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Franco Baseggio
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Personal: twin dad 

Professional: statistical arbitrage

Bridge: impractical. 

United States of America

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Post-Heptagons from the 5th Dimension
Thanks, I'll think about how to do that. In the meantime, parts 1 and 2 may provide a simpler build up to this article.
An 8 suit squeeze?
Murat: deeply sorry, when east has length I don't believe it's sure tricks. It can be made against any layout, but that's not the same thing.
An 8 suit squeeze?
Discussion and answer now posted here:
An 8 suit squeeze?
Glad you like it. You have it right for that case. Basically, simple squeeze against west in clubs and another suit. If that's not available at the outset, the 2nd club triple squeezes east to set it up. No cross cross element in the other variant. Extensive hints and ...
An 8 suit squeeze?
You have the basic idea. I wouldn't call it a double squeeze though: traditionally those include an entry in the pivot suit. It's a triple-single saturated squeeze.
An 8 suit squeeze?
Thanks for sending that great position. I guess I'd call it a repeating saturated squeeze. But there are only six points, not eight. Not that this position has more than 5.
The Un-Basic Menace
That's all right (except normally the polygon metaphor gets one point per suit,defender). West also stops the non-ruffing promotion of DT in the final variant where diamonds becomes the pivot suit of a B2 double squeeze.
The Un-Basic Menace
Yeah, Moon called it a "ruffing guard", and I agree it is very similar to an ordinary guard menace. The unusual feature is that it can be recessed. A guard menace cannot, or it will create extra space in the hand with the guard stopper.
The Un-Basic Menace
Indeed, in the book there are 2 constructions by Tim Bourke along the lines you described.
Compound Squeeze
There are compound strip squeeze possibilities here, though the card reading may be harder. To be clear, I suspect this is not practical (though not finessing in spades early may make obfuscating defense even harder). Imagine you (after DA) run all trumps, pitching a spade and 2 (high) clubs. In ...

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