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Fred Gitelman
Fred Gitelman
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June 29, 2010
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about me

I was a serious (and occasionally successful) bridge player between the early 1980s and 2013. Now I am more or less retired from high-level bridge.

I am one of the founders of Bridge Base. I worked full time on the development of bridge-related software from 1990 through 2019. I am now retired from that as well.

United States of America

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Sheri Winestock
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Friday Night Bridge Duels
He will always be Jennifer Lopez to me.
Roland Wald R.I.P.
Before there was BBO, Roland Wald was a volunteer for bridge at the Microsoft Gaming Zone which was the biggest online bridge site of that era. I met Roland in person for the first time at a Zone bridge get-together/convention in Asheville, North Carolina in the late 1990s. Roland ...
Worst trump suit making slam
Not a real hand, but in Bridge Master Level 5 C-9 (available for free through BBO), you can make slam with this trump suit: Jx Kxxxxx
A suit combination, praying to Fred and coaching juniors
Any prayers to me will be relayed to Jeff (the real guru).
Fantoni live on BBO
Paul - IMO It is not good for bridge for BBO to spend time, money, and energy worrying about this issue instead of other FAR more important issues that our game faces, improvements to the software that would benefit the 100s of 1000s of average bridge players who log in to ...
Fantoni live on BBO
Paul - there is also something to be said for listening to people who do have a clue. What you would like to see is effectively impossible. How is BBO even supposed to know that, when a vugraph broadcast starts and a player named "Fantoni" appears, that it is actually Fulvio ...
Fantoni live on BBO
I remember very clearly the incredibly positive response we received when BBO first announced (in 2001) its policy regarding vugraph: any tournament is welcome to use the software and receive tech support for free. Please note I am no longer an employee or an owner of BBO, but I am ...
Slap in the Face
Nicolas - I may be dense but I don't think you have provided a satisfactory answer to Shawn's question. Is the following really the best you have? "At some point there will be the first honest pair. It is unfair to that pair to be grouped with the cheaters ...
Thanks, Fred Gitelman
I have played the Iceland tournament at least twice (and I think I won an event there in the mid-1990s, maybe the teams with Mittelman, Forrester, and Zia). Great tournament in an amazing place! I have a vivid memory of getting off the airplane and thinking "Welcome to Planet Neptune ...
Thanks, Fred Gitelman
>Would you consider (if nominated) being a Director in the MSC? As much as I am a fan of TBW and MSC, it is hard to imagine me wanting to do that. So far I am enjoying having almost no responsibilities to anyone other than myself and Sheri (and our ...

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