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Erik Sjöstrand
Erik Sjöstrand
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Feb. 10, 2014
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Aug. 17
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Bridge Player
about me

I've been playing bridge since 2011. Study bidding theory way too much and not enough declarer play. President of the local bridge club and tournament director. Run the bidding practice website


Bridge Information

Favorite Bridge Memory
Playing defense against 6!s where declarer were missing four keycards, including the A and K of trumps. The contract made.
Bridge Accomplishments
Played some Swedish national final events.
Regular Bridge Partners
Håkan Johansson
Member of Bridge Club(s)
Skövde Bridgeallians
Favorite Conventions
Constructive negative free bids, take-out doubles, GF bids instead of INV+, useful space principle.
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Advice needed - Kaplan Inversion/Flannery players welcome
Why wouldn't it work if opener can have three diamonds? 1NT is either the balanced hand, or a hand that would normally rebid 2. Responder will normally rebid 2 or 2, and over these opener supports the major with the balanced hand (can still be just ...
Advice needed - Kaplan Inversion/Flannery players welcome
You could have a look at Zirconia: I'm not sure if it works after a club opening, but perhaps after diamonds: 1-1M; 1NT = Balanced with 2-card support, or 6+. Forcing. 2 = Three card support. 2M = Four card support. 1-1M ...
Favourite Novelty Conventions
Two weeks ago we had a comical bidding situation. Partner found out I had 11-16 hcp with 5-4-2-2 shape, 0 or 3 keycards, the trump queen and the king of clubs. Then we played 4 just made.
2NT opening
Old post, but I wanted to post our structure anyway :) We play different 2NT openings depending on seat and vul. First seat non-vul: 2NT is a bad preempt in any suit. Third seat: 2NT is weak with 5-5 in any two suits. Other: 2NT is weak with 5-5 majors or ...
Favourite Novelty Conventions
Linda: I've actually been wanting to try such a system. If you do it with 11-14 hcp and include some 6m322 and 22(54) which look "no trumpy" I think it should have about the same frequency as a 15-17 NT.
Favourite Novelty Conventions
Embryo Blackwood: 2NT opening as ace ask. It is the more economical version of Baby Blackwood (3NT ace ask). Not sure what 1NT ace ask should be called...
Favourite Novelty Conventions
Sounds a bit similar to 4 Multi, where 4 show a good 4M preempt (similar to Namyats, but could be any of the suits). Now responder bids 4M to play, but if he bids the wrong major he has made a slam try :)
Gazilli – What is it Good For?
I like Gazzilli when playing wide-ranging opening bids. OP asked if 2 could be used for something (not natural) else, and we do. Our 1M opening is limited to 11-16, so Gazzilli isn't as valuable. We play 1M-1X; 2 as 6+M, and 1M-1X; 2M as 4 ...
Second level freebids
I'm not quite sure which auction you mean. We do not play transfers over 1m-(1). If 1 is unbalanced, I've seen some who play transfers over 1-(2) but we don't.
Second level freebids
1-(1)-2 we play as a good heart raise (we play transfers over 1-[1], starting with Dbl). We normally play non-forcing freebids at the two-level though, and that is very common in Sweden (and Poland, I believe). When you say non-forcing freebids, many ...
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