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Florian Alter
Florian Alter
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Sept. 1, 2016
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about me

I am a youth player from Germany, on and off studying the game in great detail.

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Congratulations Team Gupta
They do play odd/even in their first discard. From a recent tournament I participated in:|florian_a,curtis,fluxo,h%20bertens|st%7C%7Cmd%7C4SA87HAT43D752CKT6%2CSKQ9632H962DQCJ75%2CSJ4HKQ8D9843CA932%2C%7Crh%7C%7Cah%7CBoard%206%7Csv%7Ce%7Cmb%7C1D%7Cmb%7Cd ...
Florian Alter's bidding problem: AQ62 Q9732 J54 4
T/O. No special agreements about what 3 would have shown.
Bean Counting
Considering the features of the West hand: Positive: - 5c suit, including two honors - no unsupported queens/jacks Neutral: - one ace (average number of aces for a 12HCP bal. hand is 1.27) Negative: - poor spot cards Altogether this makes it a good 12-count, but in my point of view it ...
Which is the agreed trumf suit (part II)?
An easy fix to this problem is to play the transfer accept as fit showing, usually 3-card fit. With two hearts you simply bid 3NT. The advantage of this approach is its simplicity and the clarity of follow-up bids: 2NT - 3; 3 - 4 is a control bid ...
2!C as 5-card Major Stayman
I've played 2 Puppet for a while and eventualy switched back to playing standard Stayman. The arguments sound convincing, but I can't remember one hand where playing Puppet showed a big gain over Stayman. However, the loss of Garbage Stayman was painful. Additionally, the bidding becomes much ...
Florian Alter's bidding problem: 7 A64 865 AT7642
Interesting problem without the double? What option but pass do you consider?
Florian Alter's bidding problem: 7 A64 865 AT7642
Yes. I believe quite many hands should bid 3NT on 15hcp.
2!C as 5-card Major Stayman
Transfer followed by bidding shortness seems the most practical approach to me. You will be able to locate M-fits most of the time.
Name this squeeze
A three-suit delayed duck squeeze to be precise. There is also a two-suit variant.
Florian Alter's bidding problem: AQT7 Q9743 T6 J3
Strong opponents. Typically they bid what they have but there are no guarantees. Partner is an expert player.

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