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Espen Forberg
Espen Forberg
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July 26, 2012
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Jan. 22
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about me

Freaky fuckin weirdo


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Kristiansands BK
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Stayman :)
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CAS Decision on Fantoni and Nunes
Yes, if the amount of video evidence had sprung from they won the junior WC, their cheating would have been documented over an even longer period of time.
CAS Decision on Fantoni and Nunes
Yes, we have known this for some time now. The CAS are totally helpless in cases not involving doping - where they do have a list of chemical components to check with. Doesn't matter what this CAS verdict says: We all know they are guilty
To Show or Not To Show?
It is only in one club that I know of here in my area in Norway where the bridgemate shows the results. In this club the cards are not played at the same time at all tables - which is normal everywhere else. Otherwise it wouldn't matter since it's ...
(1!C) - 2!C
Schneider was an Austrian world class player who lived and played for awhile in Scandinavia (Sweden and Norway mainly) from what I have been told, but still... Many explain conventional bids with a name instead if saying what is shows. I really dont like when people alert at BBO saying ...
(1!C) - 2!C
Online, they are "always" snippy. Playing live I never experience this. A main problem online, is that many players there never play live so they don't know how to behave.
(1!C) - 2!C
One of the most ridiculous conventions in bridge is in my mind the Swedish name for low encourage = Schneider :)
(1!C) - 2!C
Yes, I know Multi-Landy. Many conventions have too many names :)
(1!C) - 2!C
"Woolsey" doesn't mean much to me, sorry. How is his convention in that position? :)
(1!C) - 2!C
"Try bidding 2♣ to show a hand with 5-4 in the majors. Partner can bid 2♦ to ask for your longer major. A 2♦ overcall shows 5-5 in the majors." This is also a good treatment if your opponents bid 1/1 - (pass) - 1nt - ...
(1!C) - 2!C
I rather have it as s, but if I sit down with no agreement, then its both Majors. 2 as a preempt doesn't barrage a lot anyway, so can use it as both Majors. So, it depends whether its a regular partner or someone else

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