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Felix Shen
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Sept. 27, 2010
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World Championship update
Only China women are surviving?
Wuhan Restaurants
You must have figured out now that Wuhan is actually three cities (Wuchang, Hankou and Hanyang). Crossing the river used to be a big deal (now much easier of course).
Evita in Wuhan
Can't find an English link. is in Chinese.
Wuhan Restaurants,+Wan+Song+Yuan,+Jianghan+Qu,+Wuhan+Shi,+Hubei+Sheng,+China/@30.5876372,114.2651102,17z/data=!4m5!3m4!1s0x342eaeec16bd082d:0xb3368973ef3678cd!8m2!3d30.5876326!4d114.2672935
Tanking to get a read
What possibilities have been eliminated when LHO plays small, as they invariably do in 98% of cases? So you are saying 2% never happens, or I should not expect 2%?
Tanking to get a read
Why play the card and then think? Because after seeing the card played by OPs, I can eliminate some possibilities in the calculation process.
Tanking to get a read
Marty, I agree with you. I clearly understand the difference between the current rules and ideal rules. I also understand there is a historical background of the current rules from the time when bridge was played without screen. The problem you mentioned exists under the current rules too.
Tanking to get a read
That is the problem of bridge rules. In my view, it should be an open jungle. People should be able to read opps' mannerisms and people should also be able to mislead opps. As long as defenders are not communicating with each other illegally, anything between defenders and declarer should ...
World Championship VuGraph Schedule
And BW does not bother to create one of its own.
Wuhan computer virus warning
I guess to call it a "Wuhan" (or any location) issue, there should be multiple incidents sharing the same pattern that is related to the location. Is there anyone else who reported the same problem when they plugged into a Wuhan internet connection?

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