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Franck Guerrero
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The Kibs Are Not Alright
"Since time immemorial..." when it starts like this, anything could be justified depending on era... sometimes like one century ago : Since time immemorial, slavery is fine, Since time immemorial, women don't vote / work, and so on... Since time immemorial is not a valid argument...
Anti cheating committee
@RW: 1. don't know 2. don't know 3. yes, currently playing in #2871 Teams TBL10 - MAJOR AKT I - RR3
Anti cheating committee
True, not yet. I confess though that my hopes are tinnier and tinnier. I hope u're right and wish you good luck !
Anti cheating committee
@GH, independantly of a committee decision, one can always do what he thinks is (morally) right, provided it does not ruin its way of earning its life... I was surely living in care bears world and hoped, but i guess nothing will ever change Got hopes but it's sad ...
Anti cheating committee
double !
Anti cheating committee
GH wrote: "what are you proposing Randy, should we scour the history of each player in an event and only agree to play when the field meets our standards?" wasn't that the point of saynotocheats movement 2 years ago ? at least, refusing to play a private online event does ...
Anti cheating committee
and in the same team, the next teammate of the OP who may help "carreau et sous-coupe" if needed...
Anti cheating committee
"carreau et sous-coupe was advice given by Franck Multon, not Thomas Bessis" True, Multon being though the next swiss teammate of the OP.
Online tempo
When playing online i may, in the meantime,: - watch something on TV/YouTube - text something on phone - go get a glass / a snack / - roll a cig non exhaustive list.. If i'm aware i've broken tempo, i always put something like "sry, back" on chat but i may not ...
Precision Biddding On BBO Today
"Partner discarded two spades allowing West to make 5N" too bad your partner had A K A to cash... "Was I wrong to call the director?" No, directors always need a good laugh.

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