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Erik Sjöstrand
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Feb. 10, 2014
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about me

Recently got too old to play junior events.



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Bill Papa's bidding problem: KQ AK853 62 K863
I'm not used to playing FSF one round, so I thought bidding 2 or 2 would be non-forcing in this auction, but figured 3 would be GF. I think it makes sense to bid 2 though, if that is forcing.
Transfer with side singleton
I think second round transfers could be a solution. First transfer to your suit, then transfer to the side suit, then show shortness. Here's an example, also using transfers after Stayman:
Raptor 1NT Explained
Ulf call them Canapé Jump Overcalls. If you search for it you'll find more info.
Grunt Defense
What continuations are you playing after the 1NT overcall? The overcall is very similar to a Raptor 1NT overcall, but since there is no known suit it seems a bit trickier...
Bridge in Switzerland
You should attend the Swedish Bridge Festival in August, it is awesome!
Is that alertable?
In Sweden it is alertable. You should alert all unnatural bids (including Stayman etc) and bids that the opponents can not be expected to understand without an alert. The rules are very fuzzy, but I think it is clear in the case given. I have been told that 1--1red ...
Knowing your partners preempts
Anthony: Sure, here's the TeX-file: Martin: I think the document only includes good suits, if it is a five card suit. It should include 6322's of any kind though (I think, it was a while ago that I created the script ...
Knowing your partners preempts
I've made a document like this myself: There's little boxes in the document if you would treat the hand differently depending on seat and vulnerability. Unfortunately it is in Swedish, but here's the translation: +-zon = White vs Red (favourable) -zon ...
Relay Double
Would relay doubles apply in this situation: 1-(1)-Dbl-(3), where partner's double show 4+ and 3 is preemptive?
BetaBridge? A bit better?
Sure, programming it to recognize a BIT is possible (but perhaps a bit odd). In order to understand the opponents explanations you'd need pretty advanced AI I guess so that their uae of language is translated into the structure used by the computer to store information about bids/carding ...
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