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Pairings -- > Whats more fair?
Using this definition, I calculated the following. Assumptions: We number the teams from 1..2n and team x starts in position x. Method 1 (bridge): The team in position x plays against the team in position 2n-x+1 (x<=n). The winner takes position x in the winner bracket, the ...
Knowledge is Power
Very nice article. However, I still have some questions. On the first board, what is the reason for cashing the ace of spades before running clubs? It seems to me that the defense now should know all your honors and have an easier time discarding compared to when you can ...
Play Problem
In that case the defenders still need to be careful. If east ruffs the fourth (or sixt) heart (or West ruffs any heart), declarer can make if he guesses correctly thereafter. This illustrates one of the advantages of discarding a club on the first trick. If west continues a high ...
Play Problem
And another interesting variation. Assuming opener held a 2164, double dummy, the contract seems to depend on who has the 9 of clubs. If east holds it, you need to ruff the first trick and reach a five card end position with the lead in dummy, where you have taken ...
Play Problem
It seems that there are quite a lot of layouts where you can make; on some layouts even an overtrick is possible. Of course something good needs to happen somewhere and I may need to read the distribution, but the situation is far from hopeless. I think it is best ...
Two-way Finesse
If you were sure the diamonds were 5-2, I understand the club plays. But is there any reason why diamonds can't be 4-3 or 3-4 with club Ax in east (when it fails spectacularly)?
Unexpected Preference
IMHO, if the defenders are really focussed on the hand, they can both see the defensive problem coming (east needing to decide whether to cover). Do you think it is reasonable for west to signal whether he has T9x / T8x in hearts? (with his discard / on the diamond play) And ...
How to play the trump suit?
The only reason I can think of why east did not support spades, is because he has 'nothing'. KQ in hearts is not nothing. Someone with Jxx xx Jxxx Jxxx might pass, someone with xxx KQx Jxxx xxx won't (I think).
4NT in competition after initial weak 2 bid
I have always played it as two-places-to-play, but I am beginning to think more and more that playing it as a unspecified slam try might be better. You might lose out on the distributional two-suiters, but you can always choose to double with those hands (=values, not sure about strain ...
Mixed Strategy on Juicy Slam Boards
Again (since you don't seem to listen), I never said I want to play a ssgs. I never said I want to spill imps away. And I never said I want to bid randomly. All I said is that to answer this poll, I need to know something about ...

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