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Esko Pikataival
Esko Pikataival
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Aug. 10, 2011
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about me

I have represented my country in our national team multiple times. I have been a member/chairman in our national laws committee (tasks including, but not limited to, the supervision of translation of laws 2007 and 2017).


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Favorite Bridge Memory
Finishing a slam board in a restroom with my screenmate Peter Schaltz without involving the other side of the screen at all. See
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bagman, epika
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Do you open either of these hands?
My criteria in 2/1 is to open balanced 12+ and good looking unbalanced 10+. Both of the example hands have good honor structure. I would be happy to table the dummy after 1-1-2-3NT.
Adjusting for misclicks
I normally don't feed trolls but somebody might take the comment above seriously. The 2017 law does not permit revokes nor insufficient bids. The laws have rectifications for these. Typically online bridge software prevents these. Online bridge software does not prevent misclicks; the laws protect against slip of finger ...
Adjusting for misclicks
AFAIU, one cannot have CoC not in line with the bridge laws and the CoC telling no undos is just a technical way of setting up the tournament. If the tournament is played under the 2017 bridge laws (as it probably should, because otherwise it would become an anarchy) the ...
Adjusting for misclicks
In f2f bridge, there is law 25A1 to protect against "misclicks" i.e. against slip of finger/tongue: If a player discovers that he has not made the call he intended to make, he may, until his partner makes a call, substitute the call he intended for the unintended call ...
Just Another Flat Board
Thanks for the info. The problem is that in bridge idiomatic Finnish the term, which describes what the bid shows, translates directly to "promise". I would need some brain re-wiring to get rid of that error so no guarantees that I'll ever learn.
Just Another Flat Board
Some boards are just meant to be flat. Here's one from European Championships a long time ago: I opened 1 promising 0-7 hcp and any shape. My LHO doubled promising 0-7 hcp and any shape! Partner redoubled promising a good (19+ hcp) hand with some diamonds. RHO passed ...
What Dat?
In my notes: 4 = minors, not equal length, advancer's 4NT asks longer suit Our Leaping Michaels is forcing and 4NT shows both minors with equal length. Like many have already said: if you don't have an agreement, don't bid it.
Competitive Decision
You can see how far I have gone from the "wise" pass with bad shape and three small from the bottom of page 7 (presented as a bidding problem) on
Competitive Decision
I used to think just like this but got stolen too many times.
Competitive Decision
The shape is bad and there's no straightforward plan how to continue the auction. Even though there are these cons, this hand simply has to act as West might be stealing. It will not get better by waiting but it might get worse (e.g. 3 passes).

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