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Florentin Axinte
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Dec. 14, 2013
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about me

I am stalker. Zone is life.

WBF Code: ROM&500095


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Master Classes: Bridge
Of course, Umberto Eco is not for everyone.
Lanzarotti Readmitted to ACBL
Once, tongue in cheek, I said that we will watch them on VUG. Now, the conjecture will be a certainty. The Vug commentator who will type - when a convicted cheater will play - "he admitted cheating and explained what occurred", and, just to be politidiotically correct, will add "and served few ...
Alertable or not?
I understand there is full activity. Nice pictures. Tickets, anyone? Turning the knife: soon we will see them (FN, doctors...) on Vugraph. Horribile dictu! (Mind you, commentators must learn azimuthal orientation) Now, serious: I can understand that Italian Fed cannot ban them. But Italian Fed ...
You too can score 90%!
Silviu Iovescu (real name) is a top player in real life also. He is national MP champion en-titre, and in last 10 years he won at least three national titles (AFAIK), MP and IMP. And with different partners. He loves the game, what is wrong if he exploits bot weaknesses ...
The Longest Consecutive Chain of Bids Ever?
Fredin/Lindqvist would be a candidate: Board 5, CR (but not without skip)
Interference after a transfer
i) 2015 Camrose, Ferguson - in a weak NT context A6 K109843 AK954 - ii) 2013 W-USBC USA2, Baker 102 AQJ95 KJ2 832 and 6 more occurrences, 2012 Australia TM Trials, 2005 BBowl... - if you want all cases, please PM. Seems can be played either way, with a small adv to retransfer.
Calling all Mathematicians: Specious Reasoning in Probability?
@David: "Something else: the fact that he dropped a spade rather than a diamond is more likely from a hand with no diamonds than a hand with three." Except when the defender is artful enough, and drop K on purpose - having three diamonds. Then, your modus ponens will fail.
Assign the Blame
Blame, as you said, "momentary lapse"... of reason (to remain pinkfloydish)
Defending Flannery
Long time ago I found this, Kokish signature: 2D FLANNERY (11-15HCP), 4S/5+H (2D) ? DBL 15+ BAL or quasi-BAL 2H* Sound takeout of H (advances: NAT); Responsive DBLs 2S NAT (advances: 2NT=F1, 3m=F1, 3H); Responsive DBLs 2NT* C+D (not a freak hand, sound HCP); PEN DBLs ...

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