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Franco Scarfone
Franco Scarfone
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March 30, 2012
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Oct. 13, 2015
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Bridge Player
about me

Been playing for a long time.... still trying to play better ;-) Bridge Teacher, Club Manager, Club Director


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Toronto Nationals
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Silver Life Master
Sorry, this user has no cards yet.
Steve Weinstein's lead problem: 43 K865 J3 QT732
Where did you see S hand ? ;-)
Leo Lasota's bidding problem: AJ42 7 AQ642 K54
Why didn't opener raise hearts ? maybe a misprint of opener hand which show 4 H ?
Steve Weinstein's bidding problem: J6 65 KQJ98 A432
was that a real VUL first seat opener ? what is happening to this game ?
Aviv Shahaf's bidding problem: KT76 AKQ62 A6 K2
Aren't the bidders concerned that partner may have a small doubleton or , while still holding 11 or even 12 HCP and and can not bid 6 ?. In this auction he knows I have 3 KC... maybe he does have the Qx of ... maybe not... PASS for ...
Greg Herman's bidding problem: --- AQJ8762 AK QJT7
One suited hand, 4 is next
Franco Scarfone's bidding problem: x x AQTxx QJ98xx
What if you had 6 and 5 ? using the Loosing Tricks Count this hand has 5... an opener ?
Franco Scarfone's bidding problem: x x AQTxx QJ98xx
What if you held 6 and 5 ? Based on Loosing Trick Count this hand has 5...
Aviv Shahaf's bidding problem: AK2 KJ3 AK92 A65
Wish I could DBL for penalties, but 3 NT is VERY optimistic, so... PASS is the only reasonable option... 60/40 better than 3NT
Fisher and Schwartz Win the 2012 Cavendish Pairs
Hate to admit my ignorance , but how are the "groups" (A,B,C)determined ?
Steve Weinstein's bidding problem: Q KQ JTxxx QJ9xx
2NT...As long as partner takes 2NT after the initial pass as showing minors
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