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Fredric Theurkauf
Fredric Theurkauf
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Feb. 23, 2012
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Aug. 6
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Yuan Shen's bidding problem: AJ976 A9 A96 A72
If he has 7 diamonds, he must have 4 somewhere else. otherwise he's lost his mind
Won't Run Away
3H bid where you live
Fredric Theurkauf's bidding problem: AQ6 QJ54 J53 KT7
A version of Snapdragon allows for advancer to X to show 4 hearts in this exact sequence.
Jerry Murbach's bidding problem: AKT6 9753 A8 642
I like X here as snapdragon showing 4 and tolerance for diamonds.
Jerry Murbach's bidding problem: 985 532 AJ74 T96
I think this is similar to action after a one-level opening in that Pass here just says "no preference." It is not a desire to defend 2XX'ed
Hugh Williams's bidding problem: Qxxxx Txxx x Txx
I know my pass isn't forcing, but partner will know I'm trying to stop him with my double.
Aleksis Zalitis's bidding problem: AKJ8 AKQ J975 K8
4. How can you bid anything less. Opposite a doubleton and the Queen, you could be claiming.
Hugh Williams's bidding problem: Qx Jxxxxx Ax KJx
I transfer and if partner just takes the transfer, I'll bid 3NT. if he pulls to 4Hs, I'll bid 5H's..
Fredric Theurkauf's bidding problem: AKQ6 AK5 3 KQ965
Every time we open 1C in a standard natural system, we have from 3 to 7-8 clubs and 12 to 21 points. What's new? This range has always existed in standard bidding playing 5-card majors.
Fredric Theurkauf's bidding problem: AKQ6 AK5 3 KQ965
There are many hands that can make game opposite almost nothing. That doesn't justify opening a strong 2C. You STILL must describe your hand to partner in a manner in which he can bid logically. For instance AKxxxx, AQJxxx, -, x. Yet we don't open a strong 2C. In ...
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