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Florian Alter
Florian Alter
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Sept. 1, 2016
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Florian Alter's bidding problem: AQ4 AK97 AT4 AKT
We play 1H/S as 4+ forcing. We never felt in need to have such a kind of relay.
Florian Alter's bidding problem: 98 AKQJT765 T 86
Thanks for the votes and comments! In the actual hand partner held x x A98xxx AK109x, and with hearts 2-2, clubs 3-3 and diamonds 4-2 one would have collected +1100.
Florian Alter's bidding problem: 98 AKQJT765 T 86
Partner won't rush to slam just based on HCP. He should be aware that you can have a hand like this. If you bid 3 you will have to guess blindly later in the bidding.
Florian Alter's bidding problem: 98 AKQJT765 T 86
If the opponents have 10 trumps, they may have 10 tricks if there is a lot of distribution even though you have all side suits under control. On the other hand, the both opponents may have flat hands (6133 for instance can be considered a flat hand if partner holds ...
Dangerous spot
Since it is partner's first turn, double on 3 would have been takeout according to our agreements.
Name This Squeeze (Again!)
Yeah, you're right. I got something wrong in my mind.
Name This Squeeze (Again!)
Wow, that must be a very rare end position. I think this a delayed duck squeeze, a special kind of a strip-squeeze. The unusal thing is that no extra winner is squeezed out (so that you can duck a trick to establish a trick while the opponent can't cash ...
Scary Dummy
1) Partner bid 2 over 1NT. With a minimum hand and no interesting shape he could have passed. 2) Strong hands in general are rare, yes. But here partner opened 1 and bid 2 opposite our 0-4, so it isn't unlikely anymore that partner has enough ...
Discarding Problem
Partner can't play the 9 on the second round, since you could have KQ doubleton. Apart from that, I think this approach is too restrictive. Sometimes you are forced to signal for something where you don't want to signal at all. Other times you wish to give a ...
Discarding Problem
The default agreement is suit preference.

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