Sieg
Eric Sieg
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Nov. 2, 2015
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6 hours ago
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Bridge Player
about me

I've enjoyed playing cards since I was a kid and Bridge is the ultimate card game. I played heavily in 2006-2009 while going to college and then disappeared for a while when the limited vacation days made it hard to go to tournaments. I have a bit more free time recently and have been getting back into it again, what a great game!


For day job stuff I build custom native mobile apps for Android and iOS and my main other consistent interest has been hiking. I'd like to get into backpacking although I haven't done it yet. Other interests over the years have been Magic the Gathering, Gardening, Go, Eve Online, and tabletop games like Terra Mystica.

United States of America

Bridge Information

Favorite Bridge Memory
Junior Bridge Camp in Slovakia, what a great time!
Bridge Accomplishments
13th out of 300ish pairs in NABC Fast Pairs in Vegas
Regular Bridge Partners
Lakshmanan Valliapa, Leah Sieg
Member of Bridge Club(s)
Mercercrest/Eastside Bridge Club in Seattle area
Favorite Tournaments
any winter NABC that is in a sunny locale, I love Seattle but the overcast skies in Winter can be a bit much!
Favorite Conventions
BBO Username
ACBL Ranking
Silver Life Master
General 2/1
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Weird UI/AI Question
Fielding a psych based on the understanding partner is more likely to psych based on opponents behavior seems like a partnership understanding around psyches. Everything else though seems like just bridge. I recently bid 4 with no expectation to make in a competitive auction because it looked like RHO ...
Gatlinburg Regional 2017
I don't think regionals are out of control in all regions. In the Seattle Metro area we have 1 regional per year, and I think the Seattle bridge scene is pretty healthy. There are then another 4-5 regionals in 2017 that locals might attend, typically for 3-4 days if ...
Play Poll
Don't need to shorten to 3. On Michaels line in the 4 card ending - if they pitch you ruff small and then lead the 9
Transfers over a takeout double
I play transfers over X with most partners, although the specifics vary. With several precision partners, we play transfers after 1D (X) and start them immediately at XX. So 1 (X) 1 is a transfer to spades, 1 is a transfer to NT, etc. I've had ...
Gatlinburg Regional 2017
Victoria also moved their tournament back to the center in the heart of the town as opposed to being out in the middle of nowhere, which made it MUCH more attractive as a destination.
Eric Sieg's bidding problem: AKQ73 AQ93 A742 ---
Why would I want to show a singleton or void in hearts with AQxx?
Eric Sieg's bidding problem: AKQ73 AQ93 A742 ---
Yeah, I guess I'm giving up the game a bit early on this poll but that's the puzzle I was trying to solve: how do you get to 6 here opposite xxx KTxx xxx AQx playing kokish game tries? We won 2 for +710 (club lead) vs ...
Has the time come for some new Bridge Hardware?
I personally think the "but people disliked bidding boxes originally!" argument is invalid. Bridge was a card game before bidding boxes and was still a card game after. The tools around the game may change, but the tactile aspect of playing with cards, with people, is a valid difference. I ...
Has the time come for some new Bridge Hardware?
The fact that "No, playing with cards not a tablet is important to me" seems like it should clearly be one of the answers. I wouldn't play "tablet bridge" and would skip any club or tournament that tried to make the change.
ATB missed NT Game
That's a good question. I have a feeling for what it would mean but definitely something to confirm we're on the same page for.

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