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Fred Stewart
Fred Stewart
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Sept. 24, 2010
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Nov. 10
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bridge player

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Beatty - Stewart
Standard 2/1
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Have you ever discussed this?
Nope...good question...I'm bidding, however
Is this forcing? (Basic stuff)
World says no, but I actually now play it a GF
Which is more likely for them to balance?
Pass 1 NT...only one hand left to balance. Simplistic, but true...similar to running from an undoubled contract
RIP Harold Lilie
Sad news...go back a long way...harold was always in good humor...both he and Berk. Last Vegas ran into him and he was in fine form. I will miss him.
David Hankins's bidding problem: 983 KJ3 KQJ9543 ---
3D... certainly one can't pass.
David Caprera's bidding problem: AKx KQJ9 JTx KTx
I've been swayed by the 2D arguments
Jean-Charles Allavena's bidding problem: JT9xx AKQx Jx Kx
3D...what else?
Hanoi Rondón's bidding problem: KJ84 J76 KJ2 K62
The edge goes to the first to speak.
David Liu's bidding problem: KQJ6543 Q42 --- JT6
3S seems right on target
Practice with "Relay Doubles"--our new toy
Just for clarification however... When they open a major (1-level or 2-level weak), we overcall a minor, and 3rd seat raises to the 2-level, 3-level, or 4, double shows 5 in the other major and tolerance for partner’s minor. This interpretation has priority over any other interpretation. (thus not ...

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