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Erik Sjöstrand
Erik Sjöstrand
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Feb. 10, 2014
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June 23
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Bridge Player
about me

I've been playing bridge since 2011. Study bidding theory way too much and not enough declarer play. President of the local bridge club and tournament director. Run the bidding practice website


Bridge Information

Favorite Bridge Memory
Playing defense against 6!s where declarer were missing four keycards, including the A and K of trumps. The contract made.
Bridge Accomplishments
Played some Swedish national final events.
Regular Bridge Partners
Håkan Johansson
Member of Bridge Club(s)
Skövde Bridgeallians
Favorite Conventions
Constructive negative free bids, take-out doubles, GF bids instead of INV+, useful space principle.
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ACBL Ranking
Sorry, this user has no cards yet.
Transfer Advances after a Takeout Double
Larry: I haven't tried the Overcall Structure. Partner and I thought about it, but decided not to (we thought that it was too aggressive, but I guess it can be tailored to one's taste). However I thought of Herbert negative as response to a normal take-out double, not ...
Transfer Advances after a Takeout Double
One thing you'd give up (if I haven't misunderstood) is being able to cue bid when unsure of strain. For instance (1m)-X-(pass)-2m with 4-4 majors and a constructive hand (but perhaps not wanting to force to the three level if doubler has minimum values). I ...
Script for colored suit symbols in Google Docs
Hi! Its not in a repository at the moment, just this "gist" thing. Feel free to fork it! I just edited the code to make it a bit more elegant (now you need to make sure the SuitSymbols function is selected in the menu before running the script though). If ...
Script for colored suit symbols in Google Docs
It uses "unicode" characters for the suit symbols. For some reason Android seems to add color to these automatically.
2D weak one major
In the book "Polish Club International" they include natural hands in the 2 pass/correct bids, like suggested by some above. They also use 3 as a puppet to 3, and then responder can force game in any suit. Responding 3 directly is invitational with ...
Transfers when partner overcalls and they raise
I can recommend it after 1X-(2X) too, like 1-(2).
Modified Baze
We play that 4 by opener, after the 4 slam invite, is RKC.
Looking for article with 2C response to strong 1C showing 1 or both minors
I think its probably better to go higher with the one-suiters and try to stay low with the 5-4 hands. Maybe something like this: 2H = Short major or no shortness. 5-5 or 6+m one-suited. 2S = 5+C and 4D. 2NT = 6+m with short other minor, or 5332. 3C ...
What might West' bid of XX or 3H mean ?
According to the "Mancoff convention" West has the following options: NT bids = Usually double stopper. Redouble = xx or xxx in the suit doubled. Jx possible. Pass = Full stopper or half stopper. Partner's redouble asks. Suit = Natural, with singleton in suit doubled. Raise of suit doubled = Void.
Improving gameforcing responses to a strong-1C opening
To make the suggestion a bit more symmetric perhaps 1NT could deny spades, and 2 shows 4 hearts and a 5+ side suit. Then 2 would show 4+ hearts and 4 spades instead.

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