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Frank Lipniski
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May 18, 2012
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Oct. 30, 2017
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Problems with Lebensohl
Using Larry's example auction but playing Lipensohl, partner would also bid 3D as a transfer with an invitational or stronger hand while denying a spade stop. With a minimum, opener would bid 3H. Responder would pass with a minimum, but with a stronger hand, he could rebid 3S to ...
Problems with Lebensohl
Regarding stoppers, it is true that you can find stoppers later with a 3S ask. However, what do you do over a 2H overcall after a 3H transfer and partner bids 3S. There is no room for a stopper ask. Lipensohl starts with an over transfer to 3N showing game ...
Problems with Lebensohl
some play a double is penalty. If played as negative, the double would work
Problems with Lebensohl
Steve, If a Rubensohl transfer shows invitational or better strength, how do you show a competitive only hand?
Problems with Lebensohl
Sorry Monty, I read your post as Lebensohl, not Rubensohl. When I devised Lipensohl, it was to correct problems with Lebensohl and Rubensohl. With Rub, the major transfers have too wide a range and can be further preempted. LIp uses transfers like rub, but with a higher lower limit. All ...
Problems with Lebensohl
The problem is simple. 3D is a game force and does not show hearts! The way to show a game force with hearts is to bid 3H. Now you declare 4H and the lead comes through partner's possible Kx. Using Lip, 3D is a transfer and shows a 5 ...
Problems with Lebensohl
My point was not that partner forget leb, but that leb put me in a position where I had to be creative or risk the hand possibly being played from the wrong side. That was the genesis of Lip in the first place. To keep out of bad 3N contracts ...
Problems with Lebensohl
Not true. With a 5 card major, game values and a stopper, you bid an over transfer. Without a stopper, Lip says to transfer and then bid 3N (showing game strength but denying a stopper) if partner accepts the transfer With a 6+ card suit, you can use Texas transfers ...
Can you preemp and then bid again?
In my partnership, a vulnerable minor preempt to the 3 level shows a good suit and a willingness to play 3N. The 2nd reason for 3 was to make it harder to find a 44+ spade fit. A simple 2 bid lets lho double (or if playing negative ...
Can you preemp and then bid again?
Both 5 and 5! S make just 5

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