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Fred Gitelman
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June 29, 2010
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about me

I was a serious (and occasionally successful) bridge player between the early 1980s and 2013. Now I am more or less retired from high-level bridge.

I am one of the founders of Bridge Base. I have been working full time on the development of bridge-related software since 1990.

United States of America

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Sheri Winestock
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Time for a rethink
Richard said: "It probably takes years for any player to start to develop any kind of good new complex system on their own. That doesn't mean that players aren't going to want to try to do so earlier." Yes surely some will, but... - If you think "earlier" means ...
Time for a rethink
Those who think that allowing "anything goes" will result in an massive influx of new young bridge player are living in a fantasy land (IMO). The first problem we have is getting young players in the front door in the first place. System regulation is completely irrelevant as far as ...
Decisions of the Appeals & Charges Committee, November 2016
The decisions regarding the teammates/accomplices of FN and FS sounds really bad to me for several reasons: 1) It is completely unjust that these people should benefit in any way from playing on teams with convicted cheats. I believe that they should also have all of the seeding points ...
Measures against electronic cheating
Don - assuming that vugraph data continues to be recorded by human operators (an assumption that may well not be true before too long), spectators would be aware of the delay because it would no longer be possible to interact with the operator in real time. That would not be the ...
Measures against electronic cheating
Allan - presumably you noticed that many top players were surprised when the allegations against BZ came out, but that those against FN, FS, and PS were hardly a shock in the expert community. I believe the difference was that BZ were much better than the other pairs at knowing what ...
Measures against electronic cheating
Oleg - if "blatant" means "makes it obvious on virtually every hand that the person plays" then it shouldn't take long at all. Most bridge players are smarter than that. The better the cheater is at picking credible spots to cheat, the longer it takes. Other factors can also come ...
Measures against electronic cheating
Corey - there are various techniques we use to detect cheating. They differ to some extent between all-human and 1-human-3-robot tournaments. I don't want to go into a lot of detail about the methods we use, but there are 2 basic phases: 1) Identifying potential cheats 2) Close investigation of ...
Measures against electronic cheating
IMO Richard's question gets to the heart of the matter. Nat - I don't see the point in making a real effort to keep high-level tournaments cheatproof if one of the side effects is that most high-level players don't want to play in them anymore. At the end ...
Measures against electronic cheating
Do you see any real possibility that either ACBL or WBF will be moving in the direction of (1) in the foreseeable future? My impression is that a lot of top-level players would not be happy if that were to happen even though doing so would obviously offer massive benefits ...
Measures against electronic cheating
I know virtually nothing about this, Richard, but I would like to learn more before giving up. I have noticed that my car seems to be able to detect the presence of Bluetooth devices. I have no idea how it does that, if such technology could easily be used in ...

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