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Fred Stewart
Fred Stewart
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Sept. 24, 2010
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bridge player

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Beatty - Stewart
Standard 2/1
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David Hankins's bidding problem: 983 KJ3 KQJ9543 ---
3D... certainly one can't pass.
David Caprera's bidding problem: AKx KQJ9 JTx KTx
I've been swayed by the 2D arguments
Jean-Charles Allavena's bidding problem: JT9xx AKQx Jx Kx
3D...what else?
Hanoi Rondón's bidding problem: KJ84 J76 KJ2 K62
The edge goes to the first to speak.
David Liu's bidding problem: KQJ6543 Q42 --- JT6
3S seems right on target
Practice with "Relay Doubles"--our new toy
Just for clarification however... When they open a major (1-level or 2-level weak), we overcall a minor, and 3rd seat raises to the 2-level, 3-level, or 4, double shows 5 in the other major and tolerance for partner’s minor. This interpretation has priority over any other interpretation. (thus not ...
Practice with "Relay Doubles"--our new toy
Craig, This is a difficult hand. You've summed up the structure well and as you note, The actual auction as described shows a weak raise … nothing about hearts, but more likely a "law raise". Unfortunately this hand doesn't quite fit that description in my opinion.
What's your plan for bidding this hand?
My style is Never rebid NT on a stiff...don't particularly mind if others do... just not me. Wouldn't mind 2C rebid, but will make my simple 2D call.
WBF is this alertable
No, unless this shows something other than hearts
Kyle Rockoff's bidding problem: K7 AKJT AKQ6 T92
Unhappy, Double has an obvious serious flaw...but other bids have even more flaws.

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