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Frank Lipniski
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May 18, 2012
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Oct. 9, 2019
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Second Stayman
But Barry, isn't 3M only invitational and not forcing?
Second Stayman
As part of SS, a 3D rebid by responder is also a multiple meaning bid. It shows either a slam try with the minors or a diamond-other major hand too strong or distributional for a jump rebid of 3N (which guarantees the other major, opener can correct). In response to ...
Second Stayman
I don't know about you, but I hold far more weak hands than I do slam tries. As such, I would be loathe to lose crawling Stayman. Also, RS sounds FAR more complicated than SS, although It seems to do more. I still think, as a less complicated alternative ...
Second Stayman
I looked up SID but only found the 4333 meaning. My point was that SS shows 3 different hand types. AS far as the merits of SS (or any convention) are concerned, aren't the criteria involved: 1-does it work 2-does it gain more than it loses
Second Stayman
SS is intended for use only when responder needs more information. Responder can always bid 1N-3N if he chooses.
Second Stayman
SID has only one meaning while SS Has 3: 4333 like SID; 5-3 fit without wasting an original 3C as Puppet; Club-other major game+ hand.
Second Stayman
Once you use Stayman, you tell them about your major. If partner has the other major he jumps to 3N and you correct. The only extra info they get with SS is whether or not you hold a 5-card major, which I think is more useful to us.
Second Stayman
With a 4333 game hand you no longer have to decide to use Stayman or jump to 3N. Using SS, bid 2C and if partner bids your major, say 2S, bid 3C. Partner will rebid a 5-card major or 3 of the other major with 4-4. Over either bid, partner ...
Second Stayman
Sorry, forgot to answer your question. Over 3D, responder bids 3 of the other major. If opener bids the other major you have a fit and can try for slam. If opener rebids his major (showing 5), responder relays (over 2S-3S, 3N must be a slam with hearts and clubs ...
Second Stayman
3C is now multi purpose: game+ with clubs and the other major; square game force with a major; game force looking for a 5-3 fit. Yesterday, we reached a slam with an opening 1H with partner holding a 1N hand with 5 hearts, while other expert pairs started with 1N ...

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