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Filippos Karamanlis
Filippos Karamanlis
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Oct. 10, 2010
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about me

I love natural bidding and penalty doubles :).

I have run the "Greek Islands" Bridge Festival for the last 5 years and recently published the exclusive bridge magazine "Finesse".



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Manolis Protonotarios
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European Championship
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ACBL Attendance Dropoff - 2016-2018
I don't know about regionals and sectionals but I can tell you the feedback I receive for the nationals: People from Europe and Middle-East are less inclined to play in a national because they find the atmosphere more hostile(opponent's behavior, director calls and rulings etc) than the ...
How do you play the second double?
Ax Kx KJ10x AQJxx Axx Kx KJx AKTxx
Extra Values but no Stopper
rdbl to show strength, then pass maybe partner can penalise and anyway it is forcing. if partner does not double bidding continues in natural terms.
Konstantinos Doxiadis's lead problem: 63 9842 JT9876 5
double of 2 spades just shows the entry for the next ruff...
Konstantinos Doxiadis's lead problem: 63 9842 JT9876 5
I don't understand how you cannot lead your singleton with so few values!
Takeout or Penalty
AKx AQ K10xx 109xx
Hitchhiker revisited
Makes life very easy for the defenders..
Filippos Karamanlis's bidding problem: Q3 T T6543 AQ862
North had AKQxx of diamonds (updated)
Filippos Karamanlis's bidding problem: Q3 T T6543 AQ862
Passing seems very strange. If one sequence is forcing this is it. Partner made a grand slam try and we leave them playing 6H undoubled red vs white?? For the history partner had AKJxxx -- AKQxx xx, so 6Spades by South (because west is void in diamonds) and 7D is always ...
What you think is the best agreement for this sequence?
You know my opinion, S+D for me should be the agreement. But I used to prefer the slam try with spades!

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