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Etienne Klajnerman
Etienne Klajnerman
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May 15, 2019
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March 11
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Bridge Player
about me

I live in France (Nancy) and I've been playing bridge since 1980.


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Bridge Club de Nancy Jarville
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Preemptive bids
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Do you open all 12-counts?
I open every 26 zp-count (25 zp in spades). When >= 12 hcp and < 26 zp, I open NV in MP, attempting to secure the 1NT spot for our pair.
Bidding philosophy
I possibly wouldn't pass over a minor opening. This being said, since they apparently already found their hearts, I don't feel compelled to make a marginal overcall.
Patrick Bocken's bidding problem: KQJT53 876 A9x A
Despite 2 might have a deterrent effect upon partner, he will hardly pass with any hand suitable for a 4 game (although he might pass with A Rxx xxx Rxxxxx, with a cold 3N on any lead but ).
Need help with this auction playing basic Transfer Precision
I might be rude but I'd consider that any system that doesn't consider 4 as a solid next bid is not worthy to be played any longer. Furthermore, after 4, I'd see 4N from opener as a negative bid (with his actual hand, he has ...
Best line for 6H
As Andonis, I'd start with a to the Q. Once this is done, I'm more confortable to consider my remaining options. If the finesse loses. I'll play/pray for the K onside and the splitting (or the J with the short diamonds. If the finesse ...
How do you play trumps?
I let the 8 ride. I play South for having no more than 4 (otherwise, he'd have bid higher on his first round, especially NV/V). he has at most 3 since there was no Lightner from North, and at most 2 . Hence, he must have ...
Another Trick 2 decision
to the Q as I don't mind starting any other suit from hand.
Doubling Rhythm
I voted Pass. I really doubt 3NT will make, but I don't want to encourage them running to 4.
Followups after we double a 1N overcall
Frances, I gave some thought to your comments. And though I can see the benefits of such an approach in some similar situations, I would assume that, in this specific case, the initial double over 1NT already set up forcing pass up to 2 level or so.
Followups after we double a 1N overcall
Takeout of spades should be: (P) 1 (1NT) X (2) P (2) P (P) 2NT* And X over either 2 or 2 are penalties. * for minors, since we double 2 with hearts.

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