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Esko Pikataival
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Aug. 10, 2011
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about me

The name is an anagram, which I use as  my Internet alias.


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Finishing a slam board in a restroom with my screenmate Peter Schaltz without involving the other side of the screen at all. See
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bagman, epika
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Is anyone to blame?
Only 6NT is 50% and in that contract the downside is that it goes probably 3 down when it goes down. After the 1 opening, 6 is wrong-sided making it less than 50% as there is a greater than zero chance that the defense can take a ruff ...
The (Very) Hideous Hog
I flagged this post immediately after it arrived. I consider it very offensive to write disparaging comments about a deceased person. We all should remember his bridge merits both as a player and as a commentator. Please, kill this thread.
Another battered lead-directing double. (France v China, QF2 B27)
IMO, the X of 5 might just have been an attempt to scare the opponents from bidding 7. West can see that all suits break reasonably well so he might have just wanted to create some randomness to the auction. It is quite difficult to get into player's ...
Another battered lead-directing double. (France v China, QF2 B27)
Declarer should cash in the early play A to check if T/J falls and in case one comes down, cash Q to check if there was JT bare. For the rest, follow the suggested line and ruff a heart and play as a double squeeze with clubs as the ...
Which contract would you prefer to be in?
6NT by S would be the top spot but 6NT by N is also great because it is very likely to make. 7NT by N would be the top spot in a bidding contest; however bidding about a 75% grand in IMPs, when there is a reasonable chance that the ...
Competitive bidding with flat hands
I double now and then pass unless forced to bid; partner needs to do the competing.
Follow ups to partner's 3NT overcall of their pre-empt
The 4 structure was tinkered due to a 7NT incident (by teammates) referred in the 4 responses during the previous year. We have played Flint + 4MF1R for a couple of decades and it has appeared once or twice. Most of the time the 3NT bid comes up, advancer ...
Follow ups to partner's 3NT overcall of their pre-empt
From my system notes: 3NT System The 3NT system is played in situations, where aggressor has bid 3NT over opponent’s preempt. The 3NT bid has a very wide range in both the texture and strength. The hand can be balanced in range of 16-22 or unbalanced with good suit ...
How do you play?
The most likely combination for the trump lead is QJT. Assuming this, win K, play Q (covered), A. Cash the A, J and ruff a diamond. If diamonds break, ruff a club later. If diamonds are 4-2, take the ruffing finesse in spades and ruff a diamond. If Q is ...
On lead, having a Minor PC
You are right in your assumption but not in the statement related to Law 52, which specifically refers to Laws 50 and 51 to clarify the situation. L52A: When a defender fails to lead or play a penalty card as required by Law 50 or Law 51...

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