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Franco Baseggio
Franco Baseggio
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July 21, 2012
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Sept. 24, 2016
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about me

Personal: twin dad 

Professional: statistical arbitrage

Bridge: impractical. 

United States of America

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Platinum Pairs 1st
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Andy Stark
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reverse western cuebid
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Plan the Play
When rho follows to 4th diamond, ruff with ht
Plan the Play
I lean towards this line as well. If dk covered, ruff and ruff and play diamonds. You'll be in very good shape if HJ is onside. Trouble with this line is what to do when da offside.
Bridge after Deep Finesse
Nice collection of hands. Here's one with a somewhat similar theme from a while ago:
Bridge With a Different Abbott
FWIW, I say no to both (a trump substitute, or a finesse). I'd like to say that following suit, or attempting to win a trick by ruffing, is never a squeeze. And, a squeeze requires squeezer's play to diverge based on opponent's (or s') discard(s). But ...
Bridge With a Different Abbott
I have thought a lot about this topic. It may come up later in this series, though it may be too esoteric even for this very esoteric series. Here's something I wrote 5 years ago that gives a flavor: Some of ...
Bridge With a Different Abbott
A future article will "project" a 5 suit squeeze into 4-suited bridge, hopefully in a way which actually simplifies. Stay tuned. The full range of what is possible in 5 suit squeezes is staggering.
Ruff or Sluff Hexagon
I'm a bit behind on my other BW reading, though I've noted the articles and look forward to them. The veering squeeze card seems definitely in the genre.
Ruff or Sluff Hexagon
Fixed, thanks.
Ruff or Sluff Hexagon
Sorry for the many edits. The end position is fixed, and I've verified it in Deep Finesse. I also added a good stab at a full deal producing the end position courtesy of Tim Bourke. That did *not* stand up to analysis in Deep Finesse, but was interesting in ...
Ruff or Sluff Hexagon
That was the repair I made.

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