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Sept. 22, 2015
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June 27, 2017
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Insufficient bid -> Information
I abstained. There are too many unknowns here to answer the question. (1) At what point was the director called? The text seems to imply he wasn't called at all. In which case, the director verdict becomes: if you roll your own, you're on your own. So the ...
Akin Koclar's bidding problem: 95 AT K7 AKQT943
I think so too. If partner just doesn't have a very suitable hand (like 6-6 majors and weakish), he wouls still just pass 3NT and hope for the best.
How would you rule as director
As others said: insufficient data to reach a conclusion. I have no idea what the normal "default" agreement is in the region where this was played (and I have never heard of 10-11 HCP with 5 card suit which sounds ridiculously narrow-ranged and rather strong to boot). So it looks ...
Christina Syrakopoulou's bidding problem: AQ94 A93 AQ763 2
This is a very interesting problem. I think pass is odds against to be a winning action, but it's hard. Because the spade bidder is sitting over me, I am going to downgrade my hand a bit and choose a cowardly 1NT.
What would your bidding alternatives be if the bidding was exactly the same, but you passed in tempo? Which of these alternatives is made more attractive by knowing that partner does not have a borderline hand? Do not choose that alternative. Yes, there is UI here. If not, this would ...
I am not going to bid 4NT here. I do not have the goal to find the best fit for our side, I just want to make it harder for the opponents to find their slam. Also, I really do not like telling them how the hand is distributed. I ...
Henry Bethe's bidding problem: AK9 KQ7 T AKT954
3NT is the systemic bid for me in current standard 5-card majors Dutch style: hand with long clubs, too strong for 3
Yuan Shen's bidding problem: AKJ64 AQT5 AJ42 ---
On the previous poll, I saw you overcall 1 (vulnerable) on 6 HCP. Now you have 19 HCP with a void. That really is too wide of a range in my opinion.
Alertable? Intentionally misleading?
To add to this: I quite like the current alerting rules in use in The Netherlands. Paraphrased, the complete alerting regulation is roughly this: (1) Any conventional bid must be alerted (yes, including Stayman and Jacoby) (2) No doubles have to be alerted whether they are penalty of negative/information ...
Alertable? Intentionally misleading?
I am going to put forward another idea: if the question whether or not a certain bid alertable leads to a 500-post discussion without reaching a clear agreement, then the alerting rules are completely useless. What is the goal of alerts? In my view, the goal is to alert (duh ...
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