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March 25, 2014
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March 23
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Congratulations Poland
David, i'm just saying that i would not have played the competition if i was told "if you win - that will not count", would you ?
Congratulations Poland
I agree with you - but when WBF made a decision to LET THEM PLAY - their participation became 100% legit. All the problems lie with the WBF - not Polish team! At least the guys should have been told that whatever they do is not going to be counted ... i would be ...
Congratulations Poland
David - current team did not cheat! You can take away polish result at Europeans (if something is proven about B/Z). But since they they were allowed to play in Chenai - and so far no accusation for cheating was made to any of the participating pairs, therefore there is no ...
Congratulations Poland
Kieran - if you take any other team sport you will never have whole team disqualified because of a player doing something wrong. Here are some examples: ex1. Arguably the most high-profile case of doping in world football is the one of Diego Maradona at the 1994 World Cup in the ...
Congratulations Poland
I truly congratulate Poland on they victory! they proved that they are the best in the world right now! As for those who "doubt" legitimacy of their presence at BB i would like to say "stop whining and crying"! 1) BB is the tournament which suppose to consist of the ...
World Championship Finals Matchups
And replying to Timo post: There is few things in what you wrote that do not seem right: 1) When you say that KG are better than BZ - you imply that if they have played in Europeans they would probably qualify anyway ... 2) Israel, Monaco and Germany - where not disqualified ...
World Championship Finals Matchups
Well they did play better than France, and just a little better than England ...
World Championship Finals Matchups
so where is the problem? is it illegal to think ?
World Championship Finals Matchups
Congrats to Finalists! The semis where really fantastic and breathtaking!
How to reduce # of cheating pairs in bridge!
i do not think you need to have permit-to-work, if you are contracted for bridge tournaments. ex. player contracted in Canada, playing for Toronto raptors - can come and play in USA. So i think this is solvable.
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