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Filippos Karamanlis
Filippos Karamanlis
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Oct. 10, 2010
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Jan. 22
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about me

I love natural bidding and penalty doubles :).

I have run the "Greek Islands" Bridge Festival for the last 5 years and recently published the exclusive bridge magazine "Finesse".



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Manolis Protonotarios
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Bad slam
2D & 4C are not obligatory but acceptable. 4D is automatic (it doesn't even promise a D control normally just some slam interest opposite the short club). 4H is correct. 4SP is fine and 5C now gives the void with the minimum (otherwise S would bid directly 5C). So only ...
bridge experts with gambling addiction?
I was always under the impression that most bridge players are addicted to gambling(at least old-schoolers). Moreover, they use bridge as their "methadone" as it helps them get similar feelings with gambling without the negative economic impact.
Debbie Rosenberg's bidding problem: QT8764 3 T85 732
What is 1NT for them after 1D-1H. It seems they don't play it as natural hence the balanced strong hand without 4 spades is much more probable now. Anyway 3 little diamonds is very bad for offence so I don't think we can make 4SP. PS: I agree ...
Whats the best way to play this 3NT hand?
K of H probably with the overcall.
Standard Turkish?
I recognise karapet the unlucky and he is one of my all time favourite characters. However, saying that Armenia is a suburb of Turkey is something that if you knew about the genocide you would never have mentioned. That is why i urge you to read about it.
Standard Turkish?
"That's a suburb of Turkey" You might want to google Armenian Genocide then edit your comment.
Charles Blair's bidding problem: 2 A32 A32 765432
Even if partner is very light you only need an entry to receive your ruff. It must be over 80%
Defensive Problem
Easy at imps difficult at mps(you Will have to guess if declared or partner has the J of diamonds at mps)
What is this double?
Extras probably no 4H
Another defensive problem, trick 2 this time
So what was the full hand?

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