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Florin Neamtu
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Nov. 12, 2017
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June 10
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Florin Neamtu's bidding problem: --- K3 Q72 A9876543
or just play Precision.
Florin Neamtu's bidding problem: --- K3 Q72 A9876543
You are a smart man Aviv. And that is why this example is a problem. The hand is too weak for 2/1 call and can lead to trouble further deep into the auction. For SAYC I find it an acceptable hand for a 2 bid. Analyzing further, this ...
Florin Neamtu's lead problem: KJ6 Q984 A KJ763
Richard, You might not understand the notion of "Lead Problem" I guess you are one player that never thinks of under-leading an Ace in a slam no matter what (an other extreme example, I know). For your comfort, the declarer had a hand close to: A1098, AKxx, xx, A109. And ...
Florin Neamtu's lead problem: KJ6 Q984 A KJ763
Martin, you don't rate to give out the slam by risking a K lead. 8 + 3Aces + K =12 Right? so its a desperate lead.Leading A you free the suit, and declarer that bid 6N is rated to have min 2 cards in besides 3 ...
Florin Neamtu's lead problem: KJ6 Q984 A KJ763
and surrender you do! how many points your partner is rated to have? and the answer is: NOT EVEN A Jack. Declarer main source of tricks has to be suit. So releasing it, you just served the slam. Same logic brings us to the other red suit. It's ...
5, 6 or 7
I agree with you Steve. Though, playing MP you forfeit the possibility making 13 tricks. At that stage,very easily suit could run and 13 tricks are in the bag.
5, 6 or 7
Correct! This is the reason I didn't include the auction. But, I could define the problem as making 7 on an accidental arrival there ...
5, 6 or 7
MM, your comment is clearly made on DD premises. But, can the lead be from a J stiff or Jx? in real life would take take risk?
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