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Franco Baseggio
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July 21, 2012
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Personal: twin dad 

Professional: statistical arbitrage

Bridge: impractical. 

United States of America

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Thirteen Different Cards
A bridge variant is “10 count”. Make all 4 hands have this property (one card of each rank) and otherwise play normally. You will have much more distribution, and there are some funny discovery play possibilities. NT bids should likely be artificial.
It's Not Bridge, But ...
You could also ruff 2 hearts and exit HQ. I think your line is better, though.
Which Squeeze? #8
I like the first line. Has the advantages of never going down, and also does well when East has Kx. I think the 2nd paragraph is right, too, but you need to win CK in hand.
Which Squeeze? #8
Chances for 10 tricks might be better, but I think 11 becomes remote.
Which Squeeze? #8
That’s certainly one of the options I’d consider. An alert West with say 1354 shape can duck DK, though, and I think this will hold you to 10.
Which Squeeze? #8
It’s the nature of this series that they aren’t necessarily pat puzzles. I think it’s reasonable to imagine that the defense would keep 1 or 2 spades, and 4-5 of each minor in the 5 card ending.
Do they always pitch first from their 5 card suit?
Actually, it’s easier than that. Draw trumps, cash the diamonds, ruff a spade and you’ll know the count. Still need to pitch diamond on last trump. Edit: if somehow West shows up with the diamond stopper, then pitch q on last trump. It won’t be a guard ...
Double dummy or possible at table?
If you play spades before diamonds, an alert East will see that dummy is stranded.
Do they always pitch first from their 5 card suit?
Doesn’t matter who has SK. Run trumps pitching a club and spade. On the last trump, back your judgment and pitch a diamond if it isn’t good. Then finish diamonds.
What Are We Going To Do About Slow Play?
This is a super-long thread and I hesitate to add to it. I'll try to bring some new thoughts, at least. Timing is an inherent and positive part of a competition in 2 main scenarios: where the endeavor is inherently about speed (e.g. track events), or where perfection ...

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