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Filippos Karamanlis
Filippos Karamanlis
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Oct. 10, 2010
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about me

I love natural bidding and penalty doubles :).

I have run the "Greek Islands" Bridge Festival for the last 5 years and recently published the exclusive bridge magazine "Finesse".



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Manolis Protonotarios
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European Championship
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What you think is the best agreement for this sequence?
You know my opinion, S+D for me should be the agreement. But I used to prefer the slam try with spades!
Deep Finesse Can't Make It, But You Can
Better to eliminate diamonds and play spade to the king. Ace offside will duck often
Filippos Karamanlis's bidding problem: A KQ2 65432 KJT9
The hand opposite was Jxxxxx A x Qxxxx
Which card do you play and why?
Partner had the A of Diamond so club continuation was the winning defense. I am surprised by the fact that the majority is asking for a spade switch when in face it should discourage it - the most promising defense seems to be trying to over ruff the third club.
Which card do you play and why?
To AJ: Spade K and Diamond K not enough to beat it. Declarer can cash Diamond ace and discard whatever he needs (depending on the continuation) in the hearts
Which card do you play and why?
If you think about it partner cannon have AKQ of clubs and both an honour in spades AND in diamonds. So asking for a spade doesn't make much sense.
Which card do you play and why?
When partner is very long he should be able to know that S/P might be a problem. for example 1NT at your right 4H with 8 cards in hearts by you double by LHO and opener bids 4SP. You lead A of Hearts and dummy comes down with a ...
Which card do you play and why?
Kx x KQxxxx xxxx
Timuçin (Timo) Erkoç's bidding problem: AKQJ Q742 AQJT5 ---
I think 5C is just void clubs (and by bidding it instead of spades you just prioritize it over spades control). For me for a void showing bid to be exclusion you need to have a jump.
Tournament Format
Best solution is to add a second qualifying stage (semi-final) and have only 24 pairs in the final. Then make them play a full round-robin (5*23=115 boards in total)

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