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Floyd McWilliams
Floyd McWilliams
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Jan. 5, 2012
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41 minutes ago
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Bridge Player
United States of America

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Favorite Conventions
I named a cat after Namyats, but it's not actually my favorite convention.
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Ruby Life Master
Floyd and Adam
Strong Notrump 2/1
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Floyd McWilliams's lead problem: QT84 QT95 653 43
You are North, South opened.
Fanning the Flames of False Claims
It's also weird to claim on a finesse when you have no idea what will happen when it fails (East may or may not have a heart left). That's why I think declarer forgot about the K.
Jack Spear's bidding problem: 2 QJ987 KJT32 32
No but I would take a look at my driver's license ... and the name on it is not "Jesus", so I'm not saving.
Winston Chang's bidding problem: A A92 AT875 KQ54
What is wrong with multiple polls?
Floyd McWilliams's bidding problem: AQT 632 5 QT8653
These type problems are like throwing darts at yourself and hoping you miss.
Which is more likely?
This was a great problem. Thank you for posting it.
Which is more likely?
A co-worker made the following observation that shows the two cases are not symmetrical: The number of 3-die rolls that produce 1->2 is 12 (x 1 2 and 1 2 x). But the number of such rolls producing 6->6 is only 11.
Judge It Yourself
Double at this level suggests defending, but perhaps this is not the best agreement.
Judge It Yourself
The system opening for a 10-15 hand with West's shape is 1.
Judge It Yourself
2 is natural (5+) and forcing one round.

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