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Florentin Axinte
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Dec. 14, 2013
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about me

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"Complete Bridge Database"

a soft for every serious bridge player


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The Missing Years
There are some freeware standalone solutions, e.g. Or, online OCR service
4th suit by an UPH?
I found 40 occurrences. In 2, 2S was passed, yes! Proved to be best contract (TGR Superleague 2009 and Indonesian Interclubs 2014). In 2, a small slam was reached, one made and one failed. In rest, partials and games. If you want to see all positions, plz PM, I will ...
What does this bid mean?
Goldman, 1997 Vanderbilt Qx 10xx KQJxxx xx Mari, 1999 Forbo-Krommenie Ax Jxx Axxxx xxx Gromov, 2009 Spingold xx Kxx KJxxx Qxx Seamon-Molson, 2011 USBC x Q10x KQxxxx xxx
1D or 1NT? My marriage is on the line...!
I made a query. Conditions: - all vul or only opener's side - opener has exactly 14 HCP - opener has 2=2=6=3 - opener is in 3rd position You can find 1NT versus 1D openers here: 1D 1NT ...
Venice Bridge Tournament. Harris Pairs Withdraw.
These guys didn't use the #saynotocheats badges for the family album only. Chapeau bas!!!
New bridge software: Complete Bridge Database
Thank you for the input, Al. Yes, I try to minimize that, you can search for i) exactly occurence, typing "Zia" will not show "Letizia" ii) "start with", typing "Laur" will return any what have Laur in the beginning iii) "contains", entering "ohn" will return any what starts with ohn ...
New bridge software: Complete Bridge Database
310 M for demo, 580 M for the full version accdb, but I strongly consider to migrate to sqlserver for the next versions, size matter locally yes no - updates via new versions
New bridge software: Complete Bridge Database
Thank you, Nicolas. Yes, I hope one day we will have all major tournaments in electronic format. The anti-cheating division will have an easier time, then.
New bridge software: Complete Bridge Database
19 hands only for opener in 1st position. You'll find 57 for all four positions. You are very kind to say all that, Jonathan, thank you.
New bridge software: Complete Bridge Database
Well, a bit. About 10 years ago I had the honour and pleasure to work with Fred Gitelman, BMaster related. My firm's name was "Complete Bridge". And now, I made a database.

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