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July 25, 2011
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"Daily Bridge Club" on OKBridge?
Andrew, thanks for your help and thanks for your kind words. Frank S.
ACBL Chief Executive Tenders Resignation
Gene, I can't recall when that practice ended, but it was still in place when I left the League in 1989 and, if I'm not mistaken, for several ensuing years. F.S.
ACBL Chief Executive Tenders Resignation
When I went to work in Memphis in June, 1984, almost all the management-level staff were experienced and capable players. They had a vested interest in the ACBL's success, and the League was better off for that. My Bulletin colleagues Henry Francis and Sue Emery were experts, as were ...
Kantar Wins 2017 Lazard Sportsmanship Award
No words can adequately convey my respect and affection for my friend Eddie Kantar. Congratulations, Eddie, and well done. You are and always will be one of my heroes.
Effect of the Recent ACBL Rules about opening 1NT with a singleton
On board 4 of the US Trials final for the 1970 Bermuda Bowl, WALSH vs. ACES, Richard Walsh opened 1NT on AK,72,KQ98642,A2. John Swanson responded two clubs with Q10765,A10863,7,53. Walsh then jumped to three diamonds, passed out.
Time for a rethink
Upthread, someone asked -- and I suspect their question was not rhetorical -- "How many newspapers actually carry bridge columns anymore?" In the U.S. I am guessing that more than half of the dailies do so. The demand supports five different syndicated columns, including mine. I occasionally gain or lose a ...
Suspension bridge? Dear BridgeWinners ...
Karen, all the best to you. We go back a long way! F.S.
Suspension bridge? Dear BridgeWinners ...
Well said, Eugene. Well said.
Suspension bridge? Dear BridgeWinners ...
Some people are their own Style Guide. When I began collaborating with Sheinwold on our syndicated column, his word was law. I had pages of notes about matters of style I had to observe. Freddy insisted on "South played at four spades," not "in four spades." He wrote "finesse with ...
Betty Ann Kennedy (1930-2016)
I can't think of anyone who combined exceptional grace at the table with a fierce competitive spirit as Betty Ann did. When I had the privilege of playing against her and Carol, it was invariably a pleasure. She was a beautiful person inside and out, and I am grateful ...
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