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Esko Pikataival
Esko Pikataival
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Aug. 10, 2011
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about me

I have represented my country in our national team multiple times. I have been a member/chairman in our national laws committee (tasks including, but not limited to, the supervision of translation of laws 2007 and 2017).


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Favorite Bridge Memory
Finishing a slam board in a restroom with my screenmate Peter Schaltz without involving the other side of the screen at all. See
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bagman, epika
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Sorry, this user has no cards yet.
Riddle me this
All suits break evenly from the perspective of the longest instance of the suit (EW): spades 4-4 hearts 3-3 diamonds 3-3 clubs 3-3
Stealing from the Devil
EDITED heavily for too pessimistic initial analysis; morning jog woke up my brains :) If you take a look at the Fredin hand, there is a perfectly legitimate and technical line to make it. Win the club and duck a diamond. Win the (say) club return and ruff the club. Cash ...
Double ruff and discard
The Only Chance by Eric Jannersten, Deal 43 Dealer South, love all K3 97543 987 A97 A2 AKQJT AK6 T62 1-(4)-p-(p) X-(p)-5 ap West leads the Q, dummy plays the K and East discards 8.
What would be comparable?
I wasn't discussing the merits of the calls but the justification you made to them. Below is a direct quote: "My reasoning was that 2♠ could be made with zero points, but 3♣ or double would be free bids and would not be made on zero points." The statement ...
What would be comparable?
Based on your reply above, you seem to confuse the sets and the subsets. Assume that the range of 2 is 0-13 hcp. If the range of X or 3 would be 7-13 hcp (or even 12-13 hcp) that range would be the subset of the 2 ...
Cuebid swap?
Try The idea of using transfers/swaps is not exactly new and is often referenced as USP according to the Jeff Rubens article.
Playing Double Dummy in the Vanderbilt
A long time ago I was playing against a pair, which currently isn't welcome to all tournaments viz. AZ and CB. My partner opened a weak NT and I used NF Stayman 2. AZ (my screenmate) doubled and partner redoubled to show clubs. After three passes AZ expecting ...
Is my 1!D opening legal (EBU)
Based on 7A3 you need the rule of 18 for 1st/2nd seat SUIT opening and 9hcp with 4432 or 4333 do not satisfy the rule of 18. 7A3 specifically seems to apply to suit openings and 1 is a suit opening even if it is NT surrogate. Note ...
ATB missed slam
RR: AFAIU, I was not suggesting that 3 was the call to be made and if you read my comment just above, you would have noted that I bid 2 in the same position (I happened to play in the same tournament). I was trying to suggest what ...
ATB missed slam
I think that many of us would be happy if she would call for a game. Sometimes things just don't go as planned; here she might have been a bit afraid of the trump quality after the 3 call and using the brakes at the wrong time caused ...

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