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Francisco Montes de Oca
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April 4, 2012
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Ventin and Pacareu Win Wernher
Calling all Mathematicians: Specious Reasoning in Probability?
Not sure if it would be better but after A you can play to ruff 2 and 1 in dummy. All you need is and not worth that 5-3 and not worth than 5-2
ATB/UBTJ, bidding decision
Yes, 3 is competitive and to play. I think OP hand is good enough for game specially with this vul.
ATB/UBTJ, bidding decision
After the lead and switch you play the K from dummy. Now if W doesnt play the A you have 2 tricks, and if he does, you will be able to discard the last on the as long as E has the A
ATB/UBTJ, bidding decision
I think 3 just shows the 3 cards support and the double should be penalty or takeout (6+ and 2 maybe) but deny 3 cards support.
ATB/UBTJ, bidding decision
Style might matter, but after the 3 bid that should show EW have an 8/9 fit (9 most of the time I would guess), looking at N hand I dont think S can have much less than: Kxxxxx - xx - Axxx - x Kxxxxx - Ax - xxxx - x Kxxxxx - Kxx ...
Can we get to slam here? Do we want to? What about without interference?
I play it the same way
ATB miss slam
South can know about the control by bidding 4, which should show either extras or the control. In either case after that N can easily drive to slam.
Does "Fast Arrival" Apply Here?
I don't think fast arrival means we can't win slam. For me it simply states that we wont have the bidding space and tools necessary to safely discover if we can win slam or not, unless partner has such a monster hand that he will be able to ...
Does "Fast Arrival" Apply Here?
Of course not with 4 controls

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