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Nov. 16, 2011
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Scare Him
I don't see how that really changes things. Declarer still makes if east goes up with the ace of clubs and goes down if he doesn't.
Scare Him
Even if east ducks the club, the defense still has to be careful. It will proceed with a spade finesse, ace of spades, spade ruff and diamond ruff. On this diamond west has to ruff small in front of dummy to prevent being endplayed later on. This is the sort ...
Unexpected Squeeze
It seems we are talking about different situations. The situation I am talking about is declarer starting with AQJT8 5 9642 Q84 after the lead of the king of diamonds to the ace, four rounds of spades (west discarding two hearts and dummy a heart and a club) and a ...
Unexpected Squeeze
I was surprised that Kit doesn't mention underleading the ace of hearts at trick 7. After playing ace and another heart, declarer has the winning option of discarding a diamond on the second heart and east has no winning continuation. This even works if declarer lacks the ten of ...
Pairings -- > Whats more fair?
Using this definition, I calculated the following. Assumptions: We number the teams from 1..2n and team x starts in position x. Method 1 (bridge): The team in position x plays against the team in position 2n-x+1 (x<=n). The winner takes position x in the winner bracket, the ...
Knowledge is Power
Very nice article. However, I still have some questions. On the first board, what is the reason for cashing the ace of spades before running clubs? It seems to me that the defense now should know all your honors and have an easier time discarding compared to when you can ...
Play Problem
In that case the defenders still need to be careful. If east ruffs the fourth (or sixt) heart (or West ruffs any heart), declarer can make if he guesses correctly thereafter. This illustrates one of the advantages of discarding a club on the first trick. If west continues a high ...
Play Problem
And another interesting variation. Assuming opener held a 2164, double dummy, the contract seems to depend on who has the 9 of clubs. If east holds it, you need to ruff the first trick and reach a five card end position with the lead in dummy, where you have taken ...
Play Problem
It seems that there are quite a lot of layouts where you can make; on some layouts even an overtrick is possible. Of course something good needs to happen somewhere and I may need to read the distribution, but the situation is far from hopeless. I think it is best ...
Two-way Finesse
If you were sure the diamonds were 5-2, I understand the club plays. But is there any reason why diamonds can't be 4-3 or 3-4 with club Ax in east (when it fails spectacularly)?

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