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Esko Pikataival
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Aug. 10, 2011
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about me

I have represented my country in our national team multiple times. I have been a member/chairman in our national laws committee (tasks including the supervision of translation of laws 2007 and 2017).


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Favorite Bridge Memory
Finishing a slam board in a restroom with my screenmate Peter Schaltz without involving the other side of the screen at all. See
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bagman, epika
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Sorry, this user has no cards yet.
A New Lesson
One of the drivers towards 6-4 was the possibility of RHO showing both majors with 5-4 even though his hearts were better. With 6-4 RHO would surely bid the hand as a one-suiter. My guess was something like 40-60 against showing majors with 5-4 as his spades were so bad ...
A New Lesson
Actually I considered it. The reason why I thought he would lead the diamond was that he, at that point, was holding only diamonds in his hand and the laws require him to play something.
A New Lesson
Thanks. Fixed.
A True Guard Squeeze?
There is a limited set of combinations, where there is a balanced frozen suit threat for the defenders, leading to a situation where declarer can either solve the suit or endplay the defenders. AFAIU, the conditions are the following: * both defenders need to keep the same number of cards to ...
Your choice for 3NT
1st/2nd position: 4m opening 3rd/4th position: requests partner to display another green card
Memories of Margie
I met Margie at the bridge table at the time when the boards were manually duplicated. The tournament was probably some Fall Nationals side game in 1995 and I was playing with the late Raija Reisig. We were newbies in the ACBL etiquette and when facing an obvious pro client ...
Best Approach?
If the treatment of 1NT would be the cornerstone, the rest of the framework should rest on that. What about 1NT as unlimited relay to 1M opening; that would leave natural suit responses as NF (or something conventional or whatever). However, in many frameworks the 1NT structure is forced - it ...
Best Approach?
The full context matters as systems should be harmonized frameworks instead of collections of random conventions and/or treatments. When I play 2/1 type of system, single jump 3x is invitational with 6+ cards and 2/1 is FG without exceptions. In this context I play 1NT as forcing ...
Has bidding to the 8+ level ever been considered in bridge?
From 1993 Europeans: I held ATxxxx - AKxxxxx - and opened with one Precision diamond. LHO bid 4 and the tray went to the other side. When it came back, partner had found 4. I raised to 7 and LHO tore a sheet from the explanation pad ...
Has bidding to the 8+ level ever been considered in bridge?
Copy-paste from some of my old comments: ---- The late Eric Jannersten (the guy behind bidding box manufacturing and the founder of the largest bridge equipment manufacturer in Europe) tried to popularize Rex Bridge in the 1950's. In Rex Bridge, there was an additional denomination Rex between spades and NT ...

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