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Franco Baseggio
Franco Baseggio
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July 21, 2012
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about me

Personal: twin dad 

Professional: statistical arbitrage

Bridge: impractical. 

United States of America

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Platinum Pairs 1st
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Andy Stark
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reverse western cuebid
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Page 3 asserts CA _denies_ CK. I don’t think you meant that. I’m a sitter in 4S-X. I wouldn’t say unsupported CA is impossible.
Guess Work to bring the contract Home [Declarer Play Problem]
you'll definitely get more engagement on this if you get the diagram into the post. I found the comments in this thread useful for figuring out how to do it: I just manually type in the pviewer strings, though it's kind of ...
Which Squeeze MXI
Indeed this is only the 2nd entry in the series posted here (the first was There are several more on my dormant blog, e.g., and likely some others in private emails, but I agree it ...
It's ATB Time
I would have said 100% North, except South must have had some role in agreeing to the method with inadequate discussion.
To raise or not? To make or not?
This was my solution, too, though I think RT’s might be more forgiving against a wrong assumption. I know you ruled out 0067 East, but I don’t think it can be made there. But if you know West has 3 spades, I think you’re back in the ...
Which Squeeze MXI
Yeah, I sort of swept that under the rug. Thanks!
Which Squeeze MXI
Just hit “next” a few times in the diagram. Sorry, that was definitely unclear.
Routine strip squeeze, found by few
I'll seek that out, thanks. I have worked a couple of his constructions available on Darwen's site, and found them excellent examples of the genre. How much time will you sink into the hardest of these?
Play Fast or Don't Worry about a Bit
I once punished someone for a sleepy 2nd hand low, with a blah-7-4-2 holding, even. JT8 KJ AT95 J642 A AQT8732 K63 A8 East opened a weak 2D and I found myself in 6H with no further competition and received a trump lead, both following to the K and J ...
Routine strip squeeze, found by few
I'm too busy working on Paul's excellent double dummy constructions to look it up (e.g. this one is very fun: Ultimately, whether or not this is an example of a strip squeeze as that term is most commonly understood is not ...

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