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Dec. 14, 2013
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about me

I am stalker. Zone is life.

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Interference after a transfer
i) 2015 Camrose, Ferguson - in a weak NT context A6 K109843 AK954 - ii) 2013 W-USBC USA2, Baker 102 AQJ95 KJ2 832 and 6 more occurrences, 2012 Australia TM Trials, 2005 BBowl... - if you want all cases, please PM. Seems can be played either way, with a small adv to retransfer.
Calling all Mathematicians: Specious Reasoning in Probability?
@David: "Something else: the fact that he dropped a spade rather than a diamond is more likely from a hand with no diamonds than a hand with three." Except when the defender is artful enough, and drop K on purpose - having three diamonds. Then, your modus ponens will fail.
Assign the Blame
Blame, as you said, "momentary lapse"... of reason (to remain pinkfloydish)
Defending Flannery
Long time ago I found this, Kokish signature: 2D FLANNERY (11-15HCP), 4S/5+H (2D) ? DBL 15+ BAL or quasi-BAL 2H* Sound takeout of H (advances: NAT); Responsive DBLs 2S NAT (advances: 2NT=F1, 3m=F1, 3H); Responsive DBLs 2NT* C+D (not a freak hand, sound HCP); PEN DBLs ...
Cue bid after double - Game forcing or not
Sorry, dunno how to align Hope will help: 1 1962 Bermuda Bowl Match1_Round2 North America vs. Great Britain Board number: 23 Dealer: South Vul: All Open Room Tony Priday S AJ4 H Q D KQ10865 C K72 Eric Murray Charles Coon S 983 S Q10765 H J6 H AK9742 D ...
Should it be take out or penalty? or completely something else..?
For Zia, it's penalty board 18 For Hurd, is t/o board 40
What does this double mean?
And if you get -470, when 2S bidder feigns idiocy, you can call TD...
Run or stay or ...?
This might offer a better reason to employ some agreement. If Doubler is not on lead, is much more contorted, I agree. Perhaps pass is 50%, at least at MP...
Run or stay or ...?
I would pass, reasons exposed by others already. But, I want to show you what I saw at a Dutch table: 2014, Final Dutch Teams Championship, segment 4, Board 9, Open Room * * * So ...
Bob Dylan's Nobel, and Bridge
ex aequo, Waters and Cohen

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