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Ban Collusive Cheaters For Life
Mr. Caprera, Your posts are thoughtful, temperate and articulate, so with due respect ... I am a practicing Episcopalian, and as such I embrace the principles of forgiveness that Christ taught. I often hear “forgiveness” mentioned in discussions of how to deal with proven cheaters, as well as words such as ...
Help for clubs coming says Joe Jones at NABC
Mr. Bayone, I don’t understand. Nobody has ever disagreed with me before. :) If you host 3000 tables of players who enjoy a strictly non-competitive experience (and perhaps act as recruiters), I admire you and am pleased for you and your club ... but we are comparing apples and tangerines. If ...
Help for clubs coming says Joe Jones at NABC
“Daily Bridge Club” is syndicated and appears in about 130 newspapers in the United States and in many overseas. If it isn’t in your local paper, you can read it every day at F.S.
Help for clubs coming says Joe Jones at NABC
Indeed, a nice idea, sir. I’m often asked if I can do anything to support individual clubs through my column, but since it is distributed all over the place, that is impossible for me. Such would need to be handled locally. The columns I mentioned ran April 16-22 and ...
Open Honolulu Discussion Thread
I was there, editing the Daily Bulletin with the late Sue Emery. Due to one of the great oversights of all time, the Fall NABC was scheduled against the WBF’s Bermuda Bowl and Venice Cup in South America. Henry Francis and Sue normally handled the DB at NABCs while ...
Help for clubs coming says Joe Jones at NABC
I find Jude Goodwin’s comments about marketing bridge perceptive. Earlier this year in my syndicated column, I did a week of columns touting the benefits of competitive bridge. My guess is that 85 to 90 percent of people who read newspaper bridge columns are casual, social players, I suggested ...
Open Honolulu Discussion Thread
I suppose I might be called a cynic, but one thing I have learned in my 50-year involvement with bridge is that few people are good enough to tell other people how they should play. Mentor-mentee and pro-am programs are generally beneficial, and the people who give their time to ...
Bridge Players and the movie world
Chico Marx was an avid card player and especially liked poker. According to a note in my colleague Alfred Sheinwold’s archives of deals, when Chico was once mired in an expensive losing streak, he wrote a letter to the U.S. Playing Card Co.: “Gentlemen: Are you still manufacturing ...
Mini Roman; I don't like it but . . .
Mr. Perkins, In my 2017 book “Keys to Winning Bridge,” I discussed the pros and (mostly) the cons of using a host of conventional methods, and it so happens that I treated mini-Roman at length. That section of the book might be of interest to you. Cordially, Frank Stewart
Reese and Me
This post reminds me of two episodes more than 30 years ago. I was working with Alfred Sheinwold to create our syndicated column, and a reader took us to task for lifting a deal from one of Reese’s books. I was able to show that an almost identical deal ...
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