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Espen Forberg
Espen Forberg
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July 26, 2012
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Feb. 12
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Bridge Player
about me

Freaky fuckin weirdo


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Kristiansands BK
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Stayman :)
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(1!C) - 2!C
Depends who I am playing with
Negative doubles in the auction of 1m 1h x
1minor - (1): X = 4 or 5 card (opener support dbl with 3card if next opponent bids something up to 2) 1 = transfer to nt. No stopper 1nt = natural, stopped 2 = +6card 2 = Inverted minor raise Is getting more and more ...
Yuan Shen's bidding problem: KJ973 AQT8752 --- A
154 people have so far voted 3. Their teacher should pick another game
-500, ATB
I agree. I give 100% to North. Why dbl? You invite your P to make the wrong decision with such a bid
ATB: poor slam
12-16 works very well. The tools after the opening is the problem here
ATB: 3NT vs. 4H, matchpoints
1-1 2 shows 6 Looks like a Flannery auction, and (again) shows how inferior the method is - not bidding 1 with less than 5 card over partners 1.
What is the right action after receiving UI
I have never realized that an opening bid was not within agreements with any partner :) But thanks for this anyway - now I will have one more agreement to make with future partners. Since pass is a normal agreement with s where I come from, I am not sure I would ...
Fantoni-Nunes appeal rejected
Sharapova`s failed drug test and the reduced ban has another side to it: Her levels was never high enough to conceal other drugs and it was evident that her long term use of the drug, was not of a scale that she had done so before 1. of January ...
Redouble over takeout
Denying support for Ps minor is what first and foremost comes to mind. Dont XX with a fit, unless you are sure your opponents will suffer more when you defend, than when you are declaring
Running The Gauntlet In Poland
Shawn: "As I told Mr. Welland in another thread, he's under no obligation to come on BW " So why post at all? What is the agenda here? Jonathan: Lets hope Bobby has changed his opinion the last 20 years. Before he stated in an interview with The Bridge World ...

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