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Decisions of the Appeals & Charges Committee, November 2016
Robert, it was not at the european championship but at cavendish 2015. Google may find the bulletin #5 for you.
BBO format
"What about participants in paid ACBL and BBO masterpoint tournaments or those who rent robots for a fee??? Some pay thousands in tournament fees a year." as I don't use the web version yet, I don't know. Does it prevent from playing in paid ACBL / BBO tournament ? Does ...
BBO format
"I do a lot of teaching on BBO, and the capabilities for teaching are HOPELESS. There are a lot of things I can do in the windows client that are flat-out impossible in the browser. I vote for a HUGE number of complaints to BBO asap" I suppose you do ...
BBO format
"Why is bbo forcing users to use something they dislike? " bbo does not force anyone to use bbo ... btw, i prefer the windows client but if bbo has decided to cut it off, so be it. bbo does not owe anything to any user, if one can't stand using ...
Franck Guerrero's bidding problem: J2 KJ5 K86 K8642
Yes, in the highest levels of french team competition provided that the convention and its follow-ups have been provided to the other teams at least 15 days before the first day of competition. Moreover, written defense is allowed at the table.
Franck Guerrero's bidding problem: 92 QJ6 K5 Q96542
1NT = 15-17
ATB: 3NT vs. 4H, matchpoints
Michael wrote : "Exactly why was this article penned?" 1) Please ATB to East who bid like a jerk, 2) Arf, 99% agree to not ATB to East, 3) Please realize, considering my brillant logic, that 99% of you are wrong and change your vote 4) Go to 1)
ATB: 3NT vs. 4H, matchpoints
Craig wrote: "In my view, the only thing West was guilty of was putting too much faith in his partner's ability to draw subtle inferences" and , up to now, that view seems to be shared by the overwhelming majority of 1% of the voters, does that ring any bell ?
Franck Guerrero's bidding problem: J2 KJ5 K86 K8642
Nope, just wanted to see the difference with
Franck Guerrero's bidding problem: 4 KJ84 JT962 AK2
Hi, 4NT by South now.

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