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Fred Strickland
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Feb. 1, 2012
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Dec. 8, 2017
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Fred Strickland
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Bob Simkins's bidding problem: KQJ4 842 Q8 AK86
I was Bob's hard-ass partner on this deal. In retrospect I should have followed my rule of "never" calling the director in a club game. But the 3S bid was so prompt that it was clear that West was oblivious of any restraints placed upon him by his partner ...
An embarrassing defensive problem
So sorry. Their last two bids were 3H and 4H. Embarrassing post too. Sorry with three or four edits I have fixed the typos-I think.
An embarrassing defensive problem
Certainly better than what I actually did. Also if I had just cashed the SA before getting out with the second club I avoid the problem entirely. If they trump the spade that one sluff on the King won't be enough to give them the contract if it is ...
An embarrassing defensive problem
An embarrassing defensive problem
Good points I think, especially the restricted choice inference. It is like restricted choice on steroids. With AQJx of clubs the first finesse could have been done with the Q or J. And once that was done the club return could have been won 3 different ways. With AJxx it ...
The Theory of Vacant Spaces?
Thanks for this link.
The Theory of Vacant Spaces?
If it is right to include the 3 played cards in the key suits the vacant spaces are 7 each. Does that mean it is a total coin flip, or does the different odds on every 3-1 split (6.22%) and every 2-2 split (6.78%) still factor in? Help ...
The Theory of Vacant Spaces?
I was under the impression you don't count the 3 played cards in this suit as filling vacant places, or any suit you don't yet have a perfect count on. I might be confused about that.
Board 28 from the 07/23/2016 Common Game
This was an instructive matchpoint play hand. I didn't realize I had botched until after the game. P-P-1H-Dbl-3H-3S-Passed. They cashed 2 top hearts and shifted to a diamond. I won in hand, hooked the club, and then played spades "safely" by first A then up to the 9, trying ...
Board 9 from the 07/23/2016 Common Game
I thought the play of 6H was instructive too. Less than half the declarers in our game made the cold 7. After drawing 3 rounds of trumps you have 5 heart tricks, 1 spade, 2 clubs, and 3 diamonds, 11 total tricks. The Spade finesse is attractive because it guarantees ...
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