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Frank Ryck
Frank Ryck
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July 20, 2012
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Dec. 2
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bridge player

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Best bridge advice ever:
Just make your mistakes quickly - my first (more experienced) partner's advice - something I always try to follow!
ATB - Wrong Game
Find a new partner!
Should I have been harsher?
Max Aeschbacher's bidding problem: J AK8 AKQJ765 T8
If partner passes 3D, it's probably the correct spot. I'd be more worried about my failure to bid 5D. If partner has a D tolerance and 5+H's he hopefully recognize your difficulties re showing a great D suit and a 3-card H raise. Good partners will ...
Osman Ozcan's lead problem: J65 K743 Q9764 T
My thoughts on this hand were unpopular, but I'm committed to leading either a small heart or the 5 of Spades. I chose the H because I did not like the possibilities of defending a cross-trump line of play holding Kxxx in Hearts. The only other lead (a low ...
Hy Chen's bidding problem: ATxx J JT98xx Qx
I believe you must start with 1NT & rebid 2D.
Kevin Fay's bidding problem: AJ976 AQ874 --- QT5
Why in the world didn't I bid a sensible 6C? I'm starting to overthink these things!
Jack Spear's bidding problem: Kx AQJxx KQxx Qx
I'm really expecting this will make. The only other choice is a 6NT call.
Hy Chen's bidding problem: KQ8764 A 3 Q8542
A nice mand with 4 losers. Partner probably tro out 2 of a red suit and I can rebid my 6 card S suit. Hopefully he'll do something smart.
Phillip Martin's bidding problem: AKJT2 64 Q AQJT9
Call me silly, but why did the auction not start with 2S? Anyway, in answer to the quiz, I trotted-out 4C. Maybe partner can do something to answer the pertinent &'s.
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