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Franck Guerrero
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Dec. 20, 2011
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No finesse, but plenty of class
crossruff now ? 1 club, 2 master trumps, 2s, 2s and 5 ruffs, i may have overlooked something...
How would you rule ?
Godefroy, yes it was imp (IC Ligue). By the way, the posted problem was just theoretical as West didn't call indeed the director. It was a friendly match and the N/S pair is more known for its lack of competence than for its lack of ethics :-) EW are ...
How would you rule ?
"Moving over 6♦ doesn't seem all that logical, mostly for the reason first stated by Kieran. I do know players that would insist on 6♥ or even 6NT." Indeed, see
How would you rule ?
John, "Also, I would like to know whether this was teams or pairs" Teams, 20-scale victory. for the record, lost 2 for 6 making in the other room (don't ask...)
How would you rule ?
The matter is not about driving to slam. It is about passing 6 with a little singleton and not correcting to 6 in a "known" 8th fit.
How would you rule ?
Kieran, that's what I would have expected, however...
How would you rule ?
It seems that BW community has much more difficulty passing 6 when presented as a bidding poll :-)
How would you rule ?
Modified, the choice was just to state that the adjustment would imply South rectification to 6. Thanks.
Franck Guerrero's bidding problem: 9862 AQJT3 6 A72
You earned the right to know opener's hand: K K2 AKQJ8742 84 A kind of doubtful 2 opening... Closed room started with 1 and landed in 6 just made (don't ask)
Franck Guerrero's bidding problem: 9862 AQJT3 6 A72
Yu, 3 showed a 1-suited hand. Opener can not have a 2nd suit. 3 forced to, at least, game. Over 3, I'd say that: 3: fit + control,slam try or last bid before 3NT :-) 3NT: to play 4: fit + control ...

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