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Florentin Axinte
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Dec. 14, 2013
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Do I need a Neurologist?
Corona sindrom? (yes, without "virus"...)
Meaning of 2N in this auction
I think once Dbl would be T/O (I guess you must wait an eternity for a perfect hand to Dbl PEN, especially these days when 1NT in BAL can have 10 HCP), then 2NT should be Scramble for the minors. With one long minor, just bid it. The Overcaller ...
considerably worse than trivial
Tried with these conditions, cumulative: - 2 to Ace - A bare in either suit - the other three suits must be Magnus hit No results.
considerably worse than trivial
GWODZINSKY - 2018 France Mixed Teams Trial Final 2 bd 24, North - 2015 Camrose Round 5b bd 17, North ...
Trivial - NO, something worse than trivial
There are a lot of hits, on vug archive e.g. i) 2018 Spingold R64 segment 1 bd 6, North ii) 2018 Palace Cup RR 3 bd 23, North iii) 2018 New Zealand Teams Trial Round 6 bd 26, North Is always North 'coz I queried only for North position ...
Duck or fly?
Borderline hangover More not say I will
Fit Showing Jumps or Weak Jump Shifts in Competition
AFAIK, this is not COMP situation, COMP is when WE OPEN and THEY OVERCALL. When THEY OPEN and WE OVERCALL, is a "defensive bidding" position. Now, better play transfer advances after our overcall (pleonasm, hope Mr. Burn will forgive me), I think is better. Without trsf, I guess fit-show is ...
Looking for a bridge club in Southampton
Sry. Hampshire, England
Bermuda Bowl 1958
Making LIN from TXT was my job. Just to not blame Bjarne for the eventual errors :)
Bermuda Bowl 1958
Barry, sorry for the inconvenience. That is not my site, is a file-sharing site. Didn't knew it has a limit. Too many downloads. Here's another link And if problems persits, please contact me directly

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